How to Get your Feet Ready for Summer


Getting summer-ready requires quite a bit of preparation.  The checklist usually includes things like buying new bathing suits, booking vacation spots, organizing your closet and clothes, and upping hours spent in the gym.  With all these things to think about, it is easy to forget two very important factors: our feet!  And after being stuffed into boots all winter long, summer time means walking around the pool barefoot, flaunting our bare feet in sandals, and digging our toes in sand.   Check out some easy ways to get your feet summer ready below!

At Home Pedicure

While we all know how relaxing it is to have someone cater to you hand and foot, getting your nails done on a regular basis can certainly take a chunk out of your monthly budget.  Why not use the money you would have spent for a new pair of strappy sandals and give your self a fabulous at home pedicure?

The first step (after removing your nail polish) is to soak your feet in lukewarm water.  Feel free to add any salts, soaps, or essential oils to your water to help moisturize your skin.   After about 30 minutes in the water, take one foot out and rub your rough patches with a pumice stone or a foot file to smooth out callouses Next step is to start clipping your nails straight across.  Avoid cutting into the corners, since that is a surefire way to form an ingrown toenail.  Once they are all cute, take a file to each nail and smooth out the edges.  You should never cut your cuticles, since they help keep germs away from your skin.



Now that your feet have received the full spa treatment, it is time to add a pop of color to those nails!   While the classic bright colors like red and pink are always lovely options, why not chose something a little more out of the box.  This year shades like coral, turquoise, and lavender are hugely popular for toenail colors, and look great either alone or paired with another color.  Don’t forget to apply a base coat to prevent yellowing and a top coat to help your paint job last longer

Get Some Sandals!

After being cooped up in thick socks and bulky shoes all winter, our feet are practically begging to be exposed.  The best way to flaunt those perfect pedicured feet is with a trendy sandal.  This summer the classic flip-flop will be getting a bit of a make over by adding a heal and embellishments on the thong.  The gladiator sandal will be making another comeback this year, this time with heavy buckles and a chunky heal.  Make sure you have at least one pair of nude or black dressy, open-toed wedges that go with just about any outfit and are perfect for a night out on the town.


Since the countdown until summer has already began, make sure you think ahead and get your feet ready to be shown off.  Put your best foot forward this year and have the best summer ever!


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