6 Ways to Become a Morning Exerciser


Did you know that working out in the morning could mean better sleep at night, more relaxation during the day, and increased energy in the afternoon? It’s no wonder research shows that morning exercising can pay off big. Here are a few quick and easy ways to go from digging your sunset workout to being the bright and early morning exerciser.


1.   Start Slow

The number one trick to becoming a devoted morning exerciser is to not do it all at once. Start out by waking up ten minutes earlier. Do some jumping jacks or a quick yoga routine. The next week, set the alarm for twenty minutes earlier and add a slow jog or a workout video. Do this until you get to your desired time. By then, your body is more than ready and prepared to hit the gym!

2.   Get Your Routine Down

One of our biggest fears with working out in the AM is that you won’t be ready for class or work. To avoid this, pack your gym bag in advance. Take a moment before bed to make sure you have a clean outfit, supplies for the gym shower, and your books ready to go. This will take the guesswork out in the early morning and the routine assures you to have time to get everything done. Plus, it will free up your schedule for your workout to go a bit longer.

3.   Make an Awesome Mix

Nothing gets you more pumped or amped for a morning run or a boot camp class than a good mix of tunes. The key is to make your music follow your morning mood. For example, set your alarm as a more peaceful, yet peppy, song that you find inspirational. Then, as you get ready, press play on a playlist that includes music that gets you moving, that you can’t help but dance to. Finally, as you work out, keep up the spirit by blasting your favorite go-to workout songs. Think jumpy, bouncy, rock star energy music that is sure to push your body through any plateau!

4.   Find a Morning Buddy

So much research shows that you work out more effectively if you have an exercise buddy or do a workout as a couple. Having a buddy can help you stay on track and get you outside earlier. Added bonus if you can convince your roommate to go so that your dorm room is up and ready with you. This way, you can create an environment that is full of early risers and you don’t have to worry about disturbing your sleeping roommate.

5.   Reward Yourself with Breakfast

Nighttime workouts often result in big dinners or favorite snacks. But what about morning workouts? Do you not get a treat for that? Of course you do! Indulge in your favorite fruit smoothie with oatmeal and yogurt. Make your breakfast extra decadent with a scoop of Nutella or a side of a chocolate square. If you workout to eat, you can find that breakfast is equally good (if not better) than the other meals!

6.   Trick Your Mind 

If you’re still struggling to get up, it’s probably because of that alarm clock. Stop hitting snooze. Instead, place your clock or phone on the opposite side of the room or near your gym bag so you have to get up to turn it off. That, or keep your windows open as you sleep so that the sun rising will naturally wake you.

Do you like to work out in the AM? What tips do you have for our readers? 


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Katherine Carpenter

Katherine Carpenter

Hi I'm Katherine! I love DIY projects, especially ones that I can use to make my dorm room pop! My favorite flavor of ice cream is mint chocolate chip, especially when it's on a cone. I love hanging out with my sorority sisters and giving back to the community. Always remember to live, laugh and love!