8 Unconventional Ways to Spend Your Summer Break



Our final papers are done, our exam notes are prepared, and we’re already busy packing up the dorm for the year. Summer break couldn’t come any sooner for us! But we don’t plan on spending it lounging around home. Instead, we’re putting our weeks off to good use by trying out these eight unconventional ways to spend your summer break.


  1. Going to School

Say what…? No, we’re serious. The summer is the BEST time to catch up on classes or get a headstart. Most universities allow you to take and transfer a certain amount of credits from other classes. With local community colleges open year round, you can save time and money by getting a basic biology gen ed out of the way or retaking a communications class.


  1. Volunteering Abroad

There are so many programs out there looking for college students to work and volunteer abroad. For example, you could work on a farm in exchange for room, board, and a small stipend. Or, you could spend your summer volunteering at summer camps in Europe or Asia.


  1. Couchsurfing

Now that our old friends are scattered throughout the US, it’s the perfect time to go on a road trip. Couchsurf from one friend’s place to another and see how far you can go before you need to reserve a hotel room. Recruit friends to meet new friends along the way. It’s affordable, challenging, and so much fun.


  1. Banking for the Next Year

College is expensive. We all know that. That’s why we have no shame in admitting that we will be side hustling our butts off this summer. From mowing lawns, babysitting neighbors, and making money freelancing, there are tons of opportunities for short-term, low-pressure jobs geared towards college students.


  1. Backpacking America

With your student discount, you can go or do anything for so much less. Amtrak trains offer student fairs, and many hostels require you to show student IDs to use them. In other words, with a small budget, you could see the country without breaking the bank.


  1. Making a Difference in the Community

Your time matters, especially when you put it to good use. This summer, give back and add some new skills to your resume. A few great ideas include working at a local animal shelter, tutor English language learners, or help out with charity races.


  1. Sticking Around Campus

Sure, it would be awesome to go home, but there are so many reasons why living on campus during summer break rocks. For one, you’ll be one of a few. Colleges empty out for breaks, so you’ll rule the roost. But there’s also opportunities to work in a professor’s lab, take on a campus job, or catch up on coursework.


  1. Interning for Future Career Points

Interning can seem intimidating, especially compared to relaxing on the beach, but it’s a huge deal for college students, and it could make or break your career path. Some popular college summer internship programs include working on a cruise ship, through the Disney program, or with nonprofits in your area. If you’re not yet up to interning, consider shadowing or requesting a mentor instead. It’s less pressure and more time to enjoy your break.



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