How I Wear My Favorite Colors – Grey + White


As the spring begins to show its face and the flowers start to bloom, your campus quad is probably show more signs of life. All that’s left to do is winterize that heavy jacket, start experimenting with new styles and colors, and get out there with the rest of campus! We’ve invited our friends Ally and Ashley of Confessions of the Glitterati to see how they’re kicking off spring and wearing their favorite colors.

Ally – Grey

After such a long and dreary New England winter, I’m slowly trying to experiment with color again. But for now I’m staying true to my favorite color, grey. It is my go-to color for clothes and interior design because the neutrality of the color allows you to really experiment in other ways. I like to dress it up with really glam accessories, a pop of color, or stick with a “black, white and grey all over” look on days when I feel like being simple.



Outfit details: J.Crew Jacket & Skirt, Anthropologie Tee & Necklace, Hunter Rain Boots

Ashley – White

In the past month or so, the “white” section of my closet has grown tenfold. From sleeveless, to silk blouses, to t-shirts, to oxfords, I can’t seem to get enough of a white top.  With the recent purchase of casual white sneakers, I foresee a combination of these pieces getting me through the spring and summer; as always, white canvas is especially versatile when it comes to jewelry, makeup, and accessories!


Outfit details: GAP Shirt, GAP Bag, J.Crew Jeans, Converse Sneakers, JoJo Loves You Earrings, Essie “Geranium” Polish


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Ashley & Ally
Ashley, an English nerd and aspiring teacher, loves reading, boots, all things Audrey Hepburn, french vanilla coffee, and belting out renditions of Celine Dion with her best friends - anytime, anywhere. Ally, an architect and Zumba instructor, owns every season of Friends, loves redecorating, has a J.Crew catalogue archive dating back to 2003, and would love to work at the Apple Genius Bar.
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