10 Halloween Night Safety Tips to Follow


Is Halloween your favorite night? We bet you’re not alone! Tons of college student’s look forward to the spook-tacular end of October where they can dress up. There are tons of parties and get-togethers in dorm rooms or clubs, so you don’t necessarily have to go trick-or-treating to have a blast. But whether you’re chowing down on candy, showing off your costume, or walking around outside be sure you are safe and secure by sticking to these 10 Halloween night tips.


1.   Travel in Groups

If you’re going out at night, bring a buddy or travel in a group. If you leave a party early, wait until someone you know or trust is ready to leave with you so you don’t have to go it alone.

2.   Let Someone Know Where You Are

Before you head out, let your roommate or friend know where you are with a note, text, or email. Give them details such as the name of the host, the friends you are with, or the restaurants you plan on visiting. If anything should happen, this will keep them in the know.

3.   Check Your Goodies Out

Even as an adult, you should be particular about your candy and drinks. Don’t drink something you didn’t order, and never eat candy that has been unwrapped. If you have food allergies, carry an epinephrine pen or other medication just in case.

4.   Use Campus Security Escorts

Campus security officers are always on duty, and you should use them if traveling late at night on Halloween. Don’t be afraid to call for an escort or ride back to you car, no matter the circumstance. They are happy to help keep you safe!

5.   Lock Up Your Valuables

Having friends or new people over? Stash away your favorite necklace or put your goods in a lock box under your bed. While you hate to think anything would happen, that’s usually the time it does.


6.   Avoid Dangerous Costumes

You’ve got a great costume, but can you walk in those heels? Can you see through the mask? Does your accessories look or could be labeled as a weapon? Before you go out, wear it around a bit to see if it causes any red flags.

7.   Stay in a Public Area

Don’t take the shortcut a friend told you on Halloween. Stick to familiar walking paths, well-lit streets, or friend’s dorm rooms. It may be tempting, but it’s better to be overly safe than to risk it.

8.   Carry Cash

Like most people, you probably rely on a debit or credit card to pay for everything. However, on Halloween, bring along some emergency cash — enough for gas, a cab, and/or a phone call home.

9.   Be Cautious With Strangers

If you’re at a party with people you don’t know (or don’t know well), be sure to be cognizant of your surroundings. Making new friends is great, but don’t leave with them or get stuck alone. Exchange numbers and meet up on another day.

10.  Know When to Say Goodnight

Only you can know your limits. Set yourself a curfew and stick with it. Staying safe on Halloween is far more important than sticking around for an hour extra.


How do you plan on celebrating Halloween while staying safe? Let us know!

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Katherine Carpenter

Katherine Carpenter

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