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College Dorm Bathroom Essentials

Dorm Bathroom

Dorm Bathroom Essential Items That Will Help You Survive the First Year of College Bathrooms

These Items Will Help Make Your Experience Comfortable and Effortless
Dorm Bathroom

Dorm Bathroom Decorating Ideas to Liven Your Spirits This Spring

Bring Touches of Joy and Positivity to Your Bathroom With Personalized Pieces
Dorm Bathroom

Declutter Your Counter With These Dorm Bathroom Storage Ideas

Space is One of the Hardest Things to Come by in College -- Make it Happen With These Storage Ideas
Dorm Bathroom

Cute Dorm Bathroom Ideas to Spruce Up Your Bathroom Next Semester

Personalize Your Bathroom Space Just as You Would Your Dorm Room
Dorm Bathroom

Dorm Bathroom Ideas to Take Your Basic Bathroom to the Next Level

Spice Up Your Bland Bathroom With a Few Touches to Make it Feel Like Home
Dorm Bathroom

Supplies for Surviving College Dorm Bathrooms

What You Need to Know Before Moving Into Your Dorm This Semester
Dorm Bathroom

Top 11 Stylish Shower Curtains That Are Perfect for Any College Apartment

College Shower Curtains Are Perfect For Adding Personality and Style to Any Bathroom
Dorm Bathroom

Bathroom Essentials to Survive College On or Off Campus

Are you dreading using a communal bathroom when starting college? Are you moving into an on or off campus apartment? Have no fear! Here’s a list of the top bathroom essentials to survive college!
Dorm Bathroom

Shower Sandals for the Dorm Bathroom

Living in the dorm can present some setbacks, including snoring roommates; close living quarters; and the hassles that accompany shared bathrooms. Using the same showers as others presents a new set of necessities, including bathroom caddies, conservative bathrobes and, of course, shower sandals. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you can skip out on the third item; the warm and moist environment is a breeding ground for bacteria, and the communal shower can be an ideal place for sharing fungal infections such as athlete’s foot. College students have a few options when it comes to footwear for the shower:
Dorm Bathroom

Products to Disinfect a Dorm Bathroom

Living in a college dorm presents many challenges, including limited space, laundry lugging, and shared bathrooms. Sharing space with so many people also means sharing germs. Bathrooms tend to be the top germ collectors in the dormitories, especially if there is one bathroom for the entire floor. Custodial staff may sanitize your bathroom regularly, or you may be required to clean your own bathroom if it is shared between fewer people. If the task is in your hands, remember that when it comes to keeping your bathroom clean the key is to disinfect. Before you even begin scrubbing surfaces, you can take precautions such as having a shower caddy to keep your products safe and bath sandals to avoid treading barefoot on the floor. When it’s time to clean, read on for tips on where and how to keep these shared germs at a minimum.
Dorm Bathroom

Communal Dorm Bathroom Essentials

When living in a college dorm, you learn a thing or two about efficiency.
Dorm Bathroom

College Dorm Shower & Bathroom Woes and How to Overcome Them

Living in a dorm residence hall means you have to take the good with the bad. While there are countless advantages that come with living in a dorm building—like, living under the same roof as all your friends and proximity to everything on campus, there are also a few set backs. At the top of the list is sharing a bathroom with other females. Sometimes this means sharing with a neighboring dorm room with only two other girls, and other times it can mean sharing with up to 20 girls. Splitting a space with others in a place that supports your personal hygiene, but at the same time can also become quickly unhygienic, can get tricky. To help you overcome these dorm room bathroom woes, here are some tips on how to avoid and manage them.

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