How to Wear Palazzo Pants- Three Different Ways


Palazzo pants are a huge trend this summer, and for good reason. They’re such a versatile staple in your wardrobe and can take you from day to night, office to music festival grounds. And the fact that they’re extremely comfortable rocks too! Check out three different ways to sport the trend with these affordable options!

 To Work/Internship:

Even when you’re in the office, don’t be afraid of patterns! It’s easy to get in the routine of sticking to basics, but a patterned pair palazzo pants (that’s a lot of “p’s”) can easily transition your already existing wardrobe staples to an on trend ensemble. This pair from Target isn’t too loud, but still makes a statement! Pair it with a fitted top and a blazer and you’re good to go!


TargetPalazzo1.pngImage from

To A Music Festival:

When you’re going to be outside for an extended period of time, you want to be comfortable. When you’re going to be taking a lot of pictures, you want to be cute. So why compromise? With a bold pair of palazzo pants like these ones from Forever 21,  you can look fashion forward while wearing looser clothing. Throw on a blousey crop top and get ready to enjoy the music!

Forever21PalazzoImage from

For a Night Out:

Anyone who knows me knows my love for black clothing. While I am guilty of pulling off the black-on-black clothing trend, there’s no guilt involved when you wear it at night! A pair of basic palazzo pants like these, also from Target, go great with anything! For a sleek look, pair them up with a black top and add a pop of color in your jewelry or shoes. And remember, comfort and style can coincide- if you have the confidence you can pull off anything!


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Tips for Rocking Bright Lipstick


While it might sound silly, when I wear bright lipstick I can feel my confidence level rise. Let’s face it- it really does take some gumption to rock a bold color, especially when the color is on your face. If you’re hesitant to wear a new color, take some tips from my do’s and don’ts that I’ve learned along my lipstick journey! After all, you don’t want to end up looking like a clown when you’re trying to look like a diva.

Purple Lipstick:

When wearing purple lipstick, you need to keep your own skin tone in mind. If you’re fair like me, a true purple can make you look like Elvira- a look that should be reserved for Halloween. However, purple shades that have hints of pink and red in them look great during Fall and Winter. My favorite purple lipsticks from the drugstore range from Revlon’s Berry Haute, a muted berry color, to L’oreal’s Violet Chiffon which borders on neon purple, if there is such a thing. Keep your eyes simple so that the colors aren’t competing and you’ll be set!

Image from

Bright Pink Lipstick:

My favorite lipstick to wear is Maybelline’s Pink Pop, a candy Barbie pink that almost glows. While I wish I could wear it every day, I know that it clashes with half of my wardrobe. Realizing that clothing can make or break your makeup choices is important- I typically pick out my outfit before choosing what makeup to wear for the day because when I don’t, it can be terrifying.

Pink lipsticks have a wide range, and the difference between cool and warm tones go a long way. Go to a makeup counter if you’re unsure what undertone your skin is, and then choose your lipstick accordingly. Wearing the wrong undertone lipstick not only can make you look sick, but can make your teeth look far from white!

pink pop swatched

Image from

When in doubt, Google it out:

Most drugstore lipsticks are “dupes” or cheaper options based upon high end versions. If you want to try on a shade that you haven’t tried before, the worst thing you could do is buying from the drugstore and praying that all goes well. Like going to the makeup counter to see what your undertone is, go back to that counter and have a professional try out shades on you. If your wallet isn’t ready for a lipstick purchase upwards of 20 dollars, google the name of the high end shade with the word “Dupe” next to it. I guarantee that you’ll be able to find a shade similar, if not an exact match for a fraction of the cost! Just check out some of these dupes from Pinterest below! WHAT A STEAL!

 Image from via Pintrest

Top 5 Beauty Products Under 5 Dollars


College is an amazing time of learning, friends, and becoming the person you were meant to be. It can also be a time when you’re short on cash- it’s just part of the experience! If your pockets are nearly empty but you’re not willing to go without a beauty routine, check out these amazing products that you can find at your local drugstore for under five bucks!


1) Rimmel Scandaleyes Liner in Nude- $4.49

One of the greatest beauty hacks of all time when you’re tired- instead of reaching for the black eyeliner, opt for a nude or white color to make your eyes pop and look wide awake! Beauty Blogger Gemma shows this best- how more wide awake could your eyes look? You can read Gemma’s blog here!

