6 Fun & Unique College Tailgating Ideas You’ll Want to Try


College football season is here, and we are PUMPED! Sure, the game is exciting and we obviously want a big ol’ win for our favorite university, but we’re more thrilled for tailgating season! With tired old ideas, it’s time to spice up tailgating by thinking outside the box. These fun and unique college tailgating ideas are ones you’ll want to try at your next home game.


1. Upscale Concrete Picnic

Let’s be honest. Most tailgating parties are just picnics in parking lots. Why not do a literal play on this by breaking out the baskets, blankets, and pillows for a high class affair. Think classy food offerings such as a cheese plate with dried and fresh fruits along with sparkling ciders and juices and soups in old school thermoses. This is perfect for a more feminine twist on the whole parking lot BBQ.


2. The Color Game

Get your friends involved by challenging them to bring an item of food or drink that’s in the color of their favorite team. This is definitely difficult for base colors like white and black, but it’s an awesome challenge for DIY or talented cooking friends who are great at experimenting on recipes. Plus, the photos of the spread look amazing!


3. Preparing Wisely

One of our favorite socially sourced ideas to make your tailgating spot on is to come prepared with the right equipment packed in the most genius carrier — the tool box. We love the idea of grabbing a vintage tool box, painting it in team colors, and then adding your BBQ and cleaning equipment so that it stays organized. Other genius packing ideas include replacing ice with frozen water bottles in coolers, using large storage tubs to store dirty dishes (or washing them there in the tub itself), and utilizing hanging shoe storage to keep utensils from flying away on windy days.


4. Add a Bit of Comfort

If we’ve got any complaints about tailgating — it’s about how uncomfortable it is to either stand for hours or sit in plastic sports chairs. You can DIY chairs by sewing pillows and pillow cases together to fit in the back of a truck or van or covering cardboard, foam, and fabric to fit on top of a cooler to make an extra seat or two. Not a crafter? You can purchase chairs that latch on to backs of trucks and SUVs that may be an awesome investment for regular tailgaters.


5. Decorate the Ride

If you attend a large university, finding your car in a sea of others can be a huge problem. One of the easiest solutions is to hang balloons, but even that can be hard to spot. Instead, go all out and pick a theme for each home game and tell your friends they’re looking out for the tiki decorated truck or the van with the giant jungle attached. They’ll love the effort you put into it, and you’ll love having the vehicle that’s the center of attention.


6. Kick Off With Games

Tailgating needs more than just chatting about quarterback and recruits. Instead, plan your day to include some extra fun. Of course, there is cornhole and ladder toss, but there are other options such as giant Jenga, DIY mini golf, and ring tosses. You can even expand to other tailgating parties to add scavenger hunts and trivia.

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Katherine Carpenter

Katherine Carpenter

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