Game of Thrones Season 4


Another season dead and gone (along with a lot of characters too).

This contains spoilers from Sunday’s Game of Thrones episode.


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Another season dead and gone (along with a lot of characters too).

Going into the season finale last night viewers were left with so many questions of the fate of many characters.  Tyrion has been sentenced to death, John Snow walked out into the middle of the hostile wildling camp, and Bran was last left blindly searching for a voice under a tree.  Last night’s episode covered all of these stories while of course creating more questions.

5 things to look forward to next season:

Stannis coming to help the wall

In a shocking turn of events we see one of the contenders for the Iron Throne actually doing something to help the kingdom.  After last weeks episode of the wildings attacking the wall, the Nights Watch was left beaten and broken without any hope of the holding the wildings off for more than a nights or two.  While John is off risking his life in a last attempt to kill Mance Rayder and hopefully disband the wildling army, Stannis rides up with a full army in tow right through the middle of the wildling camp. After taking Mance prisoner Stannis and his army are now set up in Castle Black.  And we were left with Melisandre giving John Snow a very eerie look through the flames.

Daenerys being forced to chain up her dragons


Daenerys looks down at her dragons after chaining them.

After finding out one of her Dragons has killed a little girl, Daenerys is forced to do the thing she hates the most.  She is forced to put chains on her dragons.  Her main goal in her takeover of slave cities was to free the slaves and “break the chains” from around their necks.  Now that is the very thing she is forced to do to her beloved dragons.  But only two of the dragons were there to be chained up.  What is going to happen with the third dragon next season?

Bran finding the three eyed raven


Photo: HBO

We finally got a major answer by finding out who the three eyed raven is.  That’s been popping up in Bran’s story since season one, and now there is actually a face to the name.  But of course in true Game of Thrones style they answered one question and created five more.  Bran, Hodor and crew found the tree where the Three Eyed Raven lives, who turns out to be an old man (or is he really a man?) living in the roots of a giant tree.  Not to mention the “children” who shot balls of fire at the pesky white walkers who attacked Bran (and ended up killing Jojen) at the base of the tree.  Who is the man under the tree and the “children” and why is Bran important to them?

Arya leaving the Hound to die and cashing in her “Valar Morghulis” coin


Photo: HBO

The season finale ends with the scene of Arya leaving on a boat headed to Braavos after she “cashed in” the coin that was given to her by Jaqen H’ghar.  After leaving the Hound to die after a sword fight she finds a ship of the coast heading to Braavos.  The second the captain saw the coin she had, he offered her a room onboard the ship.  So what does the coin signify?  What is Arya heading into when she arrives across the sea?

Tyrion getting rescued by Jamie and killing Tywin Lannister

Probably the biggest change in events happened at the end of the episode.  While Tyrion is waiting for his execution, Varys and big brother Jamie come up with a plan to rescue Tyrion and send him out of the country. Instead of going straight to the ship like he is supposed to, Tyrion takes a detour that put him in his father’s room.  After finding the love of his life, Shae, sleeping in his father’s bed he chokes her to death with the Lannister gold necklace around her throat.  Grabbing a crossbow from the wall he then finds his father and shoots him while he sits on the toilet.  What this means for next season?  The entire power that sits behind the Iron Throne is gone.  Tywin the man who was pulling the strings in Kings Landing is no more which leaves the fate of the Lannister family and the ruling of the Iron throne up in the air.


Photo: HBO


The end of this season has left the majority of characters in completely different positions (and a lot of them in completely different places.)  And we now have to wait an entire year until season five comes out to get the answers about our favorite characters.

Long, Longer, Longest Lashes



Lashes needing an extra boost and normal mascara just isn’t cutting it?  Some makeup looks require more buxom lashes, or sometimes you want something to add a little flare to your makeup routine for a night out.  Doing more than simple mascara is a perfect way to solve this problem, but it can also be intimidating if you’ve never dabbled in fake lashes.  Here are three ways you can achieve an extra lash blast; applying fake lashes, using an eyelash extension system, or a trick that can be done at home with products you most likely already have.

1. Baby Powder Eyelashes

I wanted to start with this one because I believe that it’s the least threatening and requires products that I’m sure are at your disposal already. All you need for this is your everyday mascara, baby powder, a Q-tip and if you have one an eyelash curler.

To start curl your lashes from the base and hold your curler there for 20-25 seconds.  Next coat your lashes with your favorite mascara (right now my favorite is Voluminous Butterfly Mascara by Loreal).  Do two full coats from the base to tip wiggling the mascara brush at the base of the lashes and then pulling up.  I would wait for the first coat to dry before the second to avoid getting clumps.


Coat lashes from base to tip in mascara

Now for the fun part.  Dip your Q-tip in the baby powder and run the powder all over your top and bottom lashes so they are completely covered in white baby powder. After, take your mascara and put another layer over top the baby powder.  The baby powder acts as a volumizing primer to give extra body to your lashes.

2. Lash Extension using Synthetic Fibers

toofacedLash extensions might sound intimidating but it’s a very simple three step system!  This is the same principle used for the baby powder eyelashes above, but it provide much more volume and  length then at home methods.  Instead of at home products, you are using synthetic fibers purchased at a makeup store. It’s a good alternative to false lashes so you don’t have to deal with any sticky glue. There are a bunch of different brands that have started creating synthetic lash systems so there are a few to choose from.

