Dorm Hallway Decor Ideas for Halloween


Counting down the days to Halloween night can be agonizing. With so many parties, costume opportunities, and awesome food ideas, the anticipation is probably building. When you were living at your parents house, there was plenty of space to decorate and get spooky! However, living in a small space like a residence hall dorm usually means sacrificing on decorating for holidays. Don’t worry, take these ideas and work with your roommates (and neighbors!) to decorate your dorm hallway for Halloween, you’ll get in the spooky spirit!


1.   The Pumpkin Patch

Want to be tame without missing out on the spirit? Host a pumpkin-carving contest for anyone interested. Then, have dorm room residents vote on their favorites displayed along the hallway. You can take it a step up and turn this into a fundraiser! Residence can deposit money in their favorite pumpkin. This not only benefits an organization in need, it also displays the creative energy of you and your neighbors!

While keeping real pumpkins in your dorm can get stinky and messy fast, you can still create an awesome Jack O’Lantern display with plastic pumpkins. Paint them instead of carving, this way you can still host your fundraising!

2.   The Bat Cave

Bats are a staple of Halloween décor. Take advantage of your hallway and turn it into a deep, dark cavern where the bats will fly out of! Cover your hallway in brown, gray, or black paper first to give it that dark cave feel. Then, trace black bats onto thick card paper. Using clear wire or light colored string, hang at different lengths from your hallway ceiling. Add sticky spider webs and fake spiders throughout the display for added effect.

3.   The Crime Scene

You don’t have to get bloody or gruesome to pull off a crime scene theme. Instead, find the infamous caution tape at party stores and cover dorm doors in it. Then, trace your friend’s body with white scotch tape onto the floor. Add footprints, police lights, or cones for a more authentic feel.

4.   The Skeleton Party

Plastic skeletons are great buys for the holidays. Take apart the skeletons and create a scene where the body parts are sticking or hanging out of the walls. Alternatively, position them so they appear to be dancing, sharing drinks, or putting on makeup. Add clothing, wigs, or costumes for a cheeky, fun feel. Whether you’re going for frights or fun, this idea will be sure to please the entire hallway!

5.   The Spook Factor

There are a lot of little things you can do if you are not a huge fan of specific things to make a creepy space out of the hallway. For example, rip black trash bags and hang from doorways and ceilings. Add ghosts and ghouls made from cheesecloth or sheets from the walls. Make a prison scene with bars and spooks inside. You can also add humor by making funny headstones to cover the hallway and floor. The grave’s the limit with Halloween hallway decorating ideas!


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Katherine Carpenter

Katherine Carpenter

Hi I'm Katherine! I love DIY projects, especially ones that I can use to make my dorm room pop! My favorite flavor of ice cream is mint chocolate chip, especially when it's on a cone. I love hanging out with my sorority sisters and giving back to the community. Always remember to live, laugh and love!