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How to Have a Productive and Fun Summer

It’s finally summer. And since you know that you only have so many summer vacations left, you’re prioritizing relaxing and reconnecting with friends and family! It’s time to fit in everything that you couldn’t during the school year when you were too busy to even sleep. Now, everything is a little slower paced. Except, soon enough it’ll be August, and none of your goals will … [Read More]

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Summer Before College Bucket List

Well, you’ve graduated high school, and now you’re ready to take on your next phase in life. But before you do, hold up a second! You have all summer to relax and check off these twenty of essential to-dos on your summer-before-college bucket list. 20 … [Read More]

Student Spotlight: Jacob Gendron of Trend Suspenders

A few years ago, Jacob Gendron, an Accounting major at CSU-Long Beach, was a Top 100 player for a popular online video game. Though it was a fun diversion, Jacob realized he was spending all of his time in a virtual world rather than the real one. He decided … [Read More]

Starting College Late After Gap Year

Gap years, a period off between high school and freshman year of college, are becoming more popular in the United States. Even the former President’s daughter, Malia Obama, is currently taking one before starting Harvard next year! This gap can be used to … [Read More]