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The Best Dorm Room Halloween Costumes

If you haven’t realized it’s October yet, you’re certainly in for a surprise.  With October comes colder fall weather, those dreaded midterms, and the highlight of your fall semester – Halloween. You may not have been too keen on this holiday back home, but trust us – you’ll be all about it now.  Halloween on campus is one of those craziest nights of the year, a night where … [Read More]

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Dorm room pizza

Grocery Shopping Essentials for Dorm Rooms

If you’re living on campus and totally sick of the food in the cafeteria or can’t deal with the super limited options available, never fear.  You can easily hit up a grocery store to get the snacks, beverages, and anything else you need!  But finding food that … [Read More]

How to Keep Your Room Summer-Y All Year Round

As the summer comes to a close and the cooler fall and winter months slowly creeping come in, it can be hard to hang onto those happy carefree summertime feelings. As the days get darker and colder, so can your spirits. And, what’s the easiest way to keep … [Read More]