Creative Ways to Announce Where You’ll be Going to School in the Fall


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You may have heard of gender reveal parties, in which new parents announce if they are having a boy or a girl. But what about college reveal parties? Deciding which college you have accepted an offer from is a huge deal that should be celebrated. These 6 creative ways to announce where you will be going to school in the fall take it to the next level.

6 Creative Ways to Announce Where You Will be Going to School in the Fall

1.   The Superman Reveal

If you’re holding out till graduation to tell your friends and more distant relatives, there is no better time to make your announcement than right after you receive that high school diploma! One of our favorite ways is wearing your college’s shirt underneath your cap and gown. When you have graduated, dramatically open your robe to reveal the name of your new school! It’s a great transition point and a way to say you’re ready to conquer the next school on your list.

2.   Balloon School Spirit Pop

This one is an idea straight from those uber popular gender reveal parties. If you’re between two different schools with distinct school colors, purchase some neutral colored balloons (such as black, white, gold, or silver). Before filling them with helium, have the store stuff them with your college’s colors. When you’re ready to make your big announcement, gather the family and pop the balloons. Seeing that green and white for Michigan or the blue and gold for UCLA may just make their day!

3.   The Vintage Pennants Hang

We love all things vintage and antique, especially when they’re college related. One of our favorite must-haves are vintage college pennants hung up in our room. As you apply to colleges, purchase a pendant at each school and hang them in a row. When it’s time to tell your parents or friends which school you’ve decided on, one-by-one take away each pennants until you’re left with a winner. The alternative if you cannot find pennants for the schools you have applied to is to create your own pennants with letters spelling out your winning school.

4.   The Parent Swag Gift

The first people you should tell about your college choice has to be your parents. However, it doesn’t have to be just a rush to agree on the right school for you. This is a special moment for them too! Take a day or two to purchase a parent swag item such as a shirt that says “X University Mom” and wrap it up nicely so you can get video of their surprise and shock when they unwrap their unexpected new gifts.

5.   The Sorting Hat

Are you a Harry Potter nerd like us? Then you will love incorporating your favorite books and movies into your college decision! Have a crafty friend create a sorting hat and then act as its “voice.” At your graduation party, have the voice hide and recite a creative poem or few lines that talk about your personality or qualities and why the school is best for you.

6.   The Trivia Challenge

Could your parents guess the school you’re going to based on its famous alumni? Could your friends name your college based on its mascot? Doing a round of trivia to give hints and clues leading up to your big announcement can be an absolute blast. They will love sorting it all out while you will love teasing them with super unknown facts about your new home.


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