College Style Battle: Athleisure vs. Preppy


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Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, you know that the athleisure trend has absolutely taken over the fashion industry (luxury included) and that almost everyone is embracing the trend in one way or another. Now, when defining athleisure, it’s insufficient to say that it’s a blend of leisure and athletic wear as it has transcended the original idea and is now an all-encompassing fashion phenomenon. This is a trend that goes beyond rocking stylish sweats and sports bras on the streets or matching tracksuits with heels. Today, an outfit that contains even just one garment that is deemed ‘sporty’ is considered athleisure as this trend has completed its mission, the mission is becoming almost omnipresent in every outfit we decide to rock.

Why do we love it?

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The answer to this question is quite simple – the trend came to bridge the gap between the overly formal and the overly informal. It came into our lives in order to make them easier, to allow us to simply glide from one errand, arrangement or obligation to another without having to change our clothes (and waste the little time in a day we have). However, with its rise, came numerous variations in which to rock it – now it’s completely acceptable, if not cool, to wear a suit with tennis shoes, to rock evening dresses and romantic tulle skirts with hoodies and sneakers, and to even mix and match – put on a nice crisp white button-up, an oversized blazer and a pair of elegant wide-leg pants and complete the look with, say, a fresh new pair of New Balance sneakers. Essentially, the trend keeps on transforming, and it seems to be getting bigger – from the puffer jackets and slouchy jeans seen in this season’s menswear collections, and the now incredibly trendy pants with the sporty stripe on the side – who knows what the future of athleisure looks like. The one thing we do know is that the millennial generation, as well as this still quite unnamed, perhaps the college-attending Z generation, loves the trend, along with the lifestyle it stands for.

Whatever happened to good old preppy?

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Well, according to both Vogue and numerous lines that came strutting down the runways this year, one thing can be said with certainty – the preppy is back. Now, before you get your pearls and your sensible oxfords and loafers (which you are very welcome to do), you should be warned that, just as any other trend, the preppy has gone through some changes of its own. First of all, it’s become a tad more eccentric and bold, particularly in terms of mixing prints and patterns, which is highly evident in such collections as the Balenciaga spring line. The stripy shirts are still here, along with the conservative and length-appropriate skirts, and even chinos are making a comeback, but we can’t help but notice the ironic vibe in the way the collections have been executed. It’s almost like the cardigans and the crew sweaters tied around the shoulders aim to represent the preppy person as a kind of an old-school, old money stereotype. It’s almost satirical is what it is. As stated by Vogue, the trick to rocking preppy this season is to take a preppy piece (the polo, creased chinos), and then completely dismantle the look with an unexpected silhouette (cropped, oversized) or color – the bolder and more outrageous, the better, and finish the look off with something very street style-adjacent – the cheaper, the better. When in doubt, unbutton the collar or flash a sliver of skin for a dash of sex appeal.

Is there a fight here at all?

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From what we can tell by analyzing the current shape and form of the two trends, in their intentions, they don’t differ much. Athleisure may be the trend de jour while the preppy look may have taken a more subversive route, but they both share one thing in common – a kind of fashion rebellion we’ve been waiting for for quite some time. Now, perhaps not all of the pieces will get along just perfectly, but in the world where fashion has become everything and anything you want it to be, from our perspective, there is no battle – embrace items and garments from both styles, rock them seriously or ironically, and don’t be afraid to mix and match. By the looks of the garments, it seems that they will get along just fine, as long as you get a bit creative.

What we have to understand about the millennial generation is that they’re all about fluidity. Therefore, if you were expecting a fist fight between the two style movements, sorry to disappoint you – nothing to see here but perfect experimentation and harmony. The new generations are all about meshing and blending, and with a little effort, you can rock both styles impeccably, and look super cool even if you throw on a string of pearls – ironically or not.

College Fashion Essentials


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When you’re a college student, you have to be smart and economical. That means that all unnecessary purchases are a no-go. You may think that one can’t possibly pull of stylishness on a budget and a limited number of pieces. However, there is a way to work around this if you learn which key pieces to invest in (and by this we don’t mean spend a chunk of your money). To that end, we have created the ultimate list of fashion essentials that will get you through the year on a budget, without sacrificing your style.

