College Life As Told By Jane the Virgin


Here’s what college life is like explained the hit TV series “Jane the Virgin.” These many examples are what our daily life is actually like… Thanks, Jane, Xo, Alba and the whole crew…

1. The day you leave for college

This is the day your mother tells you to be careful no matter what happens from this day forward.

2. Frist week of school

When it’s so hot out that you can’t even sleep in your newly bought PJs at  nighttime…

3. First day of classes

You’re the one person who makes the most noise when it’s your first day of classes for the semester.

4. First test

When you ace your first test…

5. $$$

When you realize you have zero dollars in your bank account… you’re officially a broke college student

6. Sunday morning

Well, this explains everyone’s Sunday morning just as Jane would… Saturday’s are rough nights in college.

7. 8 a.m.

When you miss your first 8 a.m…

8. Food

All Jane and her mom want is grilled cheese…. so do us college students 24/7.

10. Awkward encounters

When you run into *that* guy or girl around campus.

11. Midterms

The most stressful week of your life consists of you not wanting to socialize.

12. Family

First time seeing your family in a few months since they left you for your first day of college

13. Finals Week

Thank goodness it’s over…Petra was at least happy in her case.

Well, If Petra survived the birth of her children and Jane accompanying her then I guess we all can survive…Hope you all enjoyed!!!

The Dairy Free Life



Last semester I used to eat all the ice cream, cheese, and cereal with milk that I wanted. Maybe I ate too much of it because this semester did not turn out how I wanted it to. Here is my version of being lactose-intolerant.

Coming into my freshman year of college, I did gain the freshman 8 (not 15), from all the late night Dominos orders, binge watching Netflix shows and eating tubs of ice cream — because why not. Some things that I have learned from becoming lactose-intolerant…..

1. Acne

I have noticed I do not have as much acne on my face as I used to and my skin has become much healthier!

2. Lactaid Pills

These things suck. Honestly, unless you’re in the mood for a big ice cream sundae and a lava cake then it is not worth having dairy (for those of you who don’t know, these pills won’t let you go to the bathroom).

3. Bloating

You definitely don’t feel bloated all the time. I feel as if I am also not always hungry.

4. Milk

No more of that yummy 2 percent or any of that pure milk. Stick to soy, almond and obviously Lactaid free!

5. Pizza

Going to be a hard life not having that delicious pizza pie at 2 a.m….

6. Strong bones

The reason why mothers give their children milk when they’re younger is to give them strong bones… unfortunately, that will not be the case anymore

If anyone is feeling as much pain as I am… don’t worry, us dairy free people will stay close together!

What does your spring break look like?


What’s your ideal spring break like? Puerto Vallarta Mexico, Bahamas, Miami Florida, attending a concert, or maybe even sleeping for days and just relaxing? Here are the top 14 things to do over this Spring break!

1. Catch up with friends

What’s better than to catch up with old friends from home? Spend time with each other, catch up, watch a movie… whatever!


Every college student needs sleep, especially after a stressful week of midterms! Catch up on sleep and relax!

3. Spend time with family

Whether you live five, ten or three hours away from home, watch your favorite tv show together, have family dinners or spend a night out at dinner telling your parents how stressful midterms are…

4. City

Whether it’s Boston, NYC, Miami or Philly, take a day trip with friends from home, college friends or family for the day/weekend!

5. Hiking

Take a hike with your dog, friends or family if it is a nice day.

6. Visit High School

Visiting old teachers can’t be so bad! Take the day and see some familiar faces in your neighborhood!

7. Offer to work

Ask to babysit to make some extra cash, or ask the place you’re employed at to work some extra hours!

8. Celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day

If your spring break happens to fall on Saint Patty’s Day, have fun with friends, go the parade or spend time with family!!!

9. Catch up on Netflix

Spend time catching up on Greys, Jane the Virgin, 90210 or Gossip Girl!

10. Spa Day

For all the ladies out there who are just as stressed out as I am, maybe use an avocado mask


What’s better than baking cookies with friends, helping mom cook dinner or have a day where you just bake because why not!!! Who doesn’t love baking? (Even though this is me and my friends from Christmas!!)


Take a few hours to relax your brain. Take out a coloring book and just color while listening to soothing music!

