Green Everything: Stay Stylish this St. Paddy’s Day on Campus



Break out the four leaf clovers, gold coins, and “Kiss Me, I’m Irish” t-shirts,Β because St. Patrick’s Day is here! Our favorite way to celebrate is to, of course, deck ourselves out in green. If you’re looking to kick your emerald up a notch this year, here’s a few St. Patrick’s Day themed style and fashion tips to get you ready.


  1. A Touch O’ Green

For some, keeping their green low-key is ideal. That’s why we love the idea of adding little touches of green in one’s outfit, or better yet, makeup choices.

Our best and favorite way to do this is to incorporate in your eyeliner. You can pick some up from drugstores like Walgreens or go totally glam with Urban Decay’s glittery green version. Either way, you can’t go wrong with this look!


  1. Brilliant Emerald

Toss out those plastic beaded necklaces. Instead, purchase an emerald stone necklace or earring set that you can wear year-round instead of saving for March.

There are so many ways you can wear emerald jewelry, but our favorite is the more “antique” version featuring gold and bronze. Etsy is a great place to shop around for these pieces, and who knows, you might get lucky and stumble on an affordable piece of jewelry you’ll want to wear St. Patrick’s Day and beyond.


  1. The Green Surprise

We talk a lot about what you can do to up your green style, but why not also take a moment to send a friend some Irish love as well!

With OCM’s St. Patrick’s themed care packages, like the Shamrock Surprise, you can totally wow them. Does your long-distance BFF have a big exam coming up? The St. Patrick’s Day good luck bear is too adorable to pass up.


  1. Spring in Your Step

We’re big fans of green shoes. It’s just a bright and cheery color that makes any outfit that much more whimsical. Luckily, this is the season to find them in stock if you’re out shopping.

Converse has a cute pair of minty green high and low tops. Aerosoles, our favorite casual and dressy shoe brand, has flats in a flashy green. We also love the Nine West, the heeled version that would have us dancing a jig all night.


  1. Green All Over

Maybe you’re not a subtle kind of person, especially when it comes to St. Patrick’s Day. That’s okay too! You can go all out without looking like you walked out of a gift shop with a few rules.

For one, start with a base green, something dark or bright. We love skinny, ankle pants in emerald green. Then, layer a t-shirt or tank in a neutral, such as a gray-green or a pale green under a lighter sweater. Add on a cute and some gold jewelry, and you’re totally ready for your lucky day.


  1. Floral and Natural Green

We’ve talked a lot about bright and cheery green. But there’s a whole spectrum of green out there waiting for you to try on. Florals, in particular, are back in fashion, and they make a great starting place when looking for your next signature piece.

Hunter green coats will make you feel as if you’re ready for your next nature hike. Green ivy cardigans can go from your internship to your classroom with just a change of pants. And don’t forget floral scarves! They’re the best green accessory you can add to an outfit without overwhelming it.



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