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Much like our own lives, our personal style goes through many phases. Whether we are moving on from high school to college, from college to the real world, or from a puny dorm room into a big kid apartment, a change of space and pace often gives us a new perspective on ourselves and who we want to be. Inevitably, our fashion tastes change, as well, as we consider how we want to project ourselves to the rest of the world. This can be an outrageously fun time of your life, and if you are fashion-obsessed like yours truly, it happens even when you change your bedspread.

But there are many a questions that can arise during these moments: What trends do I follow? What trends can I even pull off? Where do I start? with basics and add on from there, or with trends and fill in the gaps? To shop online or to shop in-store? What stores/brands do I even go to? When is it OK to pay full price and when can I expect a deal? And what the heck do I do with all my old clothes?

Nightmare, right? WRONG. This kind of stuff is my heart and soul, my banana bread and peanut butter, my ripped jeans and plain white tee. In other words, you’ve come to the right girl for the answers.

Let me be fashionably late to introduce myself– my name is Meredith Wadsworth, but according to my 5th grade nemesis, you can call me Wad-of-Gum for short. I am a twenty-something girl who currently attends college in a rural, southern(ish) town and spends her summers interning with various fashion companies in New York City. I claim myself to be no expert to the industry (I’m working on it), but I do know more than a thing or two about keeping up with the style game when you feel as though your Pinterest board and budget just don’t agree.

I will be able to answer all of the aforementioned style questions and more, but that’s all in due time. For now, I’d like to thank you for reading this post and welcoming me into your life. I promise not to impose– hopefully only inspire!

So, until next time, I will leave you with three basic stepping stones for figuring out your personal style:

1. Determine your style icon(s). Maybe it is Blake Lively. Maybe it is your grandmama. Maybe it is Phoebe Buffet. Real, fake, old, young, famous– consider whose style you wish to emulate and why.

2. What are the three things in your wardrobe that you wear the most? Why do you wear them so often?

3. What do you want your clothes to say about you?

I encourage you to think about these three things, maul them over in your down time, let ’em sink in while sipping your green tea in bed, or duringย Game of Thronesย commercials. Then, check back in with me and be ready to take things to the next level.

On your marks, get set, go.

Meredith is a contributing writer for OCM, and writes a personal style blog Fifteenth & Fifth. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter @missmeredithrw for more!

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Meredith Wadsworth
Meredith is a twenty-something Boston native finishing up school at UVA before facing reality and getting a big girl job. Between school years, she interns in fashion in NYC and writes a style blog, Fifteenth & Fifth ( Her blog chronicles her weekly personal style, savvy shopping tips, occasional mouthwatering recipes, and general life musings. You should probably check it out (and follow her on Insta @missmeredithrw)
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