There's a nip in the air when I wake up now, and it's a warning that summer weather is coming to an end and fall is truly upon us. So break out your tights and cardigans again, because fall fashion is officially wearable again! Today I'm sharing three ways to transition your favorite summer pieces to fall.Outfit 1: The Tank Top

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Summer Tank by thedragonfruitdiaries featuring platform boots

While it's a bit too chilly to wear your favorite tank top solo, there's an easy fix to it. Just toss on a knit cardigan! Pair it with some autumnal toned booties and you're good to go.Outfit 2: The Summer Dress

Summer Dress by thedragonfruitdiaries featuring a metallic bag

This summer favorite is probably the most versatile piece any girl can own. A denim dress is the perfect material to work with, as it can be both a summer and a fall piece! Add a cozy print cardigan and match it with black accessories.Outfit 3: The Shorts

Summer Shorts by thedragonfruitdiaries featuring a crop top

Those loose, floaty shorts you've worn all summer seem like the least practical thing to take with you into fall, but you'd be mistaken! With a pair of tights, you can easily squeeze a few more months out of them. I recommend fleece-lined tights if you're in a state with really cold weather. Stick to a monochrome outfit if you can and don't forget your trusty pair of fall boots!

Sep 14, 2015

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