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Minimalist? You’ll Love These Subtle Dorm Room Touches

Minimalism is the practice of only living with the things you value the most. This means paring down your closet to a single signature style, keeping non-functioning items out, and focusing on quality over quality. But many minimalists take it to the next level by keeping their spaces earth-centered with lots of organic products, white linens, and neutral decor. While it’s … [Read More]

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How to Style a Purple Dorm Room

Reigning supreme in dorm room trends is the color purple! We have seen it everywhere lately, and we, quite honestly, can’t get enough of it. From pastel colors to deep royal shades, you can do a lot with this girly yet sophisticated color. Here are some tips … [Read More]


The Pros & Cons of Taking a Summer Job

As we get ready to go home for the summer, we have a big question on our mind: should we work a summer job? It’s a tricky question with no right or wrong answer, so how do we know if we should apply or not? By reviewing over these pros and cons, you may find … [Read More]