Coordinating With Your Roommate Before Freshmen Dorm Move-In Day


You’ve already talked to, or maybe Facebook stalked, your new roommate. So, what’s next?  While dreams of creating homey and organized dorm room and sharing it with an amazing roommate will initially begin pouring in, you must understand that there is work to be done before achieving this.  Synchronizing with your assigned roommate before the first day of school is an important task in getting yourself acclimated to your new environment.  Here is a list of ways you should coordinate with your roommate before move in day.

freshmen move in day

Who’s Bringing What?

Showing up to the first day of college with two refrigerators with only a small space to put one can be a nightmare.  Avoid this by communicating with your roommate on who will be providing what for the dorm room.  Start with the big-ticket items dorm room essentials like a refrigerator, microwave, TV and VCR, and work your way from there.  Make sure finances are evenly split so that you start off on a balances keel.  You can then decide who will be bringing smaller item like lamps, shelves, and storage bins.  Making sure you have a clear idea of who is bringing what will save you the headache of having to return duplicate items, or going out to buy last minute forgotten pieces.


Coordinate Move-In Schedules

Find out when your roommate plans to move in so that you can coordinate your schedule around theirs.  Either try to move your things in the same time so that you can lend a helping arm to each other, or an hour apart so that you do not clog up the system.  Either way, it is best to try to move your things in around the same time so that you will both have everything you need within the first few hours of being in your dorm. The last thing you want is to be left stranded without a necessities. Also, make sure you have our must-do’s checked off before your freshman move-in day!


How to Decorate

Granted, everyone has their own style and taste when it comes to dorm décor.  However, it is beneficial to talk to your new roommate about how they want the overall aesthetic of the dorm to be.  Maybe you’re looking to do more DIY dorm décor while your roomie is more in favor of a flower-power hippie inspired room.  Having a slight cohesiveness throughout the dorm will help to make the space feel more like a home to the both of you.  Also, you never know what kind of influence you roommates style can have on your own.  Being flexible with your roommates likes and dislikes is a huge part of sharing a dorm, so if your roommate hates the color bubblegum pink, it is probably a good idea to leave it out of your side of the room.


Discuss Interests and Living Expectations

While this may seem like a no brainer to the average tech-savy millennial, it is always a good idea to do a little research and get to know your new roommate.  After the initial email reach out, start to following her/she on her social media sites to get a better feel of their interests.  Ask them what kind of clubs they participated in or sports they played in high school.  Also, it is a good idea to find out what kind of “home” they like to come back to after a busy day.  Do they like peace and quiet at least 5 hours out of the day (besides sleeping, of course) or are they immune to noise and don’t mind the occasional get together?  Asking them how they expect to share this new living space will help you be a better, more respectful roommate.


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