Campus Style on a College Budget


High-end fashion shopping spree

Staying up on fashion trends is one of our top hobbies. But paying for clothes off the runway, at boutiques, or through our favorite designers has us entirely at a loss. How can you be as fabulous as can be when you can’t afford to wear what’s in? We break down 10 ways we’re keeping our style within your budget — spending little (sometimes not even a penny) on the latest trends.

  1. Throw a Closet Party

We grow out of our clothes faster than we like to think. That’s why throwing a closet party with your most fashionable (and closest-in-size) friends is a fast way to find new clothing staples. The rules are simple: bring clothes to exchange and only take the number you brought yourself. Whatever is left over can be donated to a local charity.

     2. Rent Directly

There are a ton of businesses who make bank allowing you to rent high-end designer pieces. The prices can range from $20 to $100, but you’ll get a thousand-dollar (or more) look without anyone knowing it isn’t yours. For those very special occasions, this is one of our go-to options.

hangers found in closets or thrift stores

     3. Go Thrifting

Thrift stores are everywhere — and with good reason. Many of them specialize in designer pieces, specific sizes, and high-quality goods at unbeatable prices. Make an afternoon out of it, and visit a couple to score some great deals! Find one that fits your style, and most importantly your budget.

     4. Re-sell and Profit

Did you know you can sell your old clothes and then use the profits to buy new pieces? Sites like eBay and Polyvore are crazy-addictive, and they make a great side hustle for frugal college fashionistas with a good eye for what’s on trend.

     5. Borrow from a Fashionable Friend

Find your new BFF: Best Fashionable Friend. Your wardrobe will love the updating, even if temporarily, and you can bond over pieces you see in magazines or on your favorite celebrities. It’s a win-win!

clothes organized in a dresser drawer

    6. Build a Capsule with What You Have

Minimalists will tell you that capsule wardrobes are a must. Build a wardrobe with staple pieces that are simple and high quality. Once you check off the pieces you need, then you can use Pinterest and minimalist sites to make hundreds of outfit possibilities!

     7. Check Resale Groups

Facebook and Craigslist are awesome places to find a deal on new clothing. Just be safe about what you buy. Always use cash. Pick up in a public spot, even bring a friend. And do your research on if the piece is real or fake before you purchase.

     8. Become a Clothing Couponer

While extreme couponing for clothes isn’t as easy as it is for groceries, you can get good discounts on clothing when you know where to look. Ebates, for one, gives you cash back for online purchases. Loyalty programs can alert you to exclusive discounts. And don’t forget your college ID! Stores like J. Crew offer a percentage off when you show it at the checkout.

     9. Hit Up Salvation Army and Goodwill

The time it takes to double check for stains and tears is worth it when you can find pieces like gently worn Lululemon for 75 percent off or Kate Spade dress for under $20! Go on discount tag days for even bigger savings.

    10. Make Your Own

Who says you must wear only designers? Recreate your favorite looks by following patterns and buying a used sewing machine. A class, experienced friend, or YouTube tutorial can show you the basics. In no time, you’ll be designing your own wardrobe!

While in college, staying on top of the latest fashion trends is one of the most important things. Spending within your budget can pose some unique challenges. Let this list serve as a starting point for more creative ways to look fashionable and save money!

Top Beauty Trends that have Ruled Summer & How to Take Them into Fall


We’ve had an amazingly fun fashion and makeup filled summer this year, but now that it’s ending, it seems like all the enjoyment might fade with it. However, for all the fans of beauty and style, fall represents the perfect opportunity to put some new twists on the trends that we already love. Want to avoid the doom and gloom of the upcoming rainy season? Then let’s take our favorite bits and pieces of summer fashion and bring some of that brightness into the fall.


Bright plaid

Plaid shirts and coats are already a fall staple, though we usually go for the 90s grunge and keep all the colors dark. But we want our lighthearted mood and happiness to last well after the summer has passed, so now’s the time to keep it all bright and colorful. Teal, burnt orange, magenta, bright green, all of these are perfect colors for your new coat. And let’s face it, it’s fun to have a coat that isn’t brown or black for once, but something that stands out and draws all the eyes to you.