The brand that I use (and is my favorite!) is Too Faced Better Then False Lashes, a 3-step system, which will set you back $35.  And it’s worth it for the price. There are two mascara tubes that come with it.  One a standard thickening mascara, and the other, a smaller bottle of synthetic fibers.

lash fibers

Nylon fibers that look like cotton pieces.

To use you coat your lashes in the normal black mascara how you normally would.  Then while the mascara is still wet, you apply the synthetic lashes and the white fibers thickly coat your lashes from root to tip.  Lastly, you coat the white fibers with the original black mascara sealing in the fibers.  You can repeat the second and third steps to get even thicker lashes, but the original result is so dramatic that I’ve never had to put on a second coat!

 3. Good Old False Lashes


And then there are falsies.  Traditional false lashes will always be the best choice to deliver the longest and most dramatic appearance.  You can get a natural look with them by using individual lashes on the outer corner of your eyes, you can cut the lashes in half and place on the outer corner to get a little but more volume, or use the full set of lashes to get the thickest, longest, and darkest lashes that you can imagine.  And it’s all up to you what type of lash you choose.

duoFalse lashes can be scary when you actually having to glue something to your eye.  This was the video I watched when I first started using false lashes, and she gives a step by step tutorial that I find very helpful to see actually how to apply them.  The biggest tip that she states, which I swear by is using Duo Lash Glue instead of the glue that normally comes with false lashes.

False lashes give you a look that I believe no other lash techniques can give you, and it’s definitely worth trying sometime if you’ve never done it!

One of these three ways will be perfect way to satisfy your lash fix. So try one or try them all to get the final touch on a perfect makeup look!


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Radiant Orchid – Color of 2014



It’s 2014, also known as the year of Radiant Orchid!  Or at least it is according to Pantone which has recently revealed this purple-pink color as their color for 2014.  Never heard of Pantone color of the year?  Well Pantone Inc., which is considered the “authority on color” has been selecting one lucky color every year that soon tends to appear everywhere from fashion, to household items, to even automobiles.  From celebrities on the red carpet and models on the runway, to paint swatches in your local hardware store, this color is everywhere.  You know the mint and emerald green that has been seen everywhere this past year? Well that is thanks to Pantones Color of the Year 2013, Emerald.

How does the color make the cut?

So how does one decide what color everyone will be wearing or what color will be the most popular decorative pillow color for this year?  A super-secret meeting in Europe of course!  No really, that is how they decide.  First they interview top designers, and professionals in every type of industry.  Then based on their feedback Pantone meets in a capital in Europe that changes every year and pick the color.  They decide this an entire year in advance so even though they’ve introduce Radiant Orchid recently, they’re already deciding what you will be wearing next year.

Color swatches

Get your hands on Radiant Orchid!

There are plenty of ways to start sporting this color.  Beginning in 2012 Sephora has been creating Sephora Pantone Universe Collection starting in 2012 with the Tangerine Tango color.  The makeup line makes this color wearable for eyes, to nails and everywhere in between and it’s the perfect accessory to any look especially in the coming summer months.  This color also can be used to add that perfect pop of color to any wall or sofa.  Adding it to any room will give the room an inviting and embracing appeal and the perfect girlish touch.  If you want to add some flare to your morning brew, Keurig has now added this color coffee maker to their lineup.

Keep your eyes peeled through the coming months and you’ll see just how prevalent this color will be!


Need some ideas how to dress up your room with Radiant Orchid for 2014?  Here are some perfect decorative pillows and wall art that feature this color!

Radiant Orchid Peacock Pillow         Radiant Orchid Floral Wall Art       Radiant Orchid Owl Pillow

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Workout of the Week – Body Pump


There are so many ways to stay in shape and so many options that it can be intimidating.  I wanted to share a workout that has quickly become my favorite group fitness class I’ve ever tried.  Its called Les Mills Body Pump.

What is it?

Body Pump is a 60 minute long strength training workout that is paired with specific songs or “tracks” that work with the exercises.  You can now find classes in over 70 countries and in 10,000 health-clubs and gyms.  It concentrates on eight separate muscle-group: chest, back, triceps, biceps, shoulders, abs, and squats and lunges for legs.  In the class they do a series of easy to follow movements using barbells and weights.

They pick music that is specific to the movement that is being performed and the speed that you’re going.  The great thing is the workout and music are switched every three months so it’s enough time for you to master the full routine but not enough time for you to get bored of it.

The first time I took the class it was a little intimidating.  Each song you’re stopping, changing weights, getting into new positions;  it seemed like everyone else in the class were masters at it.  But after the first couple of songs I really started to pick it up and the instructors were so helpful at explaining the movement.

Why I Like It

The class is paired with songs that are popular NOW; not songs that were hits last year.  If you were to go to a class now you’d be hearing the latest Ellie Goulding & Avicii.  The way in which they pair the exercises to the music really motivates you to finish the song (and takes your mind off the terrible burning in your quads!)  It’s a great full body workout, and a good class to attend a few times a week because you always have the option to add more weights and continue to challenge yourself.  All in all, this class is probably my favorite group fitness class I’ve ever taken and I highly suggest finding one to try out at a gym near you!

Check out a sample of it here!