College Dorm Shower & Bathroom Woes and How to Overcome Them


Living in a dorm residence hall means you have to take the good with the bad.  While there are countless advantages that come with living in a dorm building—like, living under the same roof as all your friends and proximity to everything on campus, there are also a few set backs.  At the top of the list is sharing a bathroom with other females.  Sometimes this means sharing with a neighboring dorm room with only two other girls, and other times it can mean sharing with up to 20 girls.  Splitting a space with others in a place that supports your personal hygiene, but at the same time can also become quickly unhygienic, can get tricky.  To help you overcome these dorm room bathroom woes, here are some tips on how to avoid and manage them.


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Shower shoes

A typical shower floor can accumulate a whole slew of fungus and viruses.  Multiply that by the 2-20 girls you share it with, and you pretty much have yourself the New York City of a bacteria breeding round.  One of the best ways to minimize your chances of coming in contact with germs is to wear flip flops in the shower.  By not letting your feet come in contact with the floor you are reducing the chance of getting bacteria in open cuts and creating infections or catching tinea pedis—better known as athletes foot.  So be proactive, and get yourself a cute pair of flip flops to sport around your bathroom and save you from stepping on the bacteria-infested floors.


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Organizing Tools

If your dorm bathroom is one that permits you to store your belongings, things can get quite messy.  Since every girl loves her beauty products, having such a small space that host theses bottles, jars, tubes, and sprays can certainly create cluttered and unorganized bathroom.  To remedy this, prepare yourself with bathroom organizing t

ools like small plastic drawers for makeup, a dorm shower caddy to keep all your products in one place, and over the shower head shelving to store your shampoos and conditioners. Knowing that all your belongings are kept organized in one place will save you the headache of sifting through other peoples things to get to your own.



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Cleaning Supplies

While most dorm halls have a regular cleaning team on hand, it is still beneficial to have your own arsenal of cleaning supplies.  Try to use sanitizing wipes to clean toilet seats and the sink area, scrubbing brushes to clean the shower floors, and glass cleaner to wipe down the mirror.  Your bathroom has the potential to get very dirty very quickly, so having cleaning supplies on hand is a quick and easy way to make sure you are putting up a good fight against bacteria, dirt, and grime. Whenever possible, try to use organic cleaning supplies!


Lots of Towels

It may seem like a no-brainer, but it is still worth saying: Make sure you have your very own towel, and refrain from sharing with others.  Since everyone knows that laundry day isn’t the most frequent occasion for a college student, you should stock up on a decent supply of fresh towels so that you do not run out or reuse the same one for a long time.  And since each of your college supplies is an opportunity to incorporate a little style, check out OCM’s collection of cute towels included in our Twin XL bedding sets for your dorm.


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