When fun meets appropriateness

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We used to think of plaid blazers as something professors wear, but oh, how times have changed. Everyone, from celebs to fashion bloggers to mere mortals is jumping on one of the most stylish (not to mention practical) trends of the season – the plaid trend. The best reason to add a plaid blazer to your wardrobe is definitely its power of transformation. With it, you can create great date-looks, mix with sportswear for more casual, athleisure vibes, and it can make you look sharp and polished in classes even on those days when you feel completely run over.

The ones that work for you

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The life of a college student is a hectic one, to say the least. This is exactly why you don’t need clothes that make you work hard to pull them off. You want something that works for you, not against you. So, the most sensible way to be in style while being comfortable is to choose jeans as your go-to when it comes to bottoms. Take the time to try on different styles and find four pairs of jeans that fit well and feel good. Aside from being the sensible choice, these are easy to mix and match and create outfits for almost every occasion.

Party time

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College parties are usually chill and low-key, so there’s no need to dress to impress. Still, you should always have one go-to garment and something along the lines of colorful designer kaftans may just fit the bill. They are, as the name says, playful. The colors are vibrant, but they’re not to ‘dressy’ so you’ll never look overdone or like you’re trying too hard. Throw a cute pair of Birkenstock shoes and a denim jacket into the mix and you’ve got yourself the ultimate frill-free party combo.

Simplicity above all else

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When life gets busy, so does your bag, so you better invest in a great, (and also a big one), that can handle everything you throw at (or in) it. A leather tote is the absolute best way to go. This bag can carry more items than you can imagine while never giving away the fact that it’s about to burst. You can put your laptop in it, along with your beauty essentials, notes, coffee, your pet, extra sheets – you name it, it can handle it. Black is the obvious choice because you will have chic moments, and this bag is ready to play that part as well.

Keep it warm

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If you have someone to keep you warm indoors, good for you. Now, no matter how much in love you are, your bae won’t keep you warm once you step outside. That’s why you need to pull out the big guns – a great coat and a blanket scarf. Stylish scarves are quite affordable, so feel free to get several, as they will serve as a great accessory. This way, the coat can be nice and classic, and come from the neutral color family, and you can then use the scarves to diversify your outfits.

Made for walking

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Yes, glitter boots are very nice and trendy, but can you wear them to your 9 am class? We didn’t think so. However, just because you can’t really rock the trendiest boot of the season during a college winter, doesn’t mean the alternative is any less on point. Of course, the alternative is a pair of ankle boots, and if you don’t want to look ‘too neutral’, you can always spice things up with the color of the season – red. Red boots will surely elevate any look, and the style allows you to pull them off in a way that is noticeable but not too ‘out there’.

When it comes to smart fashion choices, finding the balance between trendy and timeless is key.

Preparing for College Equals Preparing for Life


As one of the most important periods in your life, going off to college will be a challenging transition into adulthood that can affect your future. During this time, you’ll have an opportunity to acquire some healthy and constructive life habits, expand your knowledge and gain valuable experiences. From having more personal independence to socialising with diverse people, your college years will be truly enriching. And you’ll encounter more than a few life lessons even before your freshman year.

Self-exploration and self-assessment

When choosing a college, you should keep in mind that, to some extent, you’re choosing your future. This is a major life decision that shouldn’t be made hastily. You’ll need to explore your options and think about where do you see yourself in the future. Of course, you can never know what the future holds for you, but knowing your interests and setting some personal goals will get you on the right track. Thus, the first life lesson that college teaches you is that you should possess a level of self-awareness. You should know your strengths and weaknesses, assess your knowledge and skills and get to know your interests. This will enable you to make the right decision when it comes to college selection and increase your chances of success.

