5 Handbags to Sport This Fall


The change of seasons call for an adjustment in clothing, footwear, and accessories. Scroll below to check out some new styles for handbags this fall and winter season.

Messenger: Need to bring everything with you? Well the easy access messenger bag comes in handy in that department.  From leather messenger bags to the durable canvas bag, you can find the material that fits your lifestyle. And don’t limit yourself to thinking messenger bags are only for those individuals that ride their bikes around campus, the messenger bag is an compatible piece that works for any student.


Cross body:  Cross body type purses are very accessible and will blend with a variety of outfits you might have in mind. They also make a great transition with most day to night outfits. These bags would be a must have for those trying to find a fashionable bag to carry around daily.

crossbody              crossbody2           River Island Dark Green Large Satchel

Textured: A textured purse is a must have for the fall season and your wardrobe. Velvet felt purses are a hot commodity, along with leather and a few others. A textured handbag will add detail to your outfit without putting forth much effort.

New Look Bag with Snake Affect Print            

Tote: A large tote bag with pockets and zipper compartments is ideal for wanting style and an efficient way to carry your English paper, pens, calculator an textbook. From luxury brands to your college or university’s logo filled ones, tote bags will always be in style.

ALDO Almemosa Shopper Bag                          

Backpack: The classic backpack look has evolved overtime, choices no longer look so traditional but provide the option between edgy or modern like. Pair your backpack with a stylish dress and flats, or jeans and booties.

ASOS Foldover Backpack with Oversized Dog Clip                  New Look Xhatch Formal Backpack with Pocket

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5 Things to Be Sure of During Midterms


Professors say midterms are a time to report how students are doing halfway throughout the semester. Students say its a time designed to make our lives harder. Either way its a time we will have to endure no matter what, check out some tips below to make your days during midterms bearable.

Stay hydrated

As small as it may seem, staying hydrated constantly will serve as an advantage. You are helping yourself become less prone to becoming sick during a time when the amount of students with the sniffles is exorbitant. Grab yourself a reusable water bottle to take with you to class, the gym, and when you’re running to the library for those study hours.

Get Rest

At times it may feel like there is not enough hours in the day. Time has to be set aside for homework, class, friends, and countless amounts of other things. However, pulling all-nighters throughout the week or only getting rest for 2-4 hours does the body no good. You will most likely oversleep the next time you do get some shut eye, or you will just feel out of whack for majority of your day.


Set a schedule and stick to it. In the long run it will only benefit you because your time is stretched so thin between weeks it’s going to be impossible to remember everything. If you set the time for how long you will do each activity, you will have time left over to relive tension. Try yoga or taking a hot shower shower and using aromatherapy products. Fifteen minutes of pampering will go a long way when under pressure.

Stay Positive

During midterms feeling overwhelmed is at a high. Take a deep breath, and remind yourself that work will only be this demanding for about two weeks, and then sure enough you will be on break and back at home enjoying yourself with old friends.


Through midterm week, and the week leading up to midterms be sure to eat right. Although eating properly should be exercised all the time, these weeks are more imperative compared to the rest of the school year. Replace cheese pizza with a leafy salad, and choose trail mix or a granola bar over sweets.

Think Pink- Breast Cancer Awareness Month


The month of October brings many celebrations and events. Immediately most think of Halloween, however October is Breast Cancer Awareness month or as some say,”Pinktober.” The infamous color pink along with the breast cancer symbol, the pink ribbon will be woven into hundreds of things seen everyday and special deals offered by participating companies. For example, restaurant Panera Bread offers pink ribbon bagels for the month and Caribou Coffee donates ten percent of retail sales toward the cause.

The color pink exudes femininity and represents a person full of health and vitality. Who wouldn’t want to display those positive features?

You can incorporate pink into your month through a variety of ways. Sport pink LIVESTRONG bracelets, get a reusable pink ribbon coffee mug or stock up on pink dorm bedding and decal.

pink towels   pink blanketpink pillowsshoe hanger pink

pink totepink bracletpink mug

Pink Bedding: Pink sheets, pink striped sheets, pink fleece throw

Pink Storage: Over the door hanger, shelf hanger, storage bin, storage cubes, under bed bin

Decor: Scatter Rug, wall decal



8 Nail Colors to Try This Fall


With summer passing, along goes nail shades of bright pinks and teals which can be stowed away until sunshine hits again. Below are some fall go to tones, and dashing colors to get yourself hip for a chic manicure season.

