FEBRUARY STUDENT SPOTLIGHT: Maya Rafie & Zac DelVecchio Help Students Blaze Their Own Career Path with Bistara


Words like “freelancing” & “entrepreneur” don’t easily attract the average college student. Ask around most campuses, and chances are students have their dream employer in mind already. However, with the ever-changing job landscape, it’s not surprising to see some name themselves as their own boss. For our February Student Spotlight, Maya Rafie & Zac DelVecchio tell us about how bistara helps budding moguls take control of their futures.



Bistara got its start in a Boston area pizzeria, when both Rafie and DelVecchio met after a night with friends, and learned about their mutual love for entrepreneurship. Both students attend different universities within the area; DelVecchio studies Music Business at Berklee College, while Maya studies Marketing Communication at Emerson College. Not long soon after, bistara was born.


Work Experience, Redefined

Bistara connects college freelancers with potential employers from all over, in order to provide opportunities to expand their resume through real-world experiences. As of this writing, 300 freelancers are active on bistara. With increasing interest and coverage, that number is set to rise.

“Many think they need to join a company when they graduate instead of creating their own jobs,” he said. DelVecchio goes on to say that showing students their entrepreneurial potential continues to be a need to demonstrate the advantages of being your own boss. What is the key component of bistara’s success? Every freelancer on the site is a college student.



Zac DelVecchio, co-founder of bistara


Eliminating the “what to do” aspect of forging a new career path, the bistara team makes no bones about the advantages of self-employment. Due to climbing student debt and increased job saturation and competition, college kids aren’t able to explore entrepreneurship freely; the time they can use for their passions is usually spent at a more traditional part-time gig for weekend cash. Launched in October 2014, bistara’s emergence helps aid that necessary discovery, with a current total of 41 schools represented on the site.

DelVecchio cites self-doubt as another challenge against starting one’s own business. Countering this, he states, “Never second-guess yourself and your abilities. You are always better than you think.” For Bistara, the excitement of pursuing a passion on one’s own terms keeps them moving toward the future. “Every day, you wake up and take your life into your own hands.”


Your Career is What You Make It

The bistara team maintains that entrepreneurship is an around-the-clock commitment with no days off, and only the pride of improving yourself and your craft is an immediate reward. Also, using your doubts as fuel for doing exceptional things makes freelancing an adventure worthy of the modern college student. Their secret for success is simple: excellent time management and organizational skills. “You can never waste a second, and have to always give it 100%,” says DelVecchio.

Maya Rafie, co-founder of bistara

Maya Rafie, co-founder of bistara

The future looks bright for bistara, as the team plans to become one of the leading sources for young entrepreneurs and college freelancers. The site will not only allow people to browse and hire college freelancers, but also plans to become an information hub to expand the knowledge base of industry leaders, mentors, and aspiring college moguls alike.

As for both co-founders, they plan on staying put after they receive their degrees. Ultimately, both Rafie and DelVecchio plan to continue co-running Bistara, with long-term plans to ensure the company becomes “the company [we] know it is capable of being.”


For more information on college freelancing, check out bistara’s website.Β 


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