ACUHO-I Celebrates Leaders and Next Generation


ACUHO-I 2014, Washington D.C

At the time of our nation’s founding, there were 9 higher education institutions in what would become the United States. Today, there are thousands. This weekend, higher education professionals from around the nation connected at ACUHO-I, celebrating the achievements of the experienced and ensuring the next generation of educators is equipped to lead, motivate and impact their communities.

inside odonovanOCM hosted the opening reception in Georgetown’s O’Donovan Hall, inviting professionals young and old to re-connect with a night of food, drink, and music. Indoor and outdoor reception areas made for an open yet intimate evening. Friendships were renewed, awards were given and the ACUHO-I conference in our nation’s capital was underway.

LEAD: Opening Ceremonies Honor Leaders in Higher Education 

At opening ceremonies, Patty Martinez, President of 2014 ACUHO-I Executive Board, shared just how impressive the growth of ACUHO-I has been. “This year, we received the largest number of conference session proposals, over 400,” she said, sparking applause from the largest number of registered ACUHO-I participants in history.

Martinez emphasized the importance of the next generation of higher education with a salute to the students of the STARS college program,  60 undergrads with a passion for higher education selected for a valuable mentorship experience with veterans in the field.

andy n friends

OCM President Andy McDade shares the engrained dedication to campus life. From RA at Trenton State College to President of the original care package company, OCM, Andy’s continued commitment to the field was honored with the Corporate Friend of ACUHO award.

It is a special history many professionals share to have entered the field as an undergraduate RA and grown into a Director or President’s role. For many of the ACUHO-I attendees, the connection to campus and community runs deep.

There was no shortage of leaders with tremendous experience, and after Martinez declared the conference open it was time to honor a select few for their outstanding service. We would like to join the community in congratulating all award recipients!

Don Moore, ACUHO-I Award; Tonie Miyamoto, James L Hurd Award; Rosanne Proite, Herstory Award; Richard Kington, Roelf Visser Global Initiatives Award; Shigeo Iwamiya, Judy Spain Award; Norbert Dunkel & James A. Baumann, Research and Publication Award; Kathy Bush Hobgood & Verna Gardner Howell, Robert P. Cooke Talking Stick Article Award; Danielle Twigg, Betty L. Harrah Journal Manuscript Award; and Jill Eckardt, Tarome Afford, Carolyn ‘Waz’ Miller,  Louis V. Hencken, and Pam Schneider for their Parthenon Awards. Thank you for all for your service and leadership!

After the awards were presented,  the microphone was turned over to keynote speaker TJ Sullivan. The audience would go from standing and applauding to rolling on the floor and holding their belly’s in a matter of moments, learning all the while. Read more about TJ’s engaging presentation here!

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Gary Kehoe

Gary Kehoe

College life is the good life. Hey, I'm Gary Kehoe. I'm fresh out of college, but still haven't left. In fact, one of the great things about being with OCM is that I get to go to even MORE colleges- AND, I don't have to take any finals 🙂 One of the most important lessons I learned from college was that no opportunity should be left unexplored. In my four years, I wrote for the TCNJ Signal newspaper, was president of our Rowing team, and interned in the Dean of Students' Office. There are lessons everywhere: do’s, don’ts, did’s, and ‘wish ya didn’ts”. Whether you are an applicant, current student, or a new member of the so called 'real world', I hope you can find and share the good in college life.”