Purple: Ruby, jewel tone shades are trending this fall and a great way to embellish your look day or night.

purple polish2  opi sparkle polishpurple polish

(Essie: Sexy Divide, $9)

Red: Dark and bright tones of red are just the right color to ring in the holiday season.

red polish  opi red polish          cherry red polish

Blue: Turn heads with various shades of blue, from dark inky tones to lighter gray colors.

blue polish blue polish2   gray blue polish

Orange: Burnt oranges mix with cozy sweaters, and riding boot looks this autumn.

essie orange polishorange opi polish     zoya orange polish

Neutral: If you want to choose an lighter shade for your manicure, stick with neutrals and earth tone shades.

neutral essie polish  opi neutral polishNude polish

Black: Try a matte black polish finish for a mix up from glossy finishes, or a dark grey metallic shade.

essie black polishmatte black   gray black polish

Green: Forest green tones will coordinate with leather jackets and boots this fall. The color offers a pop to any outfit, and offers a sophisticated look.

essie green polish      green opi color   green zoya polish

Selecting Décor That Fits Your Style


Embellishing your dorm room with favorite prints and patterns is a gratifying process that many enjoy. It is a time to showcase your DIY skills and revamp an austere room to a creative pad that suits both you and your roommate’s spirits. Check out some tips below on how to choose décor that matches your style.

Wall Art

Displaying your interests through posters and wall decal is a great way to allow others to learn facts about you, and be subtle at the same time. Hang posters of your favorite band, sports team or University City print to add inspiration to your walls. If you are partly interested in changing up the entire look of your walls, check to see if you can add removable wallpaper in your favorite print. If you want to add more artwork, try to create melted crayon canvases to bring about a neat decoration.

wall art

crayon canvas


A dorm space without comfortable rugs isn’t quite complete. Add bold color and texture to your room with a scatter rug that is sure to keep your feet warm after a shower, or just after getting out of bed.


A variety of pillows added to your bed will bring you solace, and the various colors will make your room pop with decoration. Not to mention the different textures may have you wanting to ditch those notes and catch a few minutes of sleep.

dorm pillows

Lounge Chairs

If space permits, accessorizing your dorm with one or two lounge chairs could be a great idea. Now there is decorative seating for guests and another comfortable area to read books or use your computer.


Create a clothesline photo hanger to display pictures of you and those you love, or tack up photos to a bulletin board and use Washi tape to outline borders to add pattern another place in your room.

photo line display

Message Boards/Calendars

Be sure to stay organized with calendars, and places to write down reminders. If you would rather create your own memo board, transform a cookie sheet into a decorative magnetic board by attaching scrap board paper, and setting magnets on the back end.

magnetic board

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Out of Sight Dorm Storage


Storage that you can put aside is essential for staying organized in space that is shared between two people. Keeping your room tidy can become a slight hassle due to the amount of clothes thrown around just to find something suitable to wear to class.

Under Bed Garment Bags

When time comes to clean up, under bed storage bags are quite convenient. These storage bags have multiple spaces to store off season clothing, and the mesh cover is useful to protect garments from dander and moisture. The bags are easily accessible with handles attached, and can be stacked on top of each other if needed.

underbed storage

Under Bed Shoe bags 

Rather than having your closet inundated with shoes, ranging from sandals to boots. Neatly store away shoes that are not being used with under bed shoe storage bags that fit up to 12 pairs of shoes. This storage takes advantage of the room underneath your bed while also being an inexpensive solution for those with limited space.

shoe storage

Hanging Shelf Organizers 

With six shelves included, a hanging closet organizer is essential when it comes to dorm storage. The extra space is great for sweaters and t-shirts you might want to stash away, and the hanger attached makes it simple to put up in any closet space.

