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Announcing the New 2014 Spring Linen Collection

With every new season comes trends, color and an opportunity to refresh your space and wardrobe. At OCM, our main goal is to provide families with all of the dorm livin' essentials they need to make their home away from home as comfortable as possible. With that being said, we're keen on staying in-trend, bringing onboard only the finest of prints, colors and fabrics to turn … [Read More]

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My Favorite Outfit for Going Out

Its 8:30 on Friday night and all of your friends are ready to go out on the town and blow off some steam after a stressful week of Chem labs and essays except you're still sitting on your bed with 4 or 5 outfits laid out in front of you. Decisions, … [Read More]


Black and White + A Splash of Color

They may be at opposite ends of the light spectrum, but there is no doubt that, when bold blacks and whites are brought together, they are a force to be reckoned with. Recently, the fashion world has revitalized this timeless color duo by using them as a … [Read More]

Emma Z from Behindtheleopardglasses.com

Emma Z – The Little Black Dress

Hello! My name is Emma Z and I write a blog called Behind The Leopard Glasses. I blog about fashion, food, travel, and life. Today I am bringing you a post about Spicing up your Little Black Dress (LBD)! A LBD is a simple piece that can do magic in your … [Read More]