Pre-college preparation

Once you’ve chosen a college, you can focus on preparing for your entrance exam. The sooner you start, the better because you’ll have enough time to prepare, cover the subject in depth and relieve a lot of pressure. Not only will this help you get into the desired college, but it will also provide you with a solid basis for your future studies. Depending on your field of interest, there’s a lot of courses you can take to prepare for the entrance exam. For example, if you want to study the English language and literature, you can take a College English Placement Test and cover areas such as reading comprehension or writing skills. On the other hand, if you want to enroll in medical school, you should prepare and study thoroughly for the comprehensive GAMSAT questions because this is one of the most difficult fields of study. If you’re interested in math, you can take ACCUPLACER College Level Math Test. Starting your studies with solid prior knowledge in the field will greatly facilitate your transition into college.

Starting with a bang

Once your college year starts, you may feel completely overwhelmed by all of your assignments and responsibilities. You’ll find yourself torn between completing your duties and exploring all the excitements of the student life. What you shouldn’t do is neglect your obligations in order to party or immerse yourself completely in your studies without giving yourself a break. Finding the right balance now can really help you both during your studies and later on in life when you’ll need to balance your work and personal life. Even if you spend more of your time studying at first, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to have fun later. If you don’t let your assignments pile up and you start studying early on, preparing for your exams will be a lot easier. In addition, you’ll make a great first impression on your teachers, which can really go a long way.

Independent life

For the first time in your life, you’ll be moving away from your home and have more independence. Whether you’ll share an apartment with a roommate or live in a college dorm, you’ll need to learn to take care of yourself. From doing laundry, cooking and cleaning to sharing a room or a flat with a complete stranger, you’ll come across numerous challenges. In addition, with your family at home and your friends studying somewhere else, you may experience homesickness and loneliness. All of this can be quite overwhelming and stressful, so you’ll need to find a way to deal with it. Apart from learning some basic life skills while you’re still at home, you should find a constructive way to relieve stress. In addition, acquiring effective stress-management techniques now can really help you in the future. Don’t hesitate to call your friends and family when you miss them, but make sure not to become socially withdrawn. You’ll have an opportunity to join student organizations where you’ll meet diverse people with shared interests, attend different events and find great volunteering opportunities. Not only will this make your college years more exciting, but it can also help you improve your career prospects.

Going off to college will be one of the greatest changes in your life. However, by preparing for your entrance exam as soon as possible, learning to balance your studies and your personal life and acquiring proper stress-management techniques, this transitional period will pass without any major challenges.

December College Students’ Checklist


Checklist for college students when they get home on break

December is a notoriously busy month, especially when you’re a student. It’s the time of the year when we look back at what we have accomplished so far but also plan for the holidays, prepare for New Year’s Eve and take the time to sit back with our friends and family and enjoy a little well-deserved rest. Unfortunately, it’s also the ideal period to become lazy and spend most of our time laying on the bed. Instead of wasting time, a better idea would be to take advantage of every free moment you have and use it to finish up on the more pressing matters.

Apply for an internship

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A lot of students and job seekers either don’t know about this, but one of the best time windows to apply for scholarships and send internship and job applications is before and during the holidays. Of course, you don’t have to spend your entire winter break sending applications day and night and completely miss out on all the holiday fun. Setting aside a couple of hours a day in order to commit to sending applications shows initiative and ensures that your application will be among the first ones to hit the hiring managers table.

Do your holiday shopping ahead of time

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You’d be surprised just how many people do their holiday shopping at the very last moment. Whether it’s due to commitments or procrastination, we often forget at least someone or something on our shopping list and have to run around like crazy to find a shop that’s still open or a service that won’t take a couple of days to deliver the goods. Doing all your holiday shopping a couple of days earlier means you don’t have to deal with the last-minute rush or break your head trying to find anything decent because all the best items have been sold out.

Don’t forget about your health

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Staying healthy and in shape during the holidays is often difficult to accomplish. Who wouldn’t want to sit around the house and munch on the delicious, homemade food all day? Instead of doing what millions of people already do and make a New Year’s resolution to become healthy only to forget about it after a couple of days, it’s better to start working out before the holidays begin to instill habits that will carry you through the break.

Organize your holiday

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Although holidays are supposed to be the time of year when people sit down and relax with friends and family, most of us take this far too literally and spend our time doing nothing at all for most of the week and try to accomplish as many activities as we can in a day or two. However, you can easily accomplish twice as many things you would normally would simply by making a timetable of your activities and sticking to it. You don’t want to be overwhelmed with commitments the moment holidays are over and with some basic scheduling, you can easily avoid this.