hanging shelf

Over the Door Rack

A place to stow your bath towel/robe may not be something you will think of until it is needed, and placing your towel over your closet door probably isn’t a great choice. Attach an over the door towel rack to create space for necessary bathroom items.

towel rack

Wire Cubes

Need more room to put away books and school supplies? Wire cubes are very practical for college dorm space, and can discreetly fit underneath or next to desk furniture.

wire cubes


Saturday Game Day Attire: Michigan State


As East Lansing fall weather sets in, Spartans might be hoping for another week or two of pleasant weather. For girls this could mean extra time to piece together a different and cute football game day look before the only few options are parka jackets, gloves, and winter boots. Check out some various outfits below that you can sport in the student section.

Scoop Neck Dress: Sporting the Spartan logo in a charming way could be an option for many looking to mix up their game day apparel. Add a denim jacket if necessary, and a pair of flats to complete the look.



Spartan Rugby Long Sleeve: This pullover can really come in handy on occasions other than game day. The look is unisex and can be paired with denim jeans and boots for girls, or jeans and shoes that match your green spirit for guys.



University T-shirt: Having a simple MSU logo tee will most likely be necessary on a day that nothing else seems to work. Grab yourself a couple of these comfortable cotton T-shirts to pair with your Spartan hat and favorite jeans.



Cardigan: Throwing on the jersey of a Spartan player is a look thousands of fans sport every weekend. Include a university cardigan with the outfit to display an academic and modern look, while keeping warm if needed.


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How to Make Your Dorm Feel More At Home


Being miles away from home can be both invigorating and nerve racking. The time to move out, which probably seemed as if it wouldn’t come soon enough, has arrived and passed. Feelings of nostalgia may slip in, but remind yourself that your new dorm can still exude the comforting vibes of your former abode. Here are a few ways to snap out of it and avoid calling mom!

Being miles away from home can be both invigorating and nerve racking. The time to move out, which probably seemed as if it wouldn’t come soon enough, has arrived and passed. Feelings of nostalgia may slip in, but remind yourself that your new dorm can still exude the comforting vibes of your former abode. Here are a few ways to snap out of it and avoid calling mom!

Embellish your walls and brighten up your décor

Coming home from a tedious day of lectures and studying can be exhausting, spruce up your mood by plastering one or a few uplifting canvas’ on your wall. They will keep you motivated, and encourage positive thinking during bleak days by just reciting them. Also, add some colorful, plush pillows to your bed for physical comfort. Just maybe it will ease you into concentrating on those 20 chapters due tomorrow.



Hang photos of family and friends

Yearning for those you love most is a common feeling among most college students at some point in the year. So get creative by, collecting a batch of old and new photos and post them to a cork board or hang them to put a smile on your face on any given day. The layout of the pictures can not only make you feel cheerful, but allow your dorm to feel more like your own.

Additional room lighting

Extra room lighting could be seen as an area of unimportance; however they will really come in handy at some point. More than often the actual lighting in dorms are unbalanced, with the assistance of some white Christmas lights or just a headlight lamp over your bed you can knock out late night studying while your roommate quietly rests. If you go with the Christmas lights route, they can definitely add a charming presence to your room.


Generate a poster for your floor mates showcasing a few courses everyone takes

If you have siblings then the reality of being on your own all the time may feel unusual. Even though you have a roommate, that still might not be enough. So don’t forget there are still tons of people to meet. Ask your RA if you can make a poster that has the courses listed of others on your floor. Giving people the ability to congregate and study or swap lecture notes, which will in no time make you feel like one of three kids again. Meanwhile, this sets an opportunity to find people with similar interests as you, as well as who knows the next best Netflix show to binge watch.


Stock up on study snack foods

Back at home there is no denying that your parents most likely kept a nicely stocked fridge and pantry that met your wants and needs. Sadly, those times have come to a standstill and it’s your responsibility to fill your designated storage space with snack foods. A deceiving room accessory that could come in handy for that storage space is a trunk. Fill it up with your favorite non-healthy and healthy snacks that will save you if the power ever goes out. Plus, its only use doesn’t have to be to store food, you can change it up every now and then with what is stocked inside like movies, blankets, and clothing.

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