5 Things to Be Sure of During Midterms


Professors say midterms are a time to report how students are doing halfway throughout the semester. Students say its a time designed to make our lives harder. Either way its a time we will have to endure no matter what, check out some tips below to make your days during midterms bearable.

Stay hydrated

As small as it may seem, staying hydrated constantly will serve as an advantage. You are helping yourself become less prone to becoming sick during a time when the amount of students with the sniffles is exorbitant. Grab yourself a reusable water bottle to take with you to class, the gym, and when you’re running to the library for those study hours.

Get Rest

At times it may feel like there is not enough hours in the day. Time has to be set aside for homework, class, friends, and countless amounts of other things. However, pulling all-nighters throughout the week or only getting rest for 2-4 hours does the body no good. You will most likely oversleep the next time you do get some shut eye, or you will just feel out of whack for majority of your day.


Set a schedule and stick to it. In the long run it will only benefit you because your time is stretched so thin between weeks it’s going to be impossible to remember everything. If you set the time for how long you will do each activity, you will have time left over to relive tension. Try yoga or taking a hot shower shower and using aromatherapy products. Fifteen minutes of pampering will go a long way when under pressure.

Stay Positive

During midterms feeling overwhelmed is at a high. Take a deep breath, and remind yourself that work will only be this demanding for about two weeks, and then sure enough you will be on break and back at home enjoying yourself with old friends.


Through midterm week, and the week leading up to midterms be sure to eat right. Although eating properly should be exercised all the time, these weeks are more imperative compared to the rest of the school year. Replace cheese pizza with a leafy salad, and choose trail mix or a granola bar over sweets.

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