How to Stay Fresh and Pretty During Road Trips


Going on a road trip can be the most exhilarating adventure of your life.  Consisting of just you, maybe some friends or family members, a loaded car, and the open road, there are very few things that can prevent you from having an incredible experience.  Of those few things, hygiene obstacles are high on the list.

Being cooped up in a bathroom-less car for extended amounts of time with a group of people can certainly stir up some trouble in the hygiene department.  Not to mention, it doesn’t take much for your congested car to build up heaps of trash every time you stop for food.  While this may be daunting to those who shower everyday and are used to having a sink at their disposal, there is no need to let this stand in the way of letting you have the time of your life.  There are many alternative ways to keep you fresh and clean on the road without you needing to search for a bathroom.


Road trippers should consider making a list separated into categories of target odor concentrated areas of the body.  Under each category should be a list of products you’ll need to help subside odor until the next shower time.  Below are some easy ways to help you prepare for your road trip and keep you feeling fresh and clean throughout your adventures.


Your hands are two extremely popular areas for germs to congregate.  And since you are sharing a small car with other people, germs can be passed around easily and put everyone at risk of getting sick.  Try to pack hand sanitizer, and encourage everyone around you to also use some every few hours.  You can buy a small bottle that fits perfectly inside your purse, or a larger communal bottle that can fit in the glove box.  Once at a rest stop, take advantage of the warm water and soap and give your hands a thorough cleaning.


Cleaning your whole body without a shower can seem tricky.  However, this is not the case.  The key to avoiding a build up of body odor and sweat is to wear light, breathable clothing, like a thin cotton dress.  Also, invest in a large pack of wet wipes to freshen up with at pit stops.  Just a quick wipe down will do wonders for your piece of mind.

Finding opportunities to shave might be slightly difficult; however, once you do you will immediately start to feel like a lady again.  And of course, be sure to use deodorant regularly, as this will be your constant savior in eliminating odor.

 side of the road


When it comes to keeping hair clean, there are certain tricks that help give the illusion of cleanliness.  Pick up a bottle of dry shampoo from your local drugstore before the trip to spray in once the roots start to look greasy.  You can also substitute baking soda for dry shampoo, which absorbs excess oils equally as well and cleans without water.  Start with your roots and massage the spray or powder in until the oiliness disappears.  If you are worried about going a long time without giving your hair a proper wash, you should know that our hair actually benefits from natural oils that come from out scalp.  So, while other areas of the body should be regularly freshened up, our hair luckily requires minimal maintenance.


Items like fold-up travel toothbrushes and Colgate Wisps are perfect for brushing your teeth on the go, and fit nicely into a purse.  Try to chew minty gum when you can to keep your breath smelling fresh.  Nothing feels better than having a clean mouth!

Make sure you have plenty of water on the trip, and even better to add a squeeze of lemon.  Water and lemon is a natural detox and will help you feel your optimal self on the inside.  Also, remember to pack any feminine products you might need along the way, as well as a roll of toilet paper for “emergency” situations.  Lastly, remember to bring an optimistic, open attitude and you’ll have everything you need for your exciting road trip adventure!

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