Organization is Key: Keeping Your Wardrobe and Jewelry In Line with Emma Z


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My name is Emma Z and I write a blog called Behind The Leopard Glasses. I blog about fashion, food, travel, and life. A topic that I usually don’t blog about but that is extremely important, especially in college, is organization. I want to share some tips & tricks (and a peak into my closet) that I use to help me stay organized.

Managing classes, social life, and work can be difficult, but when you come home to a messy room the anxiety is amplified! Something that always helped me clear my mind and get back on track is organizing my closet.

My number one tip is to maximize closet space, especially in dorm rooms, closet space is extremely limited. I know most will say “bring what you need” but to me that includes at least 20 pairs of shoes (I know I know, sometimes maybe even more…).

In order to maximize my closet space I used (& still use the same ones from college) closet organizers:


They are perfect for fitting WAY more clothes/shoes/etc. in a small closet. You can fit up to 10 shirts in each cubby! When it came to moving in and out of college I would take these down and throw them right in the car! No packing needed! Another good idea are things like belt holders. They are an easy way to get your belts off the floor and displayed in your closet.


A great investment to make is Clutter Free Hangers. You will be amazed at how much more stuff you will be able to hang by streamlining and using these anti-slip super skinny hangers. Trust me, you will love these things! I can’t get enough (no really, I need more!)


Another tip that I have is to keep things visual. The old phrase is “out of sight out of mind” and I believe that. How many times do you look through the dark parts of your closet and go “Oh yeah, I remember this I should wear it more”. I find that this happens with jewelry especially. A way to help with this is to get a jewelry organizer, I love this Little Black Dress Hanging Organizer. This is perfect because on one side you can add your necklaces, on the other side your bracelets, rings and earrings. Once they are all in their proper spots you can literally hang this up in your closet and have access at any time to the pieces on display! Hang it right next to your outfits to quickly through on a piece to pull together your outfit and run to class!




It is never to late to get organized, especially in college when you have to move in and out of dorms. It will pay to be organized and use these items to be an efficient and fashionable student!

Emma Z – The Little Black Dress



My name is Emma Z and I write a blog called Behind The Leopard Glasses. I blog about fashion, food, travel, and life. Today I am bringing you a post about Spicing up your Little Black Dress (LBD)!

A LBD is a simple piece that can do magic in your wardrobe. I wanted to bring three simple additions to your little black dress that will take your look to the next level!

Look 1: Add a scarf, leopard touches, and fun stockings!

Emma Z. from

Emma Z. from

What I Wore: glasses-Jean LaFont, dress- Forever 21, scarf & stockings- DSW, heels- Christian Siriano for Payless

Look 2: Add a denim jacket & loafers for a casual look


What I Wore: glasses- Jean LaFont, dress- Forever 21, necklace- local Pharmacy, jacket- vintage Levis, stockings- Target, loafers- Sam & Libby for Target

Look 3: Add leather for a rocker look!


What I Wore: glasses – BonLook, dress- Forever 21, necklace- Cake for Breakfast, leather jacket- Members Only via ModCloth, heels- Kate Young for Target

Bottom line,

throw on a statement necklace

& some fun accessories


& when wearing your LBD don’t forget a fun lip stick,


Thanks for reading =)

stay tuned for my next installment!