Drop Your Debt in 5 Years!


Drop Your Debt



What student doesn’t worry about paying off their student loans? With tuition rates rising every year and the beginning of loan paybacks rapidly approaching (or even already here, for some of us), there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel. Whether you have federal loans, private loans or even any other kind of debt to be repaid, here are 3 ways from The Daily Positive that you can begin strong and challenge yourself.

1. Sacrifice is key! If you choose to live the way you have always lived, chances are that you will not be saving enough for normal cost of living expenses and loan payments. Little purchases gone unmonitored can really add up and take resources away from your repayment schedule. This is an intentional step that forces you to buckle down and will prove to be instrumental in keeping you focused.

2. Talk to your employer. Many employers will work with you if you explain to them that you would be willing to take a lower salary in exchange for help paying off your student loans through a compensation package. More and more companies who are looking for new hires straight out of school have loan assistance written into the initial compensation package. If they want your skills, talents, and education, most likely they are willing to provide you with education-related help.

3. Turn your love for something into a side business. Have a passion for interior design? Take a class on staging and make some side money staging homes for sale. Can you speak another language? See if a local school or a group in your community teaches English as a Second Language courses. Do you love making treasure out of trash? Pick up a DIY project from a local flea market or yard sale and breathe new life into it with new paint and funky designs to sell online. You never know how much revenue you could make on the side by simply turning a hobby into a job.

Don’t get so overwhelmed when looking at the big picture that you are idle in taking small steps towards freedom. Being diligent and aggressive in your approach will help you to stay focused on the end goal.

Check out The Daily Positive by Dale Partridge and read more about How To Pay Off Student Loans in 5 Years. Don’t forget to check out the awesome infographic he has as well!

4 Ways to Be Productive This Summer


Now that the World Cup is over, you don’t have to keep up with winning and losing brackets and suddenly your lunch breaks at work are back to their normal boring selves. How will you spend all of your suddenly abundant free time?
1. Update LinkedIn– Make sure your resume, jobs, schooling, and connections are up to date. This will be a huge boost to your visibility on a network that is made to help you build your professional connections and land a job.

2. Look for jobs for next summer– It’s never too early to start looking for jobs. While many that you will come across will not have applications available yet, you can make a list to apply to as they come up. Keeping track of each opportunity and application due-date will save you some serious stress while you’re taking classes and looking for employment.
3. Make a budget and stick to it– A good, balanced budget will help you to save for things you really need during the school year so you won’t have a second thought when you drop your laptop and need to get a new one in time for finals. This is a good way to see where you spend most of your money and help you to cut back on the unnecessary splurges.
4. Volunteer at a local organization that you care about– There’s no way that contributing to the community can be bad. Boost your self-esteem and take the opportunity to meet new people, learn new things, and add a valuable line to your resume. These opportunities may just lead to something a little higher paying than the free labor you’re offering as a volunteer….
Sitting on the couch and lounging by the pool are fun for a while, but they aren’t productive and won’t impress your friends as you are in the dorm swapping stories about your summer. Take these productivity ideas, get ahead, and make your summer count!

Celebrate the Fourth of July with a DIY Barbeque


Throw an All-American party that your family and friends are sure to remember! From decor to what to grill and don’t forget the sweets after dinner, there is an endless amount of creative choices and fun DIY projects that will make your get-together one for the record books. To start, let’s take a step away from the party and focus on the single most important decision you will make regarding the evening. What will you wear?!

You need something for the heat, something easy to grill in, and something patriotic. Why not try making an American flag tank top out of an old white t-shirt? Just tape over the part you want to keep white, and break out the spray paint. Style points if you put a bow on the back of the t-shirt after you tear it into a tank!

Great idea to make your own crafty shirt

Check out these impeccably painted nails! Use a toothpick in the white nail polish to draw stars, and you can have beautifully painted Fourth of July nails too.

Fourth of July nails

On to the real party details…Let’s talk decor. There are a million things that you can DIY from Pinterest, but how many are realistic for people who have other things to do with their day? I have found some easy DIY projects to get your space looking party-ready in one day! A burlap sign is easy to paint and hang on the deck, on the porch, or over the food inside. Streamers and lights hung out back create a warm and welcoming environment. Mason jars with tissue paper glued inside and a tea light candle are a great way to bring some more warm light to the party. Sparklers wrapped up with the silverware in a napkin ensure every guest has a sparkler for some of your own backyard fireworks! Stamp a strip of fabric or burlap with stars or fireworks to make an easy table runner for the buffet table or the dining table (or better yet, both!).

Fourth Decor

Ditch the basic, boring hamburgers and hotdogs, and make your food just as festive as you are. Make an American flag lasagna with olives and pepperoni for a dish to share with the whole gang. Paper baskets make for easy carrying when guests want to socialize while munching. A pan full of bananas, strawberries, and blueberries are a healthy way to celebrate the holiday! Add an cutout flag on a toothpick to a hotdog, hamburger, or even dessert to bring some creativity into your kitchen. Hotdogs wrapped in crescent rolls on a skewer with a triangle of Colby cheese on top look like fireworks and are a great addition for the kiddies! Now my favorite part- dessert! Dip pretzel sticks into white icing or white chocolate and sprinkle with red and blue sprinkles for an on-the-go dessert. S’mores scream summer… and alliteration! This dessert will always  be fun at a cookout. Strawberries dipped in white chocolate and blue sprinkles are as patriotic as they are delicious. Enjoy your barbeque and fill your stomach with these awesome ideas!

Fourth Food

Have a wonderful Independence Day party with your new DIY crafts!