Start sending thank-you notes

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Holidays are the time when we should feel grateful and say a heartfelt thank you to those who have done us a favor and helped us during the year. And what better way to show your gratitude than to send someone a handwritten thank-you card? You might think that sending a real letter might be a little outdated, but the look of surprise on those who receive them is absolutely priceless and you can even tie it in nicely with the National Letter Writing Day which falls on the December 7.

Lastly, take the holiday time to recognize your own efforts and accomplishments, no matter how trivial they may seem. You’ve made it through another year of hardships, tests and all-nighters spent studying so take the time to consider what are your greatest strengths and weaknesses and look for ways to improve yourself even further. Get some much-needed rest, but also try to work on accomplishing yourself and any commitments you might have.  

How to Turn Your Dorm Room into a Cozy and Healthy Environment


Dorm rooms are not exactly the epitomes of health, tidiness, and cleanliness. In fact, those that cause the envy of the whole floor are few and far between. This is quite surprising considering that with a bit of effort, as well as an investment of time and money, it is possible to make the dorm room look much more inviting and comfortable. Thus, it is time to take action and get into the art of personalizing, decorating, cleaning and reorganizing your student home.

Setting the stage

Photo by Grovemade on Unsplash
The first thing you should do is face clutter, the bane of organized and stress-free living. The best way to go about this is to employ smart storage solutions. Instead of a clunky wardrobe (not such a great space saver, is it?), opt for floating shelves. Apart from buying them, you can make your own DIY shelves by using books, nails and ropes. Likewise, try to repurpose mundane household objects such as plastic crates and shoe boxes for extra storage space.

Next, personalize the space with items that hold meaning and evoke fond memories. Bring color, texture, and life to your small interior world. Photo collages are a nice and simple solution for sprucing up blank walls or sides of furniture and filling the room with positive emotions. Similarly, you can use DIY canvas wall art, hanging accessories, index card quotes, picture frame wall decals, and other creative décor pieces.

Just do not go overboard because visual clutter is not what you need in your immediate surroundings. Instead, make every décor piece count and inject warmth and coziness with soft and fuzzy materials. Mix throw pillows, blankets, and other textures to pull off an instant change of atmosphere. Your living environment has a profound impact on your psyche and body, and my guess is that you want to live in an abode that makes you feel good and invigorated.

In a new light

Photo by Sylwia Pietruszka on Unsplash
Pay special attention to lighting, as it infuses the space with both character and functionality. Ideally, you should have multiple lighting sources, not just an overhead one. Think outside the box: in case you simply can’t afford a chandelier, why not create one yourself with a hula hoop and string lights? Aside from artificial fittings, try to maximize natural blessings, the sunlight and fresh air (and finally get rid of those thick curtains).

Furthermore, invite more natural presence inside by placing houseplants wherever you can. They act as natural air purifiers that also double as soothing décor pieces. Their addition is paramount because the indoor air pollution tends to be much worse than the one outside. For some extra flair, make DIY hanging tube vases for flowers and if you want to indulge your other senses, consider essential oil diffusers.

Interior wardens of health

Photo by Dane Deaner on Unsplash
To further promote good health, avoid cleaning and household products that contain toxic chemicals, lead, and pesticides. Get the dust under control to deal with tiny menaces that exist in it, such as bacteria. Ditch wall-to-wall carpets in favor of wood, cork and tile flooring, and 
utilize outdoor mats to keep dirt, debris, and grime at bay. Also, filter tap water to avoid contaminants and pollutants.

Finally, remember that your habits have a crucial role to play. They can either impede your efforts or aid you in combating mess, pollution, toxins, and clutter. Indeed, what good does the new flooring so if you vacuum only once in a blue moon? Along the similar lines, the mold is not going anywhere unless you declare an ongoing war on humidity. So, roll up your sleeves and commit to creating daily habits that promote wholesome and tidy living in the long term.

