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One of the coolest parts of attending college is getting exposed to some of the most creative up and coming artistic talent out there. Whether your school has a huge museum dedicated to its students and alumni or a quad where the painters and drawers come for inspiration, following these up-and-coming artists on social media will provide you with a daily shot of inspiration.


1. Torey Thornton

Only 25 years old, the relatively recent graduate of The Cooper Union makes for the perfect introduction to art for those interested in learning about modern works. From Ren and Stimpy characters to bits of cityscapes, you can see how imaginative and otherworldly art can be when done by the right eye. Follow Torey Thornton’s show with the hashtag #ToreyThornton on Instagram or keep track of his growing portfolio (and listing of shows) on his own page.


2. Daniel Ashram

Thornton isn’t the only new artist The Cooper Union has produced recently. Following Daniel Ashram on Instagram is like getting a museum-quality viewpoint of the world. Just don’t expect to see too much color in his photos or art. Despite being colorblind, he manages to make black and white feel so inspiring.


3. Valerie Keane

Sculpted art doesn’t just have to be about broken noses on ancient Greek heads. Valerie Keane’s, a graduate of California College of Arts, work with acrylic, ropes, wires, metal, and more keep your attention and make you look again and again. Luckily, her Tumblr page is curated with pictures of both her finished work and projects in process.


4. Annie Lapin

Yale and UCLA produced a mash-up we call all get behind. Annie Lapin’s work at surface level appears to be just another abstract painting, but the floating movements of her figures and the muted colors make it that much more. She’s certainly someone to follow from gallery to gallery around the world and in the US, but you can check out her process on Instagram.


5. Devin Farrand

If you are more attracted to metal and chrome, Devin Farrand is for you. His 3-D Arts Degree from Eastern Oregon University has helped him create a portfolio of work reminiscent of his time working on cars with his father. Raw and edgy with a heart for all things familiar, he’s certainly one to keep track of.


6. Brian Donnelly

School of Visual Arts has produced some amazing modern art painters and designers, but none have really caught our eyes on social media like Brian Donnelly. Donnelly’s Instagram is a mix of his current work (vibrant, colorful, comical) along with everyday beauty like a freshly made snowman. Sometimes it’s great to see the man behind the curtain, especially when looking for motivation and inspiration.


7. Matt Muirhead

Though he actually attended the University of Toledo early on during his career, Matt Muirhead is truthfully a student of the world. While he may have missed out on the whole formal education part, his art doesn’t show any skill or personality lacking. Breath-takingly beautiful in both color choices, subjects, and themes (he’s also a luthier– making his own, unique instruments), his craft is displayed on his personal Instagram.

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Katherine Carpenter

Katherine Carpenter

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