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Finding the right items to make your dorm room a home is a task all in itself. You know we want to make your move-in process as simple as possible, and that’s why we offer you everything you need right under one browser. And, as always, we offer shipping directly to your home or campus so you don’t have to bug your parents to haul your new items up to you at school.

During the last few weeks, we’ve added a bunch of new and exciting products for both home and residence hall use. From brand new fans, security safes, alarm clocks, hampers, adorable and festive seating solutions, to new decorative pillows and beyond, we’ve refreshed our entire selection to bring you the very best! If you’re interested in taking a look of some of these new popular items, keep reading – we’re going down the list of the top 5 most popular parent and student favorites!

1) Majestic Seating Solutions and Pillows – Who doesn’t love a seating solution covered in the season’s hottest prints? Chevron, floral, Victorian damask and more – these reading pillows, cubes, loungers and poofs make for stylish AND comfortable room decor. And, they’re multi-functional. Use the poufs as a nightstand, extra seat, or even laptop desk. The lounger can be doubled as extra seating or a comfy place for your friends to relax and study or take a snooze. The reading pillows? They come in handy for those long nights of studying to prevent an achy neck and back. We just love the prints they come in – take a look for yourself, here!

2) Yogibo – There’s nothing quite as fun and comfortable as the Yogibo items. Filled with lightweight materials and available in a variety of bright colors, the Yogibo products are made with comfort in mind. These items come in neck-rolls, large lounge pillows for 1+ people, study trays, neck supports, and more! Yogibo products make for great dorm room furniture because they’re easy to move and store against any wall or in any corner. They also provide a comfortable solution for extra seating for movie nights and study sessions. These items are BRAND NEW to and are already a popular pick. What’s YOUR perfect Yogibo?

3) Decorative Pillows– We had such a great response from our decorative pillows last fall that we made it our goal to bring more of them on board for this school year. And – we’ve got a larger selection that both males and females will enjoy! Color coordinate by your favorite colors or simply by your dorm room decor – either way, there’s plenty to go around! We’ve really tapped into this year’s trends: Owls, sparkles, texture, and mustaches galore! And, for those students too-cool-for-school, we’ve even got some cool shades to rock on your bed! Top off your room with great style, and start by what’s on your bed! Shop the new decorative pillow line here.

4) Room Safes – For the most part, dorm rooms are fairly safe and usually monitored and observed by your awesome residence hall staff. Occasionally though, some students forget to lock their dorm room doors when leaving for class or a friend’s room and notice things missing when they get back. Besides remembering to lock your door when you step out, it’s a great idea to have another step of security in the place in case you forget once or twice. We’ve brought aboard a brand new selection of room safes to help keep your items in YOUR room – and not someone else’s! Lock your valuables in your safe when you leave, and rest assured knowing that they’re safe and secure for when you return. Available in multiple sizes and shapes, we’ve got safes for days! Shop the new line of dorm room safes here.
5) Healthy Care Packages – We know, you love all the fun sweets and treats that come in our seasonal Care Packages. BUT, what if we told you that you could have the same Care Packages you love so much that are both healthy AND delicious? Our masterminds here at OCM have put together student favorite snacks and treats that both amp up energy and sustain a hungry tummy. From workout packages to gluten free selections, we’ve cut the refined sugars and extra carbs to bring you delicious, health motivating care packages that have popular items such as Cliff Bars, Granola and even MiO water enhancer. Who said eating healthy couldn’t taste delicious and be convenient, too! Check out our new selection of healthy Care Packages here!¥
Love these new products? The fun doesn’t stop here – we’ve got an even LARGER selection of brand new items up for you to enjoy! And, now’s the time to get any last minute dorm essentials in.. we’re hosting a 60% sale on some of our dorm room essentials! Ready to decorate?!
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Kristen Hartmin

Kristen Hartmin

My name is Kristen Hartmin, and I graduated from Sacred Heart University last summer. My hobbies include restoring old furniture and houseware, writing my style blog and spending lots of time with my family. Follow me for style posts, tips on navigating the college lifestyle and more!