8 Summer TV Premieres We Can’t Wait For



Is your DVR ready for a big binge? It’s time to talk summer shows! Normally, we’d be a bit bummed that spring finales have finished or that our favorite show is winding down, but honestly, this summer has some of the best TV so far this year! We’ve picked our top eight. Which ones do you plan on adding to your watchlist?


  1. Master of None, Netflix — May 12

We loved the first season of Netflix’s comedy Master of None, so we’re pumped season 2 is back and ready to go. Aziz Ansari stars as, well, himself — a struggling actor from New York. Last season saw some major upheaval in both his professional and love life, and season 2 picks up from where it leaves with Ansari’s character traveling Italy in his signature style.


  1. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Netflix — May 19

Netflix really rules the summer lineup with shows that we love to binge on. We make no exception for Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. It’s hilarious, lovable, and completely uplifting. Titus, Kimmy’s roommate, and musical star wannabe, is one of the best best-friend characters on TV. We can’t wait to see what season three does!


  1. The Bachelorette, ABC — May 22

If it’s the summer, it’s time for another season of romance, lust, and love. We’re hooked and we don’t care who knows it. It’s a guilty pleasure that seems to get better with time. And the drama always has us coming back for more.


  1. The Great British Baking Show, PBS — June 16

From the name, it sounds like a bore. But this show has hooked us! Half the time we have zero idea what they are baking, but it all looks so yummy and delicious. And unlike US cooking shows, there’s no yelling, no backstabbing, no major prize either! It’s just funny, educational, and relaxing show to veg out to.


  1. Hooten and the Lady, CW — July 13

We have mainly stuck to old shows returning, but there are a few promising shows we have our eyes on. One is CW’s attempt at a treasure-hunting romance series featuring an aristocrat and jerky adventurer. While it may seem cliche, we like the idea of traveling the world for love and artifacts.


  1. Game of Thrones, HBO — July 16

The mega-hit of cable TV is galloping towards its endgame. Game of Thrones has been building tension for years, and we’re promised some big payoffs in the first half of its last season, airing this summer. If you haven’t already seen it, you’ve got a few months to catch up to the dark, gory, mystifying show.


  1. The Story of Diana, ABC — August 9

You could say that we’re a bit obsessed with British royalty. That’s why we’ve marked the ABC miniseries documentary on our calendar. It explores the life and death of Princess Diana with new footage and interviews. While it won’t give us answers, it will allow us to soak up her grace, beauty, and tragedy a little while longer.


  1. The Tick, Amazon — August 25

If you love superhero shows, you’ll most likely have mixed feelings about Amazon’s The Tick. It’s not exactly action and saving the world. The main character is a regular old accountant with zero superpowers who decides to take down the real world villains that rule his town. But you will love the awkward dialogue and outrageous sequences. It’s part humor and part ode to the summer blockbusters we love.

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