Preparing for “Good Bye”



It is a moment we know as parents will come one day, and for some of us that realization happens hours after they enter our lives. We only have 17 years with these beautiful creatures before they leave our nest and go out into the world to experience “life”. How can we possibly teach them everything they need to know before they become adults in the eyes of the nation? How can they possibly be adults, when they are still our “babies”? As the end of their senior year approaches and life shifts into the fast lane, at full speed, we as parents have to take a moment to enjoy the ride as well.


Take the extra picture, make a day out of shopping for the prom dress, celebrate each acceptance letter, plan something special for graduation and make the most out of the summer together, because before you know it the end of August will be here. You’ll be shopping for all of their Dorm room essentials, picking out the best supplies, and maybe even updating their wardrobe.

The world of emotions that will be felt will vary from happy, excited, overwhelmed, proud, sad, nervous, and afraid; but through it all be confident. Confident that all lessons you have tried to teach your child have been learned and they will be okay. Prepare for those first few weeks that may be filled with sad calls of missing home, but also prepare for those calls that tell you how great everything is and how much they love it.  Because, let’s be honest, as a parent it’s going to hurt a little anyway.