Easy Holiday Recipes for College Students


With the holiday season coming up, it’s no surprise that you’ll be wanting a few holiday treats to snack on in the dorm.  Since you can’t have Mom’s home baked goods when you’re in college, you’ll have to come up with another way to get them–either hit up a grocery store or try your own hand at baking.  Not everyone is meant to be a master baker, but these recipes are so simple that anyone will be able to do them.

1. Three Ingredient Butter Cookies

3 ingredient shortbread cookies 2

What’s better than a cookie recipe that only requires butter, brown sugar, and flour?

2.  Christmas Crunch

Among the easiest recipes out there, this yummy snack can probably be made with things you already have stocked up in your dorm.

3.  Eggnog Dip

This Eggnog Dip, delicious and simple, comes together easily and is perfect for holiday parties!

This sweet dip would be perfect for parties and gatherings.  Pair it with anything from sweet cookies to salty pretzels.

What are you looking forward to baking up this holiday season?

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