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Celebrating St. Patricks Day on Campus

With March finally here, it’s time to start thinking about how we’re going to celebrate one of our all-time favorite holidays – St. Patrick’s Day.  Wearing green, pretending to be Irish, hanging out with friends – what’s not to like? Never fear – there are plenty of things that you can totally do on-campus that will help you get into the spirit of the holiday without dipping … [Read More]

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What to do With Your Diploma After Graduation

So you’ve finally done it – you’ve graduated!  You turned in your last paper, took your last exam, sold off your last textbook.  You finally did it!  You have your diploma in hand and you’re ready to take on the world. But – have you thought about what … [Read More]

How to Deal With Seasonal Depression

We’re nearing the close of the first month in January 2019, but it feels like it’s the 1,000th month of winter, right?  Between the cold temperatures, frigid wind, and general darkness outside. It’s hard to keep your spirits up this far into the winter … [Read More]

The Pros and Cons of Staying Near Your College Town

So, graduation is quickly coming up and you’re deciding what to do next.  Should you stay local and try to snag a job on or near campus or uproot and go somewhere entirely new?  It’s a tough choice to make, especially right after spending four years or so in … [Read More]