Attention College Fashionistas: A to Z of Fashion Blogging


Attention College Fashionistas- A to Z of Fashion Blogging

All your friends want to raid your closet. They’re constantly asking for your fashion advice or for you to go on a shopping trip with them. You’re their go-to person for style and trends. Put that eye for colors and patterns to good use by becoming a fashion blogger! You’ll love sharing your passion and your readers will dig seeing your creativity come to life. With these few tips, you’ll have a fashion blog everyone will want to subscribe to.


The Basics of Creating a Blog

The boring part of becoming a blog is actually making a blog. Blogging is pretty inexpensive. For a year, you’re talking about $100-200 total for a domain, server, and host. However, if you don’t have that cash, there are so many free resources out there like WordPress, Tumblr, or Blogger that you can always upgrade or transfer to a paid site down the road.

Choose your domain name wisely (easy to remember is always key) and make a site design that’s a reflection of you — bold colors for the adventurous blogger or loads of white spaces for minimalist stylistics.


Find a Niche or Voice

Fashion is a pretty broad subject. Are you a shoe and accessories kind of girl? Do you love makeup trends? Are you plus-size or dress only in a certain color or pattern? Those who stand out are the ones who have a specific voice.

If you’re unsure of what your specialty is, ask your friends. You may be surprised to hear what they like the most about your fashion ideas. Whatever it is, keep your blog focused to this so you can show off your expertise.


Get Social

Once your site is up, start posting to social media sites. Pinterest, Tumblr, and Instagram are the go-to’s for reaching fashion-minded audiences. Search and post under hashtags like #WIWT (what I wore today) or #OOTD (outfit of the day) regularly.

To up your following, like and post on smaller to medium popular fashion bloggers. The follow-back love is real and can pay off big if you’re smart about who you give your likes and hearts to.

Another great way to reach more people is to apply to become a Trendsetter on OCM. With over 10k views on our blog alone, you could really show the world your style and promote your blog to high school and college students just like you!


Stay on a Posting Schedule

Most bloggers, starting out, post between 2-4 times per week. Others post every day.

One way you can boost your schedule and take the time out of blogging is to make out a blog calendar in advance. Fill in your blog days with post ideas and then spend a few “work” days writing the articles, taking photos, or hunting for styles. Most blogs will let you schedule these posts to go live months to even years in the future!


Remember the Purpose

It’s easy to get bogged down with the posting on Instagram or perfecting your site’s look, but your main focus as a style blogger is the actual fashion. What wins on these sites are beautiful photos of winning and catchy outfits.

If you’re not yet attracting brands to try their clothes for free, borrow outfits from friends or hit Goodwill-style shops. Have a photographer friend take your photos and credit him or her on your site. Collaborate with other fashion bloggers on your campus for new style ideas.


But most of all, have fun, discover trends, and show off your passion!

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