Rimmel Scandal Eyes Kohl Nude Review

2) Elf Studio Lip Exfoliator- $3.00

This gives your lips that little extra something while still going natural. By exfoliating, you not only avoid chapped, dry lips, but they can also appear plumper!


Find it here

3) Jordana Best Lash Extreme Volumizing Mascara- $2.99

This is hands down one of my holy grail mascaras because it NEVER fails me. For the price, it’s comparable to some high end mascaras and leaves every lash black and night and as fabulous as can be.


Find it here 

4) Jordana Fabu-liner in Black- $2.99

It’s rare that you’ll catch me without rocking a cat-eye, and this is the product that helps me achieve the look every day! Easy to use and basically fool proof, this is a staple in my makeup bag!


Find it here

5) Jordana Twist and Shine Moisturizing Balm Stain- $2.99

Another AMAZING Jordana product! These are, like the name says, incredibly moisturizing and last for hours without feeling heavy. The colors are beautiful and can range from a spring and summer hot pink to a fall deep berry.


Find it here


Eye on Brights


With the weather warming up after a long and tortuous winter, the first thing that comes to my mind is adding color back into my recently dreary and drab wardrobe. We’ve all been there- the frumpy sweaters, wearing the same boots every day, living in leggings because they’re warm and require minimum effort…but then BAM! Spring is finally here and we’re ready for color! We’re ready for warmth! We’re ready for anything that doesn’t involve tucking our heads down in our scarves to avoid the wrath of winter!

Now if it isn’t necessarily warm where you’re living, color is a great way to incorporate your excitement for the season into your wardrobe. Whether you’re going to class, getting ready for a night out, or even going to work- color is an easy way to look put together even on the days when you might not have it all together. Choosing something other than a neutral and rocking it creates the illusion that you tried really hard to look as good as you do.


Take this neon teal vest for example. Why do I love it? Firstly, it’s an easy piece to throw on over anything you already own. Jeans and a neutral top? Done. Basic maxi dress? Instantly adds some character. Also, this vest is a great way to add a little extra warmth that is sometimes needed during the spring.


Who doesn’t love a flowy top? It covers what needs to be covered and still looks great! Bright coral is always on trend for the warmer months, and this top incorporates a little bit of the military trend that’s big for this season. Either over leggings or tucked into a skirt, this shirt is sure to cover all of your fashion needs.


But what if you’re not in the market for any more clothes? If your closet in your Residence Hall is bursting at the seams and your roommate is sick of it, try some statement jewelry! I found this neon necklace on GROUPON of all places, and it screams glamour and fun all it one piece! This can look great with a chambray shirt you probably already have in that extra full closet, or dressed up with your staple LBD (little black dress).

If your wardrobe is not the only thing in dire need of brightening, check out our great décor items! They’re guaranteed till graduation and to also make your spirits brighten up with the warmer weather!



Pillow, Rug, Canvas

“On Wednesdays We Wear Pink”… Ten years later


 When I was thirteen years old, one of the most influential movies that my eyes would ever witness was released. Mean Girls taught me about life- what it means to have genuine friends, how to face bullying, and how to find my true self in a world full of plastics. Now, ten years later, I began to think of its importance in my generation. Yes, it’s full of amazingly relatable quotes (see: “She doesn’t even go here,” “You go Glen Coco”) but in the end, it’s a movie about being true to yourself when it feels like it’s discouraged to be genuine. It also teaches us not to pass judgment on one another. We’re all just trying to find our own spirit animals and figure out which way to go in this world. That’s why there’s no reason to judge someone for doing the same thing we should all be doing- forming our character and being the best person we can be. Cady’s innocence can remind us all that while we are malleable in nature, a true test of character comes when you’re able to break free from the norm and trust your own ability to be who you really are. Let’s not forget that Cady’s struggles of growing into her own skin in a new environment are applicable to daily life. So whether you’re nervous for your freshman year of college, unsure about joining a new organization on campus, or even hesitant to go for that job interview you landed- always remember to be yourself and to be kind to one another. Otherwise, karma could get you and you might get hit by a bus. Totally not fetch.

P.S. Mean Girls is now on Netflix- GROOL.