Gloomy florals

Have a favorite floral-patterned blouse or dress you’re going to miss? No need to put it in the back of your closet just yet. Muted, gloomy roses are going to make you look gorgeous and well-dressed for the season, while still keeping the look entirely fresh and romantic. Pair a mid-length dress with a pair of brown boots and throw on a simple cardigan and you’ll be rocking boho chic well into fall.  


Dark lips

Plum-toned makeup is the easiest trend to continue into the fall, especially if you find a good dark lipstick that will make you look vampy and sexy. Pair the dark plum with golden eyeshadow and you’ll practically be ready for a photo shoot.


Wild curls

Keep the summer in your hair by wearing it loose, and keeping your locks wild and voluminous. That 70s look is still very much in vogue, so keep that curling iron handy, or if you want something that is less damaging to your hair, try curling them with rags. Just leave the rags over night, untie them in the morning and spritz with some hairspray.


Light makeup

Isn’t it great how in summer you just slap on some mascara, a hint of blush and a lip balm and you’re out? Fall is the time for heavier makeup, but hold on before you grab that spackle and layer on sixteen layers of foundation. You still have that gorgeous bronzed glow from your vacation, why not show it off? A good BB or CC cream goes a long way because these babies even out your skin tone and hide small imperfections without feeling too heavy on your face. They’re especially useful if you have a tan and now your regular foundation no longer matches your skin. Natural-looking makeup will keep your face looking fresh and youthful, so there’s no reason not to stick to it for as long as you’d like.


Simplicity is often the most elegant thing you can wear, and in 2017 we had very basic, solid-color bikinis and one pieces that looked absolutely perfect. The trend moved on from clothing to makeup, and now it’s time to step up out eyeshadow game and keep things interesting with creative new looks. We’ve had this trend ever since the spring, but color-blocked makeup still seems to be all the rage, so take the vividness of spring and summer and paint it on your face.

No need for your good mood to end when the summer ends. Stick to these tips and stay cheerful even when the days get cold and rainy and you’ll have an excellent season.  

Hottest Summer Hairstyle Trends


Summer is here so it’s officially the time to let your hair down and experiment with different cute or unique hair trends. So, whether you want a new elegant hairdo for your work or something trendy for your vacation, summer gives you a lot of options to play around with various hairstyles. Whether you are thinking about a different color or length, or maybe stylish hats or other accessories, the possibilities are endless.


Beach hats

Photo by Soragrit Wongsa on Unsplash

While some don’t like wearing anything on their heads, and having a floppy straw hat can indeed be bothersome, wearing something that will protect you from the harsh summer sun and UV rays is a smart thing to do. But instead of being annoyed that you have to wear a boring hat, why not have fun this summer and wear something interesting that you’ll be able to coordinate with the rest of your outfit. Depending on your outfit, you can try a bucket hat with an interesting print, an embellished swim cap, or a silly sun visor perfect for the beach.


Head scarves


A head scarf is THE trend of the season. Not only does it add versatility to your outfit, but it can completely change and elevate your look. You can use an interesting printed headpiece and wrap it around your head twice to get a chic look or use a vintage silk scarf paired with hoop earrings for a cool, jet-setting look. Or, why not use a retro-looking headband for a simple yet cute look?


Wet hair look

Photo by Alex Blăjan on Unsplash

If you’re not hitting the beach this summer, you can always pretend that you are by having this perfect wet hair look on you. Not only is this look something completely different than your usual blowout, but it’s super practical since this way you can easily beat the summer heat. Simply finger-comb your still wet hair and tie it into a simple, polished knot. If you prefer to wear your hair down, you can simply toss your mussed hair on a side for a sexier look or simply part your hair in the middle, tuck your hair behind your ears, put some cool shades on and you will look like you’ve just returned from the beach.


Extreme long hair

Photo by Averie Woodard on Unsplash

While buzz cuts and chic bobs have been very popular lately, the fact is long hair is always in and the same goes for this summer season. Whether you prefer to have your hair wavy or you prefer to rock flat-ironed strands, every girl feels super hot after that perfect hair toss. If you’ve shortened your hair recently and don’t feel like letting it grow long, you can always use some quality clip in hair human extensions in order to really add some volume and length. With long hair, you can go for untrimmed hippie look or surfer-babe look, or any other look you want to rock – ‘long hair, don’t care’ really means a lot of fun options for you this summer.