Design your dream space

Living in a dorm does not have to feel inferior to living at home. There are various reasons to embrace a proactive approach, most notably promoting your health and well-being. So, bring order to your home away from home without enlisting the services of your parents or breaking the bank. Get your creative juices flowing and use pops of color, personal items, DIY creations, plants and other tools. Witness the stunning transformation of your interior space and make a positive change in your life.

Top Beauty Trends that have Ruled Summer & How to Take Them into Fall


We’ve had an amazingly fun fashion and makeup filled summer this year, but now that it’s ending, it seems like all the enjoyment might fade with it. However, for all the fans of beauty and style, fall represents the perfect opportunity to put some new twists on the trends that we already love. Want to avoid the doom and gloom of the upcoming rainy season? Then let’s take our favorite bits and pieces of summer fashion and bring some of that brightness into the fall.


Bright plaid

Plaid shirts and coats are already a fall staple, though we usually go for the 90s grunge and keep all the colors dark. But we want our lighthearted mood and happiness to last well after the summer has passed, so now’s the time to keep it all bright and colorful. Teal, burnt orange, magenta, bright green, all of these are perfect colors for your new coat. And let’s face it, it’s fun to have a coat that isn’t brown or black for once, but something that stands out and draws all the eyes to you.


Gloomy florals

Have a favorite floral-patterned blouse or dress you’re going to miss? No need to put it in the back of your closet just yet. Muted, gloomy roses are going to make you look gorgeous and well-dressed for the season, while still keeping the look entirely fresh and romantic. Pair a mid-length dress with a pair of brown boots and throw on a simple cardigan and you’ll be rocking boho chic well into fall.  


Dark lips

Plum-toned makeup is the easiest trend to continue into the fall, especially if you find a good dark lipstick that will make you look vampy and sexy. Pair the dark plum with golden eyeshadow and you’ll practically be ready for a photo shoot.


Wild curls

Keep the summer in your hair by wearing it loose, and keeping your locks wild and voluminous. That 70s look is still very much in vogue, so keep that curling iron handy, or if you want something that is less damaging to your hair, try curling them with rags. Just leave the rags over night, untie them in the morning and spritz with some hairspray.


Light makeup

Isn’t it great how in summer you just slap on some mascara, a hint of blush and a lip balm and you’re out? Fall is the time for heavier makeup, but hold on before you grab that spackle and layer on sixteen layers of foundation. You still have that gorgeous bronzed glow from your vacation, why not show it off? A good BB or CC cream goes a long way because these babies even out your skin tone and hide small imperfections without feeling too heavy on your face. They’re especially useful if you have a tan and now your regular foundation no longer matches your skin. Natural-looking makeup will keep your face looking fresh and youthful, so there’s no reason not to stick to it for as long as you’d like.


Simplicity is often the most elegant thing you can wear, and in 2017 we had very basic, solid-color bikinis and one pieces that looked absolutely perfect. The trend moved on from clothing to makeup, and now it’s time to step up out eyeshadow game and keep things interesting with creative new looks. We’ve had this trend ever since the spring, but color-blocked makeup still seems to be all the rage, so take the vividness of spring and summer and paint it on your face.

No need for your good mood to end when the summer ends. Stick to these tips and stay cheerful even when the days get cold and rainy and you’ll have an excellent season.  

Hottest Summer Hairstyle Trends


Summer is here so it’s officially the time to let your hair down and experiment with different cute or unique hair trends. So, whether you want a new elegant hairdo for your work or something trendy for your vacation, summer gives you a lot of options to play around with various hairstyles. Whether you are thinking about a different color or length, or maybe stylish hats or other accessories, the possibilities are endless.


Beach hats

Photo by Soragrit Wongsa on Unsplash

While some don’t like wearing anything on their heads, and having a floppy straw hat can indeed be bothersome, wearing something that will protect you from the harsh summer sun and UV rays is a smart thing to do. But instead of being annoyed that you have to wear a boring hat, why not have fun this summer and wear something interesting that you’ll be able to coordinate with the rest of your outfit. Depending on your outfit, you can try a bucket hat with an interesting print, an embellished swim cap, or a silly sun visor perfect for the beach.