13. Beach

If you live somewhere warm, take the day and hit the beach… what’s better than taking in a little sun!

14. Take a Vacation


No matter what you all end up doing, enjoy a relaxing spring break 2017!!!

College Guide: Second Semester Vibes


College Guide- Second Semester Vibes

WELCOME BACK FRESHMAN!!– What does second semester look like for you? 8 AM’s every day or 9 PM classes? Making new friends or maybe even joining a sorority/fraternity? Say goodbye to sleeping in every day in your nice comfy, big bed at home and say hello to eating pizza for breakfast and cereal for dinner. You’ll get back into the swing of things…soon…hopefully…I promise.

1. First Day of Classes-Don’t be that kid who shows up five minutes late the first day of classes. Not a good first impression

2. Remember what your teachers taught you from your first semester- Whether it was remembering the proper grammar to use in a sentence or becoming organized.

3. Caf food for any time, any day- Pancakes for dinner, pizza for breakfast… who cares. Your parents aren’t there to stop you.

4. Budget yourself- You now know how much money you spent last semester. Know your limits. Spend wisely this semester on EVERYTHING. 

5. Mental Breakdown- What would college be like without pulling your hair, wearing different socks… or shoes to class and crying to your mom how hard college is? Don’t worry. We will all get through it.

6. Sleep, sleep counting sheep- Don’t forget… sleep is also important too.

7. Weekend treat- After a long week of hard work, you get a nice reward by treating yourself to a nice weekend of a fun time with friends at home or an out and about, night.

8.WORKOUT- No excuses this semester. Summer is around the corner… Get that beach body for summer 2017 on!

9. Stay up to date on what is going on- Even though Netflix is nice, you’re in college. Be aware of what is happening around the world.

10. Do not second guess yourself- Be confident. New Semester. New Teachers.

Hope everyone has a great start to a second semester!!!!

xoxo ariel

7 Tips on Studying for Finals


Are you overwhelmed by how many Spanish terms you have to study for? Maybe cramming a day before your next project is due or rereading the same chapter multiple times to no avail? I know I am stressing right before finals. If you’re also feeling overwhelmed by a huge pile of books, notecards and Red Bull, keep reading for some helpful tips to study for this upcoming finals week!

1. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE- Start studying like I did at least a week before.

2. MAKE FLASHCARDS– Whether it’s Spanish, French, the Revolutionary War, or learning about muscles, make flash cards…It will make your life 10 times easier

3. QUIZLET– If flashcards aren’t your thing, try online websites such as Quizlet, which can give you tests, flip flash cards for you or give you a few learning games!

4. MAKE AN EFFORT-I know sitting in the library from 10 am until 4 o’clock is rough, but try and do it because is the last week…make it count.

5. HAVE A STUDY BUDDY- Whether it is your best friend, classmate or big in your sorority, sit down with them and do homework together. The two of you can take a break, but they can also tell you when to get back to work and when you have been on your phone too long!

6. IT’S OKAY TO TAKE A BREAK- It’s not okay to binge watch Netflix, but a ten-minute break here and then won’t kill you.
7. MAKE THE LIBRARY YOUR BEST FRIEND- Library, School of Business, Engineering Building; whatever it is, get comfy because that just became your new home for the next week.
Hope you use these helpful tips!!! Good luck with finals everyone!!!!

20 Signs Your Roommate is Actually Your Sister



I have to say: I lucked out finding the best roommate. To those people that found the perfect roommate just like I did, keep reading if you think this is your relationship with your roommate:

Here are 20 signs that your roommate is practically your sister.