Wavy, retro summer hair

Photo by Ayo Ogunseinde on Unsplash

What a better thing to do this summer than to simply let your hair down and rock some boho waves or better yet, just let your gorgeous natural curls. Nothing says ‘effortless’ more than a simple cut that will let you get away with just a couple of brush strokes through your hair. For a truly effortless look, simply let your hair part naturally, and for a more sleek look, part your hair down the middle. You can always use a curling iron or blow dryer to style your hair just a little, or better yet, you can always step out with a sexy bed head and cat eyes.

Whether you have long or short hair, summer is the perfect time to experiment and have fun with different styles and colors, so why not try some of these hot trends this summer? Maybe you’ll find just a perfect look for you that will make you feel attractive and beautiful.

Fabulous Fourth of July Fashion


It’s the middle of summer, and that means fireworks, hot dogs, and red, white, and blue — it’s Independence Day! The Fourth of July is a day for relaxing, getting together with family and friends, and celebrating the birth of our nation. But just because you’re chilling out doesn’t mean you can’t be fashionable! Here are our suggestions for looking your best this July 4.


Candy Stripes and Blue Jean Shorts

This effortless look is great because it isn’t limited to Fourth of July. A sleeveless red-and-white striped top paired with some traditional blue jean shorts will show off your patriotic pride without sacrificing your sense of style.


Flag Accent Nail Polish

Jazz up your nails with this funky design. Four fingers of regular red polish can become super American with a bit of extra flair. If you’re not great at making cool designs out of polish, you can always use stickers to get the same effect.


Patriotic Scarf Braid

This super-easy 3-minute scarf braid will make you the talk of the Fourth of July barbecue. All it takes is a French braid, a hair tie, and a flag or red, white, and blue scarf. You can even add more flair with a few silver stars or by tying the end of the scarf in a bow.


Fourth of July Ponytail Holder

This one takes a bit of work, but the end result is totally worth it. All you need are red, white, and blue bandanas, a hair tie or scrunchie, and a pair of scissors. The end result is some cool flair that will make you look DIY chic.


DIY No Sew Flag Top

This cool, vintage-looking shirt is a breeze to make. You will need is a white shirt, red and navy spray paint, some painter’s tape, a piece of cardboard, and some scissors. If you’re not feeling the flag look, you can also spray paint the shirt with red, white, and blue stripes using the painter’s tape and spray paint by themselves.


Red, White, and Blue Eyes

Spice up your makeup with this killer, cute red, white, and blue design inspired by Old Glory herself. This cool vintage look has a modern twist using both traditional makeup and a bit of costume flair.


American Flag Cutoff Jean Shorts

These are some of our favorites! Take an old, worn-down pair of jeans, and make them into something festive and fun with just a few easy steps. By using an inexpensive flag bought at an art supply or thrift store, you can make your new cutoffs go from ‘yow’ to ‘wow!’

Pieces That Transform Any Outfit with No Effort


There’s no denying it – we all long and strive for that, at times, elusive effortlessly striking appearance. Everyone deserves to feel and look great in the clothes they wear, but not everyone has the time and patience to experiment, try on outfit after outfit until perfection is achieved. This is why nowadays we rely on our trusty fashion bloggers. Why? The answer is simple; what makes these seemingly ordinary people extraordinary is their impeccable style and a ‘nose’ for fashion. They’ve tried it all, so we don’t have to – they’ve done the legwork so we can reap the benefits and take only the best for ourselves, so let’s just dive in and see what those Holy Grail essentials are. These are the pieces that create an outfit that transcends the sum of its parts, and we deserve to have and rock them.

