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New School Year, New You

The start of the fall doesn’t have to be just about school supplies, class schedules, and move-in days. A new school year means bringing out the best in you with a unique look and style that’s all your own. If you’re ready to take on the back-to-school makeover, here’s how to get started.   Start at the Top 2017 is the year of the sleek ponytail for the ladies. … [Read More]

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Bright & Bold Dorm Room Style

  Bland is so not us. We want a room that screams fun and festive! Our space should be totally and unapologetically our taste. Bright and bold dorm room styles is what we’re after, and we’re not going to compromise with bland, boring neutrals. If … [Read More]


Last Minute Dorm Shopping List

With only a few weeks (or less) until you move into your residence hall, you’re probably feeling pretty good about the supplies you’ve picked up. But hold up, we can pretty much bet that you’ve forgotten a few essentials. Don’t believe us? Take a look at these … [Read More]


Student Spotlight: Phillip Hedayatnia

“College is a full-time job, so picking up another full-time job isn't easy - and it's definitely not sustainable for long,” says Phillip Hedayatnia, an 18-year-old social entrepreneur, UX designer, and digital strategist studying Arts, Technology and the … [Read More]