1. Borrowing belongings of one another without even asking anymore-

  •  Sharing clothes, using the curling iron or even cuddling up with a comfy blanket

2. Getting lonely if one another leaves to go home for the weekend-

  • Those long weekends without your roomie = you sitting in your room and doing nothing productive

3. Your food is their food, their food is your food-

  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner or even a midnight snack…taking each other’s food constantly and not asking because it goes without saying

4. Thinking the same things at the same time-

  • Finishing each other’s sentences, thinking of the same things to do or what food you want to eat

5. Their family is your family, your family is their family-

  • Mom, dad sister or brother… When roomie’s mom calls, you say “Hi mama!” – that’s when you know you’re real close

6. Knowing what foods each of you likes and dislikes-

  • Because food is the foundation of every relationship

7. Sleep patterns- 

  • Getting used to your roommate snoring to the point that you can’t go a night without it now

8. Never getting bored of each other because your friendship is so strong-

  • Always having fun no matter where, no matter what time of day, you always enjoy each other’s company

9. If she’s having a bad day, you’re having a bad day-

  • We’re all in this together

10. Having random dance parties and staying up until 3 am-

  • Because why not

11. Knowing their past boyfriend drama as if it is your life

  • To all the ex’s: don’t mess with my roommate… or else!

12. Losing their belongings is like losing your belongings-

  • When they lose their key card to the room, you search everywhere until you find that thing!

13. Knowing her schedule better than yours-

  • Waking up in the morning before your roommate does because you know her schedule

14. Waiting up for one another when you get home late- 

  • 2,3,4 or 5 am, they will wait for you no matter how late the time is

15. People now are probably concerned how close you two are-

  • RA’s, friends and family are slightly wondering how you two bonded so quickly in the first semester of living together

16. When she has someone special, you’re a part of the relationship too, AKA third wheeling-

  • The partner has to know, no matter what, the roommates are always watching out for one another

17. You embrace each other’s weirdness-

  • Because being real and true to yourself is key. And even better when you can share it with someone else

18. What is said at “home” stays at “home”-

  • Secrets, secrets are NOT fun if you share with everyone… we like to keep things at home

19. They respect one another’s opinion, no matter the situation-

  • Via Friends: “I’ll be there for you, like you’re there for me too”

20. They will be there for you through everything-

  • A shoulder to cry on, a sister to cry with, a best friend to laugh with and a mom to be there for support every step of the way.

Thanks to my roomie for being the best supporter I have ever had and I can not thank you enough. I love you!!!! xo

Fall Favorites: What’s Back for Fall 2016



Whether it is a Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks or maybe taking out those fuzzy UGGS or a long cardigan… welcome back Fall! Leaves are falling, the weather’s becoming colder — I’m not sure about you, but this is my favorite time of the year! Here are some of my fall favorites for this upcoming season.

My Favorite Trends & Things About the Fall Season

GIF via Giphy

Combat Boots: My favorite kind of boots. Wear them. Love them. They’re the perfect mix of functional and fashionable. They’re durable enough for your treks to class, and stylish enough to pair with a casual dress on a girls’ night. 

UGGS: These fuzzy and comfortable shoes are perfect for the fall. Wear them outdoors or indoors for casual comfort.

GIF via Giphy

Oversized Sweatpants & Sweatshirts: Who doesn’t love comfy sweaters that make you wanna cuddle up with your friends or even your dog!? Whether it’s a nice cashmere sweater, your boyfriend’s hoodie or a hand-me-down from a beloved family member, there’s nothing better than the comfort fall fashion offers.

Snag a pair of comfy sweatpants from Victoria Secret or rep a sweatshirt with your school’s name. They’re great to mix with both casual and class-appropriate wear. Wear them around your residence hall for comfort, or pair your sweatshirt with a nice pair of jeans when running errands.


Image via Quinnipiac University

Pumpkin Spice Lattes: Starbucks is back with our favorite drinks! Go out and get yourself this delicious drink you will not regret. If your campus doesn’t have a Starbucks, use the coffee machine in your dorm or the coffee and ingredients at your dining hall to whip up a fall drink. Buy simple ingredients like cinnamon or hot chocolate packets — these non-perishables will stay fresh in your dorm room through the winter!

Image via Giphy

High Knee Boots: If your knees get cold, you won’t regret buying these babies! They’re also perfect for a night out.

Fuzzy Socks: Perfect for those cold fall days, by the fireplace or in your room. No matter if they have a silly design or are just plain unstylish – comfort is the most important when you’re hanging out in your dorm.

Hot Chocolate: Buy it. Drink it. Love it. The BEST drink for fall and winter. Like I mentioned before, you can buy these packets to keep in your dorm room, and they won’t go bad.

