Dorm Room Decorating Ideas for Guys


Now that you are getting ready to settle into a new home for the next few years, it is time to start thinking about how to decorate this new space.  Say farewell to the days where your mother buys all of your room essentials.  For guys, decorating means two things: practicality and simplicity.  However, since you want to make a good impression on your peers you should try to make sure your room exemplifies your personality and shows that you are not the little boy who sleeps in Toy Story pajamas anymore. Need some ideas spicing up your dorm room this fall? Below are some tips to help.


Masculine Colors and Patterns

guys-dorm-1Choosing strong colors like black, dark grey, navy, army green, and brown, is a great way to solidify your manliness through décor.  Forget the polka dots and pastel colors your mom wrapped your bed in at home.  Rather, opt for a bold plaid pattern or a stylish stripes like the ones found in OCM’s twin XL bedding sets.  Add some extra throw pillows on top for added flair and comfort.  By making your bed the fashionable focal point in the room, you can keep the rest of the décor simple and useful.  Just don’t forget to do is make sure you make your bed each morning!

Useful Organizers

For most men, cleaning is not something that is high on their priority list.  Therefore, in order to make sure all of your belonging have a home, you should invest in handy room organizers.  Tools like under the bed storage containers are great for storing extra clothing. Closet hanging organizers make sure that an avalanche doesn’t occur when the doors open.  For desk area organizers, opt for paper trays, pencil holders, and a trash can so that loose papers are properly discarded and not thrown about.


Wall Décor

When it comes to a dorm room, you want to make sure your personality shines so that your peers can get a good idea of who you are.  The best way to show your interests is to hang wall art that speaks to you.  Were you the class clown in high school?  Hang up a funny poster so that your guests know that you have a great sense of humor.  Are you someone who is prone to anxiety and stress?  Opt for posters or paintings of peaceful scenery or soothing objects that will come in handy during late night study sessions.  Are you an art lover?  Hang up posters of art replicas from your favorite artists. Whichever fits your personality, explore OCM’s wall art to find the perfect piece for your dorm.



Since you won’t have a kitchen or your own maid service in college, it is important to prepare yourself with all the essentials. Coordinate with your dorm roommate and bring big ticket items like a microwave, coffee maker, vacuum, etc.  These electronics will be the most used electronics in the room.  Next, you should think about bringing a fan, a lamp or two, and an alarm clock.  Having these essentials will not only give off the impression that you are an adult, but it will make your college experience much easier.


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