All about them jeans


Every fashionista knows that rule number one of the ‘effortlessly striking’ rulebook says ‘you must have that perfect pair of ripped jeans’.  They can take different shapes and colors, skinny, mom or boyfriend jeans – all as long as they’re ripped. There is a certain dose of rebelliousness to this kind of jeans. However, the greatest thing about a truly great pair of jeans is that their ability to adapt to any given look and occasion. Lunch date – no problem; a pair of pumps and a white dress shirt and you are ready to casually dazzle. Lazy afternoon – done and done; a gray tee, a pair of Converse All Stars and a satchel – the street style hashtag practically writes itself.


Style enhancer; no, life enhancer


If you’ve ever tried to calculate how much better your life would be if you owned a really great biker leather jacket, the answer is 78.9%. Jokes aside, this is truly one of those garments that don’t only uplift an outfit but your spirits as well. It’s always a little edgy, eternally stylish and can go turn any outfit from casual to elegant in the blink of an eye, (or a change of a dress). Don’t take our word for it, go try one and you’ll see how it makes you feel…and look.


Spice up your life


Every so often our closets, like our life, can get a little dullsville, and that is exactly the time when a splash of color is absolutely necessary to spice and shake things up. Minimalism may be the dominating trend de jour, but there is still nothing like a vibrant kaftan to liven up an outfit, as well as your entire day. These garments are absolutely amazing – they’re like a dress, (the simplest thing you can pull out of your closet), but just a bit more fun, and you can easily find a large variety of kaftans online and liven up your wardrobe in a minute.  You can wear them alone, with leggings, with or without jewelry – they are enough to create an outfit.


When in doubt, go with non-colors


If you could sneak in and take a peek inside a fashion blogger’s closet, you would most certainly find an abundance of basics – gray, white and black shirts and tees to be exact. These clever and fashion-savvy gals know that the secret fountain of effortlessness lies in great basics. Always stock up on these, there is no such thing as too many basics. While vibrant colors serve to spice things up, basics are there to tone things down and help you escape a look that is too busy or overdone or worse – like you’re trying too hard. P.S. Leggings fall under basics too.


While on the subject of black

It can’t be helped – black just has a way of making everything more chic, and that extends to bags as well. So, whether you want to rock a tote, a sling or shoulder bag, it should be solid, sleek and black. When you look at a bag and mull over the idea of purchasing it, ask yourself this – can I take this to work and then go straight to a party after? If the answer is yes, then you’ve found your go-to bag.


If you could only have one pair of shoes…


Sure, bloggers live in an abundance of shoes, but if they were faced with the option of choosing one pair and forsaking all others, there is no doubt that they would keep the mighty black pumps. First off, they’re black, which means they go with everything. Secondly, the slim heel makes everything super-sleek and sophisticated. Thirdly, they’re incredibly flattering and make the legs look longer, and finally, they make everything more chic without being too loud.


They make a statement when they have to, and stay silent when it’s not their time to speak.

Student Spotlight: Jacob Gendron of Trend Suspenders


A few years ago, Jacob Gendron, an Accounting major at CSU-Long Beach, was a Top 100 player for a popular online video game. Though it was a fun diversion, Jacob realized he was spending all of his time in a virtual world rather than the real one. He decided to hit the reset button on his priorities and found a way to make his passion for business and entrepreneurship work for him. Now, Jacob’s company, Trend Suspenders, is a growing online retailer for the growing niche market of retro and modern suspenders.

Trend Suspender’s Beginnings

Starting a business was always one of Jacob’s goals. “Entrepreneurship was my major of choice, but sadly, it is only offered as a minor at CSULB,” he explains. “I decided on accounting because accountants speak the language of business, and it seemed like the best fit for those looking to start a business. Also, accounting is built on general principles making a tough skill to learn hands-on, while other majors such as marketing are much easier to learn through experience.”

CSU Long Beach Photo Courtesy of Jacob Gendron

Jacob kept himself busy, joining a fraternity and getting involved with a professional development center on campus. He also found himself increasingly interested in developing his businesses, so he developed a few eCommerce general fashion stores. As he watched his profits increase, he noticed that his best-selling product happened to be one he hadn’t expected: suspenders. “Suspenders are an old school accessory and that’s exactly why young adults and hipsters love them, so I felt that it was the perfect product to build a store around.”