Dorm Room Dreamin’ with OCM


Pinterest Sweeps

What college student doesn’t want to win $300 to OCM.com? On our budget, that’s like 85 Big Macs or 37 Chipotle Burritos. Don’t pass that up! A burrito a week for the whole school year? Where do I sign up? All you have to do is create a Pinterest board titled “OCM Dream Dorm” and pin 8 or more items that are found in your dream dorm. Make it all about your style and show us what you would love to have in your dorm room. If you get chosen as the winner, you’ll have the chance to make your dream a reality with anything your heart desires from OCM.com! Make sure to hashtag #OCMDreamDorm on every item and you are entered to win! Don’t forget to include your name and email address in the description of your board so we can contact you if you are our winner! The sweepstakes runs from June 13th- July 11th so what are you waiting for? Check out http://www.ocm.com/Dorm_Room_Dreamin_Contest_Rules for more information about the Official Rules.
What kind of fun things are found in your dream dorm room?

Our Campus Market’s $10,000 Tuition Sweepstakes!



Our Campus Market wants to help one student offset the cost of a quality education through a sweepstakes to award TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS towards their tuition balance! Want to alleviate some loans for this upcoming school year really easily? This is the way to do it! Enter Our Campus Market’s $10,000 Tuition Sweepstakes! Wanna know how you can enter to win? There are two ways to enter the contest: 1. Enter through Facebook on Our Campus Market’s page, or 2. make a purchase from the Residence Hall Linens catalog (online, by phone, or through mail). Each transaction is one entry, and each person is limited to 10 entries total. The contest runs from April 5th, 2014- August 15th, 2014.

Why wait any longer? $10,000 is waiting! Don’t forget to share the contest with your family and friends to give them a chance to win as well.

You must be a legal US Citizen, and have valid proof that you are currently enrolled in an accredited university and are planning on attending for the Fall 2014 semester to be eligible. Check out the Official Rules here: http://www.ocm.com/Contest_Rules_1000_Tuition

Summer Freshman Orientation


Congratulations! You are are headed to freshman orientation, which means you have been accepted to a university and are in for four years of learning, growing, and attempting to figure life out. You’ve heard it said, your years in college are some of the best years of your life, so cherish them! Amidst the socials, parties and fun nights out, there will be challenges, struggles, hurts, and failures. No matter what, pick yourself back up and keep trying. In the words of Madame Leota, resident haunt at The Haunted Mansion in Walt Disney World, “You try, you fail, you try, you fail, but the real failure is when you stop trying”.  Make the most of your opportunities you have to do new things and meet new people because you never know where your experiences and connections may land you. In light of your new adventure, here are a few questions to ask while you are at your summer orientation to help you make the most of your college years.

1.  Ask a current student about their professors

Do their professors truly want to interact with the students in their classes? Do they stay a few minutes after class is over to answer questions? Do they have reasonable office hours? Will they hear you out if you are having an issue outside of class? Asking questions about professors at your university will help you to understand the level of interaction most professors hold with their students and enable you to be proactive when you get to class in the fall by introducing yourself. (ALWAYS introduce yourself to your professor in person. You will make an immediate impression and it will help them to see you as more than a number. It always helps when they already know you before you need to explain why you didn’t pass a test and ask for extra credit.

2.  Ask a current student about their favorite extracurricular activities

Is it easy to join an intramural team? Do most sororities and fraternities have a good reputation around campus and in the community? Is there a gym on campus? Where can you find information on school-sponsored clubs? What kind of events are held on campus by the SGA or Student Activities? BINGO? Speed dating? Movie nights? Most, if not all, of these are free and a great way to meet new friends, too!

3.  Ask a current student about hall life

Some universities have a more active hall life than others. Private schools that don’t have greek life usually are more invested in hall life with a partner dorm, which automatically doubles the potential friends you meet as soon as you get to campus. Halls plan events together and attend campus-wide events together as well. Tailgating before a game is an easy way to be included and socialize with lots of people at once.

The answers to these questions will give you lots to think about before you actually get to school in the fall and will help you to have an easier transition into this next exciting phase of your life. Enjoy this college freshman meme and remember that it never hurts to talk to others who have already done what you are about to do.



New Trend Alert: Tribal Prints


You’ve seen it in shop windows, on television, and at the mall. It’s on celebrities in the tabloids when you are checking out at the grocery store, and now it’s in local stores, available to you! This newest trend in the market has made its way to clothes, bedding, home décor, and down just about every avenue possible. These prints are reminiscent of patterns you may associate with the Aztecs or American Indians, but are updated with a modern twist in color or pattern. If you take a look at clothing retailers like Forever 21 or Free People, you’ll see just what tribal is all about.


These patterns include a lot of triangles, diamonds, arrows, stripes, and zig-zags which make them visually busy patterns, but when worn simply, they are flawless. From swimsuits to tank tops to skinny jeans to oversized sweaters, you can find practically any item of clothing you want in a print that is distinctly tribal. Tribal is a style that is extremely popular at summer music festivals all over the country like Sasquatch and Coachella, where celebs flock, laid-back style is key, and just about everyone is rocking a vintage tee from their favorite band.


To wear tribal prints successfully, pair them with something simple- make sure not to overdo it with other added patterns as this can end up looking like you got dressed in the dark. You can’t go wrong pairing a plain color and statement jewelry with your print. Simplicity is key with tribal, just as it is with any pattern.


 Tribal prints also make great wall art, accent pillows, or rugs. Each piece and pattern really has its own personality and has the ability to pull an eclectic room together. If you are going to mix-and-match patterns in your home decor, make sure that they have the same color scheme so they complement each other and don’t look like they clash with the rest of the décor. Black and White is a classy, easy color scheme to mix patterns of the same style in.


If you are afraid to dive in with a bold choice in clothing, try tribal statement jewelry or a tribal purse first. Once you figure out your own style, rock it! Don’t be afraid to jump in on this new trend and incorporate your own ideas now that you know how to wear it!