DIY Map Bulletin Board


Since I just returned home from spending the semester studying abroad, I’ve collected a mass of things I picked up and held onto along the way. And because I’m such a map person, I brought a good handful of maps home with me from different cities in Europe and I wanted to do something with them.. This DIY will show you how to turn your maps into a bulletin board, like I did. Not only is this project easy,  but you only need a few things to put it all together.


  • Any map or maps
  • Cork board (s)
  • Modge podge
  • Paint brush
  • Scissors & tape



I picked up two cork boards because I brought back a couple maps, so I chose my two favorite maps and started by tracing the cork board on the back of the map. You can use anything really to trace it out, just so long as you can see the outline afterwards. I happened to use a pretty much dried out marker because it was near by.

IMG_0157 IMG_0156


Now you cut out the piece of the map using the outline you made as a guide. I say as a guide because you don’t want to cut right along the outline, instead cut about 1-2 inches outside the outline. This way you will have excess to fold over the edge at the end. And, because you don’t have to worry about making the cut perfect it’s a quick and easy step.



Put your cut map to the side and  take your paint brush and use that to apply a layer of modge podge to the cork board. You don’t need to put that much on, just one layer will do. By the way, you can get modge podge from the local craft store and the ‘matte’ kind will work just fine. It works as both a glue and a sealer so it comes in handy for a lot of other DIYs.

IMG_0148 IMG_0147


Center the map on the board centering and place it however you like. Once you press is down onto the board try to smooth out the map as much as possible, that way there aren’t any big creases. Depending on the map, you might not be able to get it perfectly smooth. You’ll see in my pictures the second map didn’t cooperate as well as the first one did.



Now that the map has been placed down onto the board, apply another layer of modge podge over it. Don’t worry that the modge podge doesn’t go on clear, it will dry clear. This layer will seal it and ensure that map isn’t going anywhere.



After completion, give it overnight to dry and it should be all set! Fold over the excess paper and tape it to the back. I kind of folded it present style to get the corners to look nice. And, if you want, you could modge podge it but, I got lazy and the tape works just as well since it’s the back and no one will see it.

IMG_0142 IMG_0143 IMG_0144

And that’s it. It’s really pretty easy. I decided to decorate my boards with all my tickets from my travels so it serves a great reminder of all the things I did abroad and the memories I made. And, they are perfect to hang up in my room at school. There are a lot of things you can do with maps and this isn’t actually my first map related DIY, I have also done map letters and if you’re interested you can check out that post by clicking here.