Spring's quickly approaching, and naturally, you're eagerly looking forward to swapping out clunky boots for lighter options.  You want a shoe that's comfortable (running around on campus can be rough), durable, and on-trend.  Enter lace-up flats.  Not only are these shoes very stylish, but they're also very practical for any girl who finds herself running around from one place to another. Several companies have introduced lace-up flats in their new spring lines, and while Steve Madden and Free People have lovely selections, they aren't very considerate of a college kid's budget.   Fortunately, there are several wallet-friendly options that are just as stylish and on-trend as that coveted pair of $80 flats.1. Lulu's -- $25

With a cushy insole and a modified pointed toe, these flats are perfect for the girl seeking both comfort and sophistication.2. Forever 21 -- $24.90

Forever 21 Flats

Seeking an even more original twist on this pair of iconic shoes?  Try Forever 21's flats:  they come in several colors, from basic black to pastel blue.3. Gap -- $59.95

Gap Flats

If you're willing to expand your budget, this pair of genuine suede flats from Gap is an excellent choice.  These are the closest look-a-likes to the $100 and up flats that have been gracing runways lately.4. Target -- $24.99

Target Flats

Lastly, if you want a readily available pair of lace-up flats for yourself, hop on over to Target to take a look at the store's newest selections.  Be sure to act fast:  these shoes will fly off of the shelves!

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Mar 1, 2016

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