Jacob developed Trend Suspenders based on the idea that suspenders were an untapped niche market that would appeal to a variety of demographics, but particularly a young, hip, trendsetting demo, influenced by celebrity culture. Jacob believes his company “will be the place to go for the latest styles and trends in suspenders fashion.”

Image Courtesy of Jacob Gendron



Four Pieces of Advice for Aspiring Student Entrepreneurs

When it comes to starting an online store, Jacob’s first piece of advice is to stick with what you know and love. “Choose a niche that you’re passionate about,” he advises. “Don’t start a survival store if you hate the outdoors. I wear suspenders regularly on campus because I genuinely love them. You’ll be much more motivated if you actually care about what you’re selling.”

He also has found that testing is absolutely essential to figuring out whether or not a product might actually sell. He “tested tons of products through Facebook advertising before I found a successful one,” he recalls. That’s why students interested in starting their own stores should do their homework. “Do some keyword research and find what would be easy to rank for on Google,” he further recommends.

Organization is key, too. Anyone who wants to budget their time well should use all the tools at their disposal. “Use your phone’s calendar app for deadlines and appointments,” he says. “At the start of the semester, set reminders for all of your classes, tests, quizzes, and homework due dates,” all of which should be able to be found in your syllabus.

Lastly, Jacob sticks with one of the most tried and true pieces of advice. “Don’t give up,” he says. “If I stopped after losing my first $1000 then I wouldn’t have made it to where I am today.”


To learn more about Jacob’s company, Trend Suspenders, visit his store here

Our Favorite Summer YouTube Beauty Tutorials


Where would we be without Youtube? Obviously not looking as fabulous as we do! Our obsession with beauty Youtube channels is strong — so strong that we’re starting to stock up on DIY summer looks. Whether you’re an expert MUA or struggling to apply your lipstick correctly, these Youtube summer beauty video tutorials will get you looking your best for summer vacay.


  1. Sweatproof Summer Glam

Image via Tina Halada’s YouTube

As Tina Halada says at the beginning of her video, looking good in the hot season isn’t exactly easy. To be flawless all day long, you’ll need the right makeup and gear, along with some patience. This sweatproof makeup will make you through your afternoon without making you look like you are drowning or melting!


  1. Five-Minute Ease

Image via Jamie Genevieve’s YouTube

As much as we want to look well made up every single day, we realistically know that we’re also very lazy. When it comes to the summer routines, we would prefer to just roll out of bed and spend as little time as possible on our makeup. Jamie Genevieve gives a great how-to minimal style that anyone can do in the same time it will take you to warm up the pool.


  1. Bronze Goddess Glow

Image via Naomi Victoria’s YouTube


For those of us who burn instead of tanning, getting a little help from makeup is essential. Bronzey glows are exactly what we need, but they can be hard to make look natural. We’re using Naomi Victoria’s seven-minute video to practice looking like we’ve spent our day on a beach chair.


  1. Inexpensive MUA Style

Image via Carli Bybel’s YouTube

We hate to admit it, but we really don’t have the money to go to Sephora for our extensive makeup collection. Instead, we’re hitting up the drugstore for makeup that won’t make us break out, but will still give us the carefree look we want. Carli Bybel’s tutorial, in particular, has saved us massive money and given us so much inspiration.


  1. WOW Eyes

Image via Nikkie Tutorials’ YouTube

We’re not that adventurous with our makeup, but sometimes we want a look that we can take out to a party or festival that will turn heads. Our favorite eye look is Nikkie Tutorials’ Summer Sunset Eyes. It’s colorful, popping, and totally fun!


  1. Lipstick Fun

Image via Sammy Robinson’s YouTube

We love how changing up your lipstick can transform your look. It can take your makeup from night to day, work to party, and beach to a private event. Sammy Robinson’s base makeup design is beautiful enough. Add her three options for lipstick and you’ve got our favorite go-to look to play around with.


  1. Beach Appropriate Makeup

Image via Domenica Calarco’s YouTube

If given a chance, we’d spend our entire summer laying around in the sand. But between the salt water, the sand and grime, and the hot sun, we usually come out looking worse than when we got there! Domenica Calarco has mastered how to stay glam for all beach conditions. We can’t get over how great we feel rocking this look even when our hair is a knotted mess and our body is covered in sand and suntan lotion.

