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If you’re a college student, high school senior, or academic professional looking for a unique writing opportunity, you’ve come to the right place! At OCM, we’re always accepting applications from those interested in joining our team of Trendsetters.

Love the Blog? Write for Us!

Are you a Pinterest-obsessed fashionista? A crafty, thrifty DIY diva? Maybe you have a lot to say about Greek life, or can offer undergraduates guidance in creating a budget and managing finances while in school.

You might enjoy blogging about graphic design, entrepreneurial advice, or eating healthy on campus. It could be that you’re excited to share personal tips and tricks on taking notes, making good grades, managing your time, or keeping stress levels at a minimum during midterms!

Whatever your interests, we’d love to hear from you – and we bet our readers would, too!

The Details

We’re looking for personable, upbeat individuals who want an outlet to share their experiences and best advice on hacking college life. We update the OCM Blog with fun new blog posts every week, and would be honored to add your original articles into the mix!
Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis – if you’d like to apply, simply fill out the form below!

Our Stats

Last updated October 2017

Monthly Page Views: 30,000+
Unique Monthly Visitors: 18,000+
Posts per Week: 3-5
Facebook: 39,100+
Twitter: 1,700+
Instagram: 2,000+
Pinterest: 1,100+


The Benefits

We’re thrilled to have new Trendsetters join our ranks! As a guest author on the OCM college blog, you’ll enjoy all of the perks that come with getting your name and creative works published online. If you’re still on the fence about applying, here are just a few benefits that our freelance writers enjoy:

  • An outlet to express yourself – As a Trendsetter, you’ll be given the opportunity to share your tips, ideas, and inspiration; write about current events, share your personal projects, and more. We invite our guest contributors to pitch their own blog topics, so you have complete freedom to write about what you like!
  • An impressive addition to your resume – Perhaps you’re a Communications/Journalism major looking for opportunities to get published? Maybe you’re in the arts or sciences and need something to help your resume stand out amongst your peers’?
    No matter the reason you found yourself here, one thing is for sure: Being credited as a contributor to the blog of a well-established brand is one heck of an accomplishment! (And we’re sure future employers will agree!)
  • Exposure to your personal blog/website – Every author is welcome to include a personal bio or shout-out and link to their own website, blog, or social media handles within each post! Consider it our “thank you” for penning such an awesome piece.
  • Easy communication & total flexibility – You’ll correspond directly with the content lead of the OCM Blog to propose the topics that interest you. Unlike a typical internship, there are no looming deadlines or bosses looking over your shoulder here. Suggest the topics you want to suggest. Write the article how you want to write it. And submit it when you want to submit it.
    Our writers contribute weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly posts. We love sharing your content regularly, but are glad to work with you around your busy college schedule. If you’re swamped with finals during one week, or want to take a semester off for sports or a school play, that’s A-OK!
  • It will make your mom proud – Blogging at OCM is like an extra-curricular activity that’s productive, fun, and creatively energizing, all at once. Consider this: when you write for us, you’re not only practicing your writing skills, but you’re also representing your school, your sorority/fraternity, or your team, and showing them in a positive light.
    The best part is, the final product is tangible – your stories and advice can be shared with everyone from our regular readers and new visitors, to your parents, aunts and uncles, to your current roomie and friends from high school. (And we certainly hope you’ll feel proud of your posts and want to share them!)

To apply to write for the OCM Blog and join our Trendsetter program, please fill out the form below. If you have any questions, we’ll be glad to answer them when we get in touch!