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Leilani Bedding

Pretty much everybody would love to have the best-decorated dorm room in the residence hall. But when it comes to defining your college style, you shouldn’t let yourself be limited by a vibe or color scheme. That’s why we are totally digging OCM’s newest bedding pattern, Leilani. A mixture of masculine and feminine, it’s perfect for those stylish college students who want options. In fact, we love Leilani so much, we came up with 6 reasons why you will too!

Leilani Bedding Black

1.   Black and White are In

For the last few years, it’s been all about neon colors. We’re talking loud and bold. But for those who love more understated fashion, overwhelming, overly abundant colors are just not hitting the mark. Today, black and white are making a huge comeback, with the Leilani pattern leading the way. The intricate design of dark lines, triangles, and diamonds in black sets this apart, making black and white the new stand out colors for this year’s dorm room designs.

2.   Season-Proof Boho

While we totally love rocking our favorite boho looks all summer long at the beach and our favorite music festivals, that style grows old after fall sets in. Leilani is perfect for a change of pace. Its effortless chic with floaty designs incorporate some of what we love about boho, but the black and white versus tans and browns lets it go beyond the summer season and into the winter and fall. It’s a comforter and sheet set you’ll love year round.

3.   Color Coordinated

We’ve already talked about loving the black and white patterns, but when you purchase Leilani in one of OCM’s student starter paks, you’ll have options for coordinating color packages right away. Currently, you can match Leilani with sheets and towel sets in black, deep pink, grape purple, kiwi, and aqua. But why stop there? Leilani would stand out with just about any color such as a daring ruby red or a lighter and understated sky blue.

4.   Beach Themed Perfection

Matching Leilani with colors opens up your dorm room for so many theme options. But the one we love the most is the beach. Who doesn’t want to bring the ocean into their room? With Leilani and aqua sets, you can add white desk accents, tie-dye blue tapestries, tan shag rugs, and metallic colored wall art to give your dorm room the look of a beach towel laid out on the sand.

5.   Mixed and Matched

So maybe you’re not that fashionable or have a hard time picking out which patterns go with what. Don’t worry because it’s really not as easy as style guides make it sound. But with Leilani, you don’t have to worry about texture and color schemes. It’s already there inside the bag giving you the appearance that you got this whole effortless chicness down to an art.

6.   Easily Accented

White lamps, bright curtains, funky wall designs — it all looks great with Leilani! We especially love white, thick framed photos, vintage art deco lighting, tan or burlap message pin boards, and daring throw pillows or blankets. The sky is the limit with what you can match up with your Leilani room. And that’s the best part! The point of Leilani is to experiment and have fun while creating a space that’s totally yours.

Leilani Bedding Aqua

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Katherine Carpenter

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