6 Summer Styles for Guys



There’s so much to be said for girls and summer looks. But what about the guys who want to look fashionable and avoid the ugly cargo shorts default? Luckily for you, we’ve got the details on what men styles are in and what you can pack away. We put together ten hot summer styles just about any guy can rock from the internship to the beach party.


  1. Clean and Crisp Linen

White is not an easy look to pull off, but it’s essential if you’re going for an effortless, European vibe. Look for looser fits with an interesting collar style for contrast. Pair with light colored trousers to make it date night and office casual appropriate.


  1. Get Inspired By the 70’s

Image via Tom Ford

When it comes to fashion history, the 70’s isn’t exactly one we think of when we picture classic men’s clothing. But browns and tans are also coming back in loungewear and jackets. Take a classic chocolate colored leather jacket and add on tan chinos and white loafers. It’s an upgrade on a previously dated look.


  1. Keep it Nautical

Who wouldn’t want to spend their days on some yacht? If it’s not in your plans or budget, make sure your wardrobe doesn’t give you away. Stock your closet with red, blue, and white. Pick shorts that are cotton based instead of denim, and wear the heck out of your favorite pair of white boat shoes.


  1. Know Your Shorts

There’s so much debate when it comes to guys and shorts (outside the pool). So here’s what you need to know if you want to wear them. First, there are many styles. The main types you’ll see in stores include chino (that fit like tailored pants), cargo (with lots of pockets), and athletic (loose and made of synthetic fiber). Each one will have a different purpose. For length, the top of the kneecap is the norm. Anything considered mid-thigh is short, and longer lengths are usually reserved for athletic wear. You’ll also want to look for fit. Cargo and athletic can be loose. But chino or more dressier short styles should be fitted.


  1. Experiment With Patterns

Image via The Fashionisto

Guys usually want to play it safe with patterns and designs. We don’t blame them. Finding the right pairing can be difficult. But you can make it happen by following a few steps. To start, choose one, main print. Second, pick a second print that is smaller in size, has a matching color scheme, or have similar lines. Finally, play around. You’ll never know what you’ll find until you try it.


  1. Wear Out The Vintage T-Shirt

For casual days, you don’t need to be stuffy by wearing button downs. Vintage, well-worn t-shirts with vibrant designs are always in. It’s all about how you accessorize. Pick your shirt and then wear contrasting colored chinos or a more eye-catching pair of shoes. It’ll elevate your style without sacrificing your comfort.

How to Do Beach Season Like a Fashion Pro


Summer is almost here and with its arrival, you should try to forget about your college worries. After all, it’s time to have some well-deserved fun in the sun and at the beach. But how to look your best at the beach when all you did in the past several months was study? Well, it’s never too late to shape up and choose the most flattering beach fashion for your particular body type.

Get fitter

First things first – do your best to get fitter. Of course, there’s hardly any time left before you can hit the beach but that doesn’t mean that you should give up. By getting physically active on a daily basis you will definitely notice a positive difference after just a couple of weeks. And when there’s room for improvement, why miss it? This is true for both girls and boys – if you can make your beach fashion look even trendier and more flattering on you, why not do it? Yes, you may not be able to get to your desired fitness level during this time but as long as you put some effort into it, you’ll feel a lot more confident. And confidence is the key to looking like a true fashion pro.

Minimalist style


If you’re a sporty type who likes a dash of elegance, going minimalist with the style of your swimwear is definitely the right choice. Not to mention how huge minimalism is as a trend this year. Bikinis with clear cuts and lines, in bold yet not so vibrant colors are a great option for the ladies. On the other hand, young gents will definitely enjoy the flattering swim shorts style just above the knees. Go for neutral colors and hybrid design that can turn your swim shorts into surf wear in an instant.

Romantic boho


While minimalism is definitely a polar opposite trend to boho style, boho is still standing strong. It seems that this style is headed for a timeless title. In that respect, crochet bikinis with flowery details are all the rage this beach season. Paired with flowy beach scarves and jewelry, this look is bound to make you feel like a fashion pro. At the same time, 50s-inspired men swim trunks with tropical prints and bright colors are perfect for a boho-loving gent.