Head scarves


A head scarf is THE trend of the season. Not only does it add versatility to your outfit, but it can completely change and elevate your look. You can use an interesting printed headpiece and wrap it around your head twice to get a chic look or use a vintage silk scarf paired with hoop earrings for a cool, jet-setting look. Or, why not use a retro-looking headband for a simple yet cute look?


Wet hair look

Photo by Alex Blăjan on Unsplash

If you’re not hitting the beach this summer, you can always pretend that you are by having this perfect wet hair look on you. Not only is this look something completely different than your usual blowout, but it’s super practical since this way you can easily beat the summer heat. Simply finger-comb your still wet hair and tie it into a simple, polished knot. If you prefer to wear your hair down, you can simply toss your mussed hair on a side for a sexier look or simply part your hair in the middle, tuck your hair behind your ears, put some cool shades on and you will look like you’ve just returned from the beach.


Extreme long hair

Photo by Averie Woodard on Unsplash

While buzz cuts and chic bobs have been very popular lately, the fact is long hair is always in and the same goes for this summer season. Whether you prefer to have your hair wavy or you prefer to rock flat-ironed strands, every girl feels super hot after that perfect hair toss. If you’ve shortened your hair recently and don’t feel like letting it grow long, you can always use some quality clip in hair human extensions in order to really add some volume and length. With long hair, you can go for untrimmed hippie look or surfer-babe look, or any other look you want to rock – ‘long hair, don’t care’ really means a lot of fun options for you this summer.


Wavy, retro summer hair

Photo by Ayo Ogunseinde on Unsplash

What a better thing to do this summer than to simply let your hair down and rock some boho waves or better yet, just let your gorgeous natural curls. Nothing says ‘effortless’ more than a simple cut that will let you get away with just a couple of brush strokes through your hair. For a truly effortless look, simply let your hair part naturally, and for a more sleek look, part your hair down the middle. You can always use a curling iron or blow dryer to style your hair just a little, or better yet, you can always step out with a sexy bed head and cat eyes.

Whether you have long or short hair, summer is the perfect time to experiment and have fun with different styles and colors, so why not try some of these hot trends this summer? Maybe you’ll find just a perfect look for you that will make you feel attractive and beautiful.

How to Stay Fit During the Summer Break


Summer is finally here and with it a well-deserved break from your everyday routine. If you’re coming back home from college, you probably just want to relax and indulge in all things you’ve missed so much, like your mom’s kitchen, hanging out with your friends and basically doing nothing. Or maybe you’ve planned an exciting vacation, filled with never-ending parties and exotic food.

Either way, it’s easy to forget all the hard work you’ve done throughout the year in order to look and feel healthy. Routines break easily and there are always tons of convenient excuses for missing out on a workout or eating junk food. There’s nothing wrong with taking a little break but it’s not really good for you, in the long run, so we’ve come up with a few tips on how to make your summer fun and productive at the same time.


Drink plenty of fluids

But not the bad kind like “diet” soda or alcohol. Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated, especially during your summer activities. Water ensures a healthy and balanced body and mind. Just remember to always keep a bottle somewhere close by and that’s all there is to it. And if you get tired of drinking tons of plain, regular water, switch it up a bit and try a so-called spa water. It’s easy to make and its flavor is sweetly subtle. The best part is that it helps you stay away from sugary, calorie-filled fruit drinks or soda. And it looks really good served up on the table. So, make a party out of it and invite your friends for a cool, healthy refreshment after which you won’t have to worry about how much did you have to drink.


Prepare healthy meals

Yes, you are on a vacation, but it doesn’t mean you don’t have the time to focus on your food for a bit. Quite the opposite, you have plenty of time now. Barbecue season shouldn’t be all about burgers, ribs and hot dogs; it can be about veggies, fish and chicken breasts. Grilling gives much more flavor so even seemingly tasteless food can turn into a delicious feast. There are plenty of veggies perfect for the barbecue like red pepper, zucchini, tomato, red onion and portobello mushrooms. Put some seasoning on them and get ready to be amazed. Since it’s summer, markets are packed with all sorts of fruits, so staying away from ice cream, cookies, and other sugary goods shouldn’t be a problem. Also, cut back on bread and other carbs, eat fresh meals packed with proteins which will give you that sensation of fullness without any extra pounds to worry about.


