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Bored in class

What to Do If You Aren’t In Love With Your Major

When you started freshman year, you were sure you wanted to study business. But now you’re in your program and you’re starting to feel restless. This path doesn’t seem right anymore, and your classes are either too challenging or too boring. Does this sound familiar? Realizing that you’re no longer in love with your choice of major can be shocking. But there are a lot of things … [Read More]

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Two people enjoying nature during daylight

How to Ensure that You Enjoy Thanksgiving Break

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and we couldn’t be more excited. A short break is all we need to recharge our batteries before our final exams and get some much-needed home cooking. But breaks can be stressful too. With only a limited time to share … [Read More]

Winter layering basics for a couple

Layering Basics as the Temperature Drops

The cold is finally here, and we’re pulling out all our winter gear and clothing. From stylish sweaters to chic blazers and coats, we’re ready to rock the fall and winter wardrobes. But a fall outfit can go cold fast if you don’t know how to rock the multiple … [Read More]

Planner next to a laptop

Seven Tips for Registering for Classes Next Semester

It’s registration season, and we can feel the excitement all around campus! Everyone’s meeting with their advisors, laying out schedules, coordinating classes with friends, and preparing for the Spring semester. But registering for and picking your classes for … [Read More]