Hottest Spring Accessories Trends in 2017


Spring is the time when everything changes: temperatures get higher, everything turns green, and we feel like we’re waking up from hibernation. It’s also the time when we start experimenting with clothes more, due to being tired of having to wear heavy clothes all winter long. Still, spring can also be tricky and go from pleasantly warm to pretty chilly in a day, so it’s good to layer your clothes. All this opens up new possibilities of combining different materials and prints, and these should be accompanied by great accessories.

Corset belt


In the months that follow, your figure will be drawing attention with lovely corset belts. Not only are they elegant and feminine, but they are also a handy and incredibly effective when it comes to waist-slimming. Fashion designers have recently rediscovered this wonderful item and before you know it, ladies have started wearing these statement belts all the time. You can wear corset belts as casual pieces over boiler suits, or you can channel your inner Goth queen and go for the tight leather ones.

Eye-catching earrings

The rule of the season seems to be that your earrings should be sisters, but not twins. Similar yet mismatched earrings have taken the runways: Marni, Mulberry, and Ellie Saab, among others, have embraced the trend of mismatched earrings. While it’s okay to experiment if you wouldn’t like to wear a completely different pair, pick the ones that are similar in some way: made of same material, have the same color, or identical decorations. This way you will draw attention but not look too strange.  

Choker necklaces still rule

Just when it seemed that chokers are slowly disappearing, they came back in full swing – glitter, faux gold chains, elastic lace, and rhinestones everywhere you look! It looks like the ‘90s are coming back, at least when it comes to jewelry. Chokers are seductive, mysterious, and they are able to transform any outfit in the blink of an eye. Pick a thin, fragile one if you don’t want to look too ‘wild’ at work, or go for a suggestive leather one when you go out. What is more, you can use lovely materials such as velvet, rhinestones, feathers, and pearls to make your own chokers in the comfort of your home.

Tassels everywhere


When you long for past times and daydream about running away with a group of gypsies and traveling the world, tassels are there to bring that boho vibe to you. Flitter-flutter tassels remind us of hippies and gypsies, and they add a girly yet exotic touch to any outfit. You can wear them with anything: swimsuits, light linen kimonos, earrings, and you can even add tassel pendants to your favorite designer shoulder bags. Be playful and experiment with different colors – spice up your outfit with splashes of royal blue, blood-red, and daffodil-yellow tassels.

Gloves are still on

What comes as a surprise this season is the presence of gloves. We are used to wearing them in winter and seeing them in old movies when ladies go to the opera, but this time it’s different. Gloves we’re about to see this season are made of light materials such as lace, and they have more cutouts and transparency than ever before. Don’t be afraid to wear ruffles, black leather, or long, embellished opera-length ones.

It’s easy to forget how important good accessories are, especially when we focus so much on our clothes alone. If you want to look flawless every time, you should always have a great accessory or two to draw everyone’s attention. Right accessories are the things that can turn a boring or ordinary outfit into an elegant and stylish one in an instant, so make sure to choose them carefully.


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Claire Hastings

Claire Hastings

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