Pitt’s Non-Alcoholic Mix-Off Impacts ACUHO-I


IMPACT: University of Pittsburgh’s Program of the Year

pitt rsaThe University of Pittsburgh’s RSA is honored by NACURH this year for their Non-Alcoholic Mix Off, a program inviting hundreds of students to educate each other about safer, smarter decisions in an environment that may surround them with temptation related to alcohol. Monday morning at ACUHO-I, students, graduates and professionals from Pitt shared the logistics of this Mix-Off program, hoping to not only improve their program for future years, but let it be adapted on other campuses and communities as well.

This past year, The Mix-Off at University of Pittsburgh earned over 500 attendees. Taking place during National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week, the Mix-Off invites students to create non-alcoholic mixed drinks as part of a contest that also educates about the risks of alcohol consumption. Bragging rights for ‘best-tasting’, ‘worst-tasting’, ‘most spirited’ and ‘best theme’ are awarded. The event succeeds in getting first year students to meet each other, connect with campus groups, and learn about campus culture in a safe environment.

“97% of attendees learned something new,”- RSA


Pitt’s Non-Alcoholic Mix-Off in Schenley Quad. Photo by Ramesh C. Reddy

“86% believed they created a positive connection with the hall council,”- RSA

The presentation offered a specific budgetary analysis and an event planning schedule so that those in attendance could lead a similar program to their campus on a floor, building, or campus level. Attendees from areas spanning from Pennsylvania to Canada took notes and engaged in a lengthy, valuable Q&A after the presentation.

Of course, no program is ever complete or un-improvable, and the Pitt RSA hoped their future Mix-Off’s could include Greek participants as well. “Greek Life was the only area of campus life that did not participate,” the students shared. “We certainly hope that they do; they are part of our community. This is where the program needs to go.”

The conversation never stops- change is constant and programs are built to adapt. Does your group have an idea for this program, or a program of your own you are proud of? Share with us!

Congratulations to University of Pittsburgh on your Program of the Year Award, and for motivating the community to keep the conversation going!

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