4 Ways to Be Productive This Summer


Now that the World Cup is over, you don’t have to keep up with winning and losing brackets and suddenly your lunch breaks at work are back to their normal boring selves. How will you spend all of your suddenly abundant free time?
1. Update LinkedIn– Make sure your resume, jobs, schooling, and connections are up to date. This will be a huge boost to your visibility on a network that is made to help you build your professional connections and land a job.

2. Look for jobs for next summer– It’s never too early to start looking for jobs. While many that you will come across will not have applications available yet, you can make a list to apply to as they come up. Keeping track of each opportunity and application due-date will save you some serious stress while you’re taking classes and looking for employment.
3. Make a budget and stick to it– A good, balanced budget will help you to save for things you really need during the school year so you won’t have a second thought when you drop your laptop and need to get a new one in time for finals. This is a good way to see where you spend most of your money and help you to cut back on the unnecessary splurges.
4. Volunteer at a local organization that you care about– There’s no way that contributing to the community can be bad. Boost your self-esteem and take the opportunity to meet new people, learn new things, and add a valuable line to your resume. These opportunities may just lead to something a little higher paying than the free labor you’re offering as a volunteer….
Sitting on the couch and lounging by the pool are fun for a while, but they aren’t productive and won’t impress your friends as you are in the dorm swapping stories about your summer. Take these productivity ideas, get ahead, and make your summer count!

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Sally Stephens

Sally Stephens

Hi, I’m Sally and I’m an intern with OCM for the summer! I live in Maryland and am going into my senior year at Liberty University, which I absolutely love. I am a marketing major, and I love to plan events. Working at Walt Disney World for Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings is my dream job. Aside from that, I also completed the Disney College Program earlier this year, so if something is Disney related, I probably love it.