Vintage vibe


The beauty of vintage fashion will always make you look more confident and unique. What’s more, vintage and retro-inspired bikinis are a perfect match for almost every body type. Therefore, if you want to stand out in the most flattering and fashionable way possible this summer, opt for vintage swimwear. When it comes to men swimsuit fashion, nautical board swim shorts are definitely the way to go.

Revealing trend


Since sporty and vintage cuts have been so popular recently, one can easily forget about the gorgeousness of high leg bikinis. But the runways didn’t forget. Thin bikini straps that hug your hips and almost touch the waist are still considered the sexiest beach look of them all. If you like the sound of this and the way these bikinis look on you, you can be sure that the beach will become your own personal runway. As far as men’s swimwear fashion is concerned, there are no thin straps and waist-hugging. However, swim briefs with interesting patterns are one of the fashion must-haves this season.

What is your favorite look for this fashionable beach time? Whatever swimsuit you decide to pick up remember to take care of your body. You should never spend too much time in the sun without protection. There’s a huge difference between a suntan and sunburn. What’s more, apart from damaging your skin, sunburns will definitely damage your beach style. Therefore, enjoy yourself to the fullest this summer and feel free to engage in beach fun dressed like a fashion pro but keep your safety in mind all the time.

8 Summer TV Premieres We Can’t Wait For



Is your DVR ready for a big binge? It’s time to talk summer shows! Normally, we’d be a bit bummed that spring finales have finished or that our favorite show is winding down, but honestly, this summer has some of the best TV so far this year! We’ve picked our top eight. Which ones do you plan on adding to your watchlist?


  1. Master of None, Netflix — May 12

We loved the first season of Netflix’s comedy Master of None, so we’re pumped season 2 is back and ready to go. Aziz Ansari stars as, well, himself — a struggling actor from New York. Last season saw some major upheaval in both his professional and love life, and season 2 picks up from where it leaves with Ansari’s character traveling Italy in his signature style.


  1. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Netflix — May 19

Netflix really rules the summer lineup with shows that we love to binge on. We make no exception for Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. It’s hilarious, lovable, and completely uplifting. Titus, Kimmy’s roommate, and musical star wannabe, is one of the best best-friend characters on TV. We can’t wait to see what season three does!


  1. The Bachelorette, ABC — May 22

If it’s the summer, it’s time for another season of romance, lust, and love. We’re hooked and we don’t care who knows it. It’s a guilty pleasure that seems to get better with time. And the drama always has us coming back for more.


  1. The Great British Baking Show, PBS — June 16

From the name, it sounds like a bore. But this show has hooked us! Half the time we have zero idea what they are baking, but it all looks so yummy and delicious. And unlike US cooking shows, there’s no yelling, no backstabbing, no major prize either! It’s just funny, educational, and relaxing show to veg out to.


  1. Hooten and the Lady, CW — July 13

We have mainly stuck to old shows returning, but there are a few promising shows we have our eyes on. One is CW’s attempt at a treasure-hunting romance series featuring an aristocrat and jerky adventurer. While it may seem cliche, we like the idea of traveling the world for love and artifacts.


  1. Game of Thrones, HBO — July 16

The mega-hit of cable TV is galloping towards its endgame. Game of Thrones has been building tension for years, and we’re promised some big payoffs in the first half of its last season, airing this summer. If you haven’t already seen it, you’ve got a few months to catch up to the dark, gory, mystifying show.


  1. The Story of Diana, ABC — August 9

You could say that we’re a bit obsessed with British royalty. That’s why we’ve marked the ABC miniseries documentary on our calendar. It explores the life and death of Princess Diana with new footage and interviews. While it won’t give us answers, it will allow us to soak up her grace, beauty, and tragedy a little while longer.


  1. The Tick, Amazon — August 25

If you love superhero shows, you’ll most likely have mixed feelings about Amazon’s The Tick. It’s not exactly action and saving the world. The main character is a regular old accountant with zero superpowers who decides to take down the real world villains that rule his town. But you will love the awkward dialogue and outrageous sequences. It’s part humor and part ode to the summer blockbusters we love.