31 Days of Halloween Movies: Freeform (the new name for ABC Family) is showing all your favorite Halloween hits.

Halloween: My all time favorite holiday. Who doesn’t love dressing up? I can’t imagine not celebrating this day.

GIF via Giphy

Thanksgiving: The best day to eat and feast like a pig, play football and spending time with family.

GIF via Giphy

Hope everyone is enjoying this amazing fall just like my friends and I are!


How to Deal With Your First Bad Grade in College


Dealing with Bad Grades College

According to Mae Mobley (in the picture below, from the movie The Help), everything seems like the world is coming to an end when you got your first bad grade. Whether it is a test, project or oral presentation that you didn’t do so well on, DON’T FREAK OUT! It really is not the end of the world! Read along for some helpful tips I learned from upperclassmen on how to deal with your first bad grade.

Image via Giphy


  • One bad grade won’t kill you. For example, I just recently did poorly on my English paper and I learned you will do better on the next one. If you admit defeat this early, you aren’t going to improve! Keep a positive mindset and positive things will come.

Image via Giphy


  • If you’re not satisfied with your grade, go to your professor’s office hours and work something out. They will give you feedback and you will see what you did wrong. This helps you avoid making the same mistake twice.


  • If you’re like me and you’re a bad test taker, maybe start studying with a group of friends who take the same classes as you or are in your class.

Image via Giphy


  • One thing I sometimes meditate and listen to calming and soothing music when it’s just one of those bad days. It will help you clear your head, especially when you’re having trouble focusing on an assignment. Carve out ten minutes to meditate – whether it’s listening to a meditation podcast, calming music, or just silently sitting on the floor.


  • Watch some friends, have a girls night and relax. Try not to think about it…tomorrow is another day. If you obsess over it, it will put you in a bad headspace, which you don’t want to have when going into your next assignment or project.

Image via Giphy

Moral of the story is that it isn’t the end of the world if you get a bad grade. Make sure you do your due diligence going into the next graded assignment, whether it’s speaking with the professor or scheduling a regular study hour. And make sure to remain positive – this isn’t the end of the world, and you certainly have the opportunity to make it up on the next assignment.

How to Prevent the “Freshman 15”


Freshman 15 Health

Are you one of those people who loves to binge eat junk food and watch Netflix? Well, then you’re like me. Every freshman (including myself) is beyond excited to get away from all of the organic food that their moms gave them while they were back home — but do you want to have the “Freshman 15”? Keep reading for some helpful tips!

Image via Giphy


Junk food sometimes, healthy food every day:

  • Unless you’re going to the gym every day and working out constantly…don’t go to the dining hall every morning for breakfast and get yourself three pancakes. Switch it off… Some days have a treat and other days get a smoothie on the go, organic cereal or maybe some scrambled eggs!

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Do not skip the most important meal of the day:

  • Breakfast is key. Grab a cereal bar, make some easy Eggo waffles in the microwave/toaster or go to the dining hall and get some egg whites. Don’t want to ever miss the most important meal of the day!

Store healthy snacks:

  •  No Doritos, Lays chips or cheese doodles. Not healthy. Not worth the calories… I am glad my mom taught me to bring healthy snacks to college because if not I would be the size of a balloon by now. Snack on some apple chips, gluten free pretzels, cheese, and grapes or a banana.

Image via Giphy

Skip the sugary drinks:

  • Enough with the energy drinks such as Redbull and Monster. Soda is even a big no no. I do not have any sugary drinks in my mini fridge. Get a bottle of water, iced tea or low-calorie lemonade!

Image via Monster

Use smaller plates in the dining hall:

  • Instead of using the big bowls that they leave out for us, I use the plastic plates and it definitely helps my portion size. It helps you to avoid piling on food to fill the bowl, then feeling forced to finish it even if you’re already full.

Join sports clubs, intramurals or take a Zumba class:

  • Time to go hit the gym, find a buddy and get your daily dose of workout in you! Yoga, Zumba, treadmill or a run around campus… go get those legs moving! Fitness is also a great way to meet friends that you can set healthy habits with.