Exercise outside

With cold weather nowhere in sight, you don’t need to be cooped up inside the house or anywhere else for that matter. Step outside and do your exercises while breathing the fresh air. Go for a run or for a swim, try kayaking or paddleboarding if you’re somewhere near water. And if you’re an early riser, there’s nothing better than doing yoga while the sun is coming up. All you need is all is some basic knowledge you can get from watching yoga tutorials, a quiet place and some essential 
yoga accessories. Make this a part of your everyday routing and you’ll be starting every day energized and relaxed.


Enjoy a ride

There’s nothing better than riding a bicycle on a warm summer day. Whether you’re at home, just getting around town or sightseeing somewhere abroad, a bicycle will become your best friend very quickly. Almost every European city has great bike share programs which make it easy to rent and return. You can go everywhere, with anyone, avoiding traffic jams and still getting a proper day’s exercise.


Have a spa day

Book a massage, go to a steam room, or a sauna, you’ve earned it. If you’re traveling, skip one morning of sightseeing and treat yourself to a 
full spa treatment or visit your local spa center back home. It’s a perfect way to relax, unwind and cleanse your body. It will definitely help you get rid of all that tension that’s been bottling up for some time now.


In the end, just try to enjoy yourself and avoid stress. No one is asking you to be perfect and maintain all your healthy habits every day. Do what feels right and be sure your body will tell you if there’s anything wrong. All you need to do is listen.

Pieces That Transform Any Outfit with No Effort


There’s no denying it – we all long and strive for that, at times, elusive effortlessly striking appearance. Everyone deserves to feel and look great in the clothes they wear, but not everyone has the time and patience to experiment, try on outfit after outfit until perfection is achieved. This is why nowadays we rely on our trusty fashion bloggers. Why? The answer is simple; what makes these seemingly ordinary people extraordinary is their impeccable style and a ‘nose’ for fashion. They’ve tried it all, so we don’t have to – they’ve done the legwork so we can reap the benefits and take only the best for ourselves, so let’s just dive in and see what those Holy Grail essentials are. These are the pieces that create an outfit that transcends the sum of its parts, and we deserve to have and rock them.

All about them jeans


Every fashionista knows that rule number one of the ‘effortlessly striking’ rulebook says ‘you must have that perfect pair of ripped jeans’.  They can take different shapes and colors, skinny, mom or boyfriend jeans – all as long as they’re ripped. There is a certain dose of rebelliousness to this kind of jeans. However, the greatest thing about a truly great pair of jeans is that their ability to adapt to any given look and occasion. Lunch date – no problem; a pair of pumps and a white dress shirt and you are ready to casually dazzle. Lazy afternoon – done and done; a gray tee, a pair of Converse All Stars and a satchel – the street style hashtag practically writes itself.


Style enhancer; no, life enhancer


If you’ve ever tried to calculate how much better your life would be if you owned a really great biker leather jacket, the answer is 78.9%. Jokes aside, this is truly one of those garments that don’t only uplift an outfit but your spirits as well. It’s always a little edgy, eternally stylish and can go turn any outfit from casual to elegant in the blink of an eye, (or a change of a dress). Don’t take our word for it, go try one and you’ll see how it makes you feel…and look.


Spice up your life


Every so often our closets, like our life, can get a little dullsville, and that is exactly the time when a splash of color is absolutely necessary to spice and shake things up. Minimalism may be the dominating trend de jour, but there is still nothing like a vibrant kaftan to liven up an outfit, as well as your entire day. These garments are absolutely amazing – they’re like a dress, (the simplest thing you can pull out of your closet), but just a bit more fun, and you can easily find a large variety of kaftans online and liven up your wardrobe in a minute.  You can wear them alone, with leggings, with or without jewelry – they are enough to create an outfit.


