College 101: Debunking the College Packing List


Packing for college can be hard, stressful and completely overwhelming. So what do most of us do? We find a premade college checklist that says “this is the stuff you NEED”, and I’m here to tell you how it really is. We’re going to debunk that college packing list so you know EXACTLY what you need.

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1. First things first, once you pick your housing, find out the layout. Most school’s ResLife sites have layouts (with dimensions) of all their different room types. Knowing the layout and size of your room is going to make narrowing down what you need so much easier.

2. Furnished or unfurnished? Most freshman dorms, actually most on-campus living arrangements, come fully furnished. Find out things like what size bed you get (usually an extra long twin), what’s the closet situation, what pieces of furniture are provided and what kind of appliances are allowed.

I picked up an Oklahoma State packing list from Bed, Bath & Beyond so I can pick on my own school. Let’s get to debunking.

One thing I’ve noticed on many “must bring” lists is pieces of furniture. Now I don’t know what every college’s dorms look like, but in my experience you barely have enough room for the pieces they provide you with! So forget about the night stand, bulky floor lamp, extra chairs, etc.

But don’t forget about storage. Finding nifty ways to store things like kitchen utensils, school supplies, accessories and extra little bits are key! Under bed storage, floor storage in your closet space and drawer organization are all great things to remember when packing.

So there you go! If you’re feeling a little worrisome about packing up for the big move get online and find yourself a list and get to debunking!!

Have any tips I missed? Let me know!!

xoxo, emily

Check out OCM’s own packing list here!

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