Image via Giphy

Don’t eat food when watching TV or doing homework:

Image via Giphy

  • I know everyone loves to do this… but this is one way of gaining weight easily. I know because I do this constantly and it is not healthy. You get so engrossed in what you’re watching, and five minutes later you look down and the bag of chips has been completely annihilated. You can’t even remember eating it — which feels like a waste! Instead, have a bottle of water or some gum in your mouth while watching tv! Save your snacks and meals for a time you can actually sit down and enjoy them without distractions.

Stay hydrated:

  • Drink PLENTY of water. Whether it is Vitamin Water, Gatorade, sparkling water, or whatever it may be, keep on staying hydrated! Sometimes we trick ourselves into thinking we’re hungry, when we’re really just dehydrated.

Get plenty of sleep:

  • I know we are all in college, but don’t stay up until 4 am when you have an 8 am class — leaving you to complain to your roommate or not show up to class the next day. Get a lot of sleep so you can have a bunch of energy throughout the next day!

Image via Giphy

The great thing about college is that things are constantly changing — your class schedule, your classmates, your favorite new hangout spots and sometimes even your social circles. So now’s the time to evaluate your priorities, and what is or isn’t working for your health. Not getting enough sleep? Maybe cut out the 8am lectures and schedule classes for later in the afternoon next semester. Having trouble finding an available elliptical during the free-time you usually use hit the gym? Consider skipping the regular Thursday-night party, and instead grab a few workout buddies and head to the gym as a “girls night”.

With these top tips, you should be able to avoid the dreaded Freshman 15. Just make conscious decisions about your eating and lifestyle habits and you’ll be fine!

A Freshman’s Guide to Their First Party


First college party

University of Alabama frat party, UCLA night out in Berkley, Penn State party — or like me — your very first time at the famous Toads in New Haven Connecticut… every college student has something to do on a Thursday through Saturday night. Keep reading for some helpful tips from my first night out that every freshman should definitely listen to.

Image via Giphy

1. Clothing:

  • Wear clothes you will be comfy in. My mistake was wearing shoes that were not so comfy! You will be dancing and moving around for hours. Do not wear nice shirts because people will be pushing you throughout the entire night and you don’t want to get it ruined! Also, if you are going to a smaller venue, be careful because it can get very hot in there so it’s smart to have a hair tie on you at all times.

2. Handbag:

  • If you’re like me and don’t want to carry your phone around or stuff your lip gloss in your pocket, I definitely recommend bringing a small bag. I would recommend a cross-body or a small wristlet. I would not bring a big tote bag or a nice Michael Kors handbag to wherever you end up going. If you lose it or something gets spilled on you, you will not be a happy girl leaving the night. Plus, you’re already in tight quarters — don’t be the person taking up extra space on the dancefloor with a big bulky tote bag!

Image via Giphy

3. Go with people you know, leave with people you know:

  • No matter how you get there — Ubering, shuttling, taking public transit — I have learned it’s always smart to go and leave with the same people you know. Big city or small town…no matter what, it can be dangerous to leave by yourself. Always have at least one friend with you. Many campuses also offer free door to door shuttles or other safe transportation options at night, which is much safer than walking alone in the nighttime or finding your way to the subway.

Image via Giphy

4. …And if you have to break Rule #3, at least be smart about it:

  • If you choose to leave with other people — whether they are an acquaintance from around campus or someone you hit it off with that night — ALWAYS tell your friends where you’re going and who you are going with. Although it might seem awkward, an extra safe measure would be to ask to see their student ID card just to confirm!

5. Bring cash… but not too much:

  • You don’t want to be that girl who brings $80 a night out with her and spends it all. If that happens, you will be broke by the end of your first semester. You should have limits on how much money you are bringing with you that night. It is too dangerous to bring so much cash, so know how much you’re bringing before you go out to hold yourself accountable.

Image via Giphy

6. DON’T give out your number like it is a glass of milk:

  • Be careful who you give your number to. Parties are a great way to meet people (platonically and romantically!), especially in your freshman year. But that doesn’t mean you have to go handing out your number to just anyone and everyone. If someone is giving off bad vibes, don’t feel bad saying no. Another trick is to ask for people to give you their number instead, so the ball is in your court.

7. Enjoy yourself:

  • Be social, make friends, have a good time and enjoy every minute! Stay off your phone and try to have a fabulous time with your new friends you’re making this fall.