Em’s Declassified College Survival Guide + CAMPUS TOUR!


First off, PLEASE tell me you picked up on reference in the title?

Well if you didn’t please go educate yourself on old school Nickelodeon, and if you did, here’s five brownie points. πŸ™‚

Secondly, how did everyone’s first week of classes go?!Β 

Today, I’m giving you a few pieces of advice that might help you out now that the first week of class is over.

So freshmen, listen up!

1. Find your favorite campus spot.

2. Don’t buy books until AFTER your first week of class.

3. Two words: spotify. premium.

4. Get involved!

5. Get an agenda.

6. Find the free food.

Also, I have an extra treat for my readers this week. I made a video! Check out the link below.

Watch my campus video tour here!

If you’re an experienced college kid, what advice do you have for the survival guide? Let me know!

xoxo, emily


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Emily Bruner
I'm emily. I'm an undergrad at the most amazing university on earth, Oklahoma State University, studying fashion merchandising. Shopping is my cardio and I like to lift some weights every once in a while..okay like everyday but who's counting? I'm your typical girl. I have an obsession with coffee, getting dressed up makes me feel like my life is together, chocolate shakes are the way to my heart and I believe a good T.V. show binge watching session is good for the soul. I blog to share my inspirations, style, tips and tricks with all of you beauts.