3 Ways to Save Money in the New Year

With the New Year comes a clean slate. Many of us will make New Year’s resolutions, and as college students saving money will probably be one of them. The thing of it is that we may or may not actually stick to our resolutions throughout the year. So I have a couple of tips and tricks to help us budget and save this year.




Make it a game

It can be hard not to want to buy something that you really want or need to have. So try making it a game: in January, you challenge yourself not to buy any new clothes but to wear a different outfit every day. That way, not only is it a smaller amount of time not to spend – a month versus a year – but you’re also not focusing on new clothes, rather the clothes you already have in your closet and ways to combine them to make new outfits. In February, try something different such as only buying items that are on sale. Not only will you get a better deal, but you’ll learn how to better spot future sales. Then in March, try not to spend any money eating out. If you switch it up each month and make it a challenge you will be more likely to accomplish the goal of saving money because you are never full deprived of buying any one thing.


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Make it a reward

Each semester brings a set of complete new, different and often challenging classes. So, think of something you really want and then decide you can only purchase it if you get x grade on a big test or paper in class. Not only will it help motivate you to do really well in class, but when you do purchase the item, you know you really earned it because you got the grade you wanted.


Get a job

This one is pretty straight forward. If you are tight on funds it can be beneficial to find a part time job somewhere on campus to make a bit of extra money to save and spend. Large campuses are full of opportunities to find jobs like the library or coffee house. Places on campus are always looking to hire students so if you make an effort to look for and get a job it can be a lot easier than you think.


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Hopefully these tips can help us all save a little bit of money this year! Cheers.
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