Add Peace & Love to Your Dorm with Hippie Era Decor


Are you looking to add a little peace, love, and happiness to your dorm room?  Take a page from the groovy decade of the 1960’s, where psychedelic vibes and independent minds were welcomed with open arms.  When looking back on the popular home décor trends of this era, bright colors, funky patterns, and layered textures were all the rage.  Check out some of our hippie inspired room décor tips to help feed your free-spirited soul.


Being that it is the strong focal point in most dorm rooms, beds create an opportunity to take your hippie theme to the next level.  It can be said that hippies’ bedding philosophy involved three things:  Pillows, pillows, and more pillows!  With a decoratively patterned comforter as your base, be sure to pile on a generous amount of large, medium, and small throw pillows.  And don’t be afraid of clashing colors, textures, and patterns; most of the hippie aesthetic comes from layering mismatched fabrics. One of our favorite style clashes is with this floral pattern pillow and shagalicious back rest.

kiwi-blossom-pillow  shagalicious-pillow


Eclectic is key when gather furniture for a hippie chic dorm room.  It wasn’t uncommon for a hippie’s house in the 60’s to appear to have been decorated with thrift store scores and curbside trash finds.  No doubt, a beanbag is the perfect (and most comfortable) hippie seating, so consider adding one or two of the Plantation Bean Bag Lounger Chairs to the mix.  Hippies were big fans of traveling and wanderlust, and would often use vintage trunks to transport their belongings in.  Check out our collection of vintage inspired trunks, and use as a storage container, end table, or coffee table




Incorporating the right accessories is what really makes the space pop.  While lava lamps and waterbeds were extremely popular bedroom pieces in the 60’s, they might be a little too much of a throw back for the modern college student.  Of course, peace signs are an absolute must, so feel free to throw them in anywhere you deem appropriate.  We like the idea of having an inspirational poster (like this John Lennon one) hanging over the bed to create an eye-catching positive message.  Another common décor accessory in the hippie culture were curtains made from strings of beads.  Hang them in your doorframe so guests feel the free-spirited vibe the second they enter your room. It was no secret that hippies loved music.  Honor their favorite pastime by hanging record albums or posters of artists popular in the 60’s (think Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, and The Beatles).  Lastly, consider layering patterned rugs on top of each other throughout your room to create an exotic, dreamy, bohemian feel.



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