When in doubt, go with non-colors


If you could sneak in and take a peek inside a fashion blogger’s closet, you would most certainly find an abundance of basics – gray, white and black shirts and tees to be exact. These clever and fashion-savvy gals know that the secret fountain of effortlessness lies in great basics. Always stock up on these, there is no such thing as too many basics. While vibrant colors serve to spice things up, basics are there to tone things down and help you escape a look that is too busy or overdone or worse – like you’re trying too hard. P.S. Leggings fall under basics too.


While on the subject of black

It can’t be helped – black just has a way of making everything more chic, and that extends to bags as well. So, whether you want to rock a tote, a sling or shoulder bag, it should be solid, sleek and black. When you look at a bag and mull over the idea of purchasing it, ask yourself this – can I take this to work and then go straight to a party after? If the answer is yes, then you’ve found your go-to bag.


If you could only have one pair of shoes…


Sure, bloggers live in an abundance of shoes, but if they were faced with the option of choosing one pair and forsaking all others, there is no doubt that they would keep the mighty black pumps. First off, they’re black, which means they go with everything. Secondly, the slim heel makes everything super-sleek and sophisticated. Thirdly, they’re incredibly flattering and make the legs look longer, and finally, they make everything more chic without being too loud.


They make a statement when they have to, and stay silent when it’s not their time to speak.

How to Do Beach Season Like a Fashion Pro


Summer is almost here and with its arrival, you should try to forget about your college worries. After all, it’s time to have some well-deserved fun in the sun and at the beach. But how to look your best at the beach when all you did in the past several months was study? Well, it’s never too late to shape up and choose the most flattering beach fashion for your particular body type.

Get fitter

First things first – do your best to get fitter. Of course, there’s hardly any time left before you can hit the beach but that doesn’t mean that you should give up. By getting physically active on a daily basis you will definitely notice a positive difference after just a couple of weeks. And when there’s room for improvement, why miss it? This is true for both girls and boys – if you can make your beach fashion look even trendier and more flattering on you, why not do it? Yes, you may not be able to get to your desired fitness level during this time but as long as you put some effort into it, you’ll feel a lot more confident. And confidence is the key to looking like a true fashion pro.

Minimalist style


If you’re a sporty type who likes a dash of elegance, going minimalist with the style of your swimwear is definitely the right choice. Not to mention how huge minimalism is as a trend this year. Bikinis with clear cuts and lines, in bold yet not so vibrant colors are a great option for the ladies. On the other hand, young gents will definitely enjoy the flattering swim shorts style just above the knees. Go for neutral colors and hybrid design that can turn your swim shorts into surf wear in an instant.

Romantic boho


While minimalism is definitely a polar opposite trend to boho style, boho is still standing strong. It seems that this style is headed for a timeless title. In that respect, crochet bikinis with flowery details are all the rage this beach season. Paired with flowy beach scarves and jewelry, this look is bound to make you feel like a fashion pro. At the same time, 50s-inspired men swim trunks with tropical prints and bright colors are perfect for a boho-loving gent.

Vintage vibe


The beauty of vintage fashion will always make you look more confident and unique. What’s more, vintage and retro-inspired bikinis are a perfect match for almost every body type. Therefore, if you want to stand out in the most flattering and fashionable way possible this summer, opt for vintage swimwear. When it comes to men swimsuit fashion, nautical board swim shorts are definitely the way to go.

Revealing trend


Since sporty and vintage cuts have been so popular recently, one can easily forget about the gorgeousness of high leg bikinis. But the runways didn’t forget. Thin bikini straps that hug your hips and almost touch the waist are still considered the sexiest beach look of them all. If you like the sound of this and the way these bikinis look on you, you can be sure that the beach will become your own personal runway. As far as men’s swimwear fashion is concerned, there are no thin straps and waist-hugging. However, swim briefs with interesting patterns are one of the fashion must-haves this season.

What is your favorite look for this fashionable beach time? Whatever swimsuit you decide to pick up remember to take care of your body. You should never spend too much time in the sun without protection. There’s a huge difference between a suntan and sunburn. What’s more, apart from damaging your skin, sunburns will definitely damage your beach style. Therefore, enjoy yourself to the fullest this summer and feel free to engage in beach fun dressed like a fashion pro but keep your safety in mind all the time.