10 of Our Favorite Vintage Inspired College Fashion Finds


Vintage chic is always in. Whether you’re rocking your favorite old school hoodie or walking around campus in weathered sneakers, there are so many style choices that fit your lifestyle. If you’re ready to step back in time, this list of ten vintage inspired college fashion finds will help you shop and hunt for the right wardrobe accessory.


  1. Faux Fur Stole

White faux fur is back in, especially when wrapped around the shoulders of a colorful dress or a black blouse. Add a shiny pin at the knot to add a bit of eye-pop appeal. You’ll feel like a million bucks in this rich look. But act quickly! This trend is only appropriate for the cold winter months.

  1. Vibrant Broaches

Broaches were so your grandma’s thing — which means it’s time to raid your grandma’s jewelry collection! Broaches, especially of animals like birds or leopards, are back in! They pair great with a simple dress or sweater when you’re not feeling a necklace or want to try out the scarf trend.


  1. Charlie Chaplin Hats

Hats in general have been slowly making a comeback, but this year is all about the 1920s Charlie Chaplin hat (also known as a bowler hat). You’ll want your hair to be sleek and smooth to pull it off. Add some vintage sunglasses like cat eyes (see #4), and you’ve got a great look for heading out on campus.

  1. Cat-Eyed Sunglasses

Cat eyes are the rage this year. If you’ve got the face to pull it off, this look may become your go-to favorite for all eye wear. Pick out a frame that is bold in color, such as a pastel pink or a lime green. Studs or diamonds only accent this style even more to our liking.


  1. Letterman Jackets

Take off the patches of your high school letterman jacket. It’s time to recycle a look you just wore proudly years ago. Don’t have one? Look for one in black with white or red accents. Pair them with ankle skinny pants and a pair of high top sneakers.

  1. Pleated and Ribbed Skirts

On the softer side is the return of the pleated or ribbed skirt. Go with a longer length (knee is in) and  in a flowing color such as a very light pink or trendy white and match with a pull over sweater. It’s functional, comfortable, and right out of a 1950s Parisian cafe.

  1. French Scarf

Speaking of France, we can’t forget the French’s favorite accent piece — the scarf. A vintage staple piece, just not too long ago everyone tied them big and chunky. This year, you’re going to want to go think and silky (or pleated). Instead of a complicated knot, go with a large bow around the neck or drape it so that it flows down the v-neck like a necklace.


  1. Silk Sheath Dresses

This trend isn’t that vintage. But the early 1990s love of pajama wear is back, especially for dressier looks. Basically, shop for a dress that resembles pajamas. Silk with lace or shiny fabrics should be your go-to. Pair with chunkier heels when taking this out on the town.

  1. 1940s-style Logo Sweatshirts

Nothing says college like your school’s logo or name across your chest. Head to your bookstore or an online shop to find a vintage sweatshirt. You’ll love the brighter colors, the less intimidating fonts, and the lack of hoodie.

  1. Flowy Sleeves

Skip the tight or ¾ sleeve this year and instead look to the ‘60s and ‘70s for your blouse inspiration. Sleeves should be flowy while also draping your arms. Over the shoulder necklines are also super desirable making them the perfect wear for winter changing into spring!

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