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Jul 3, 2020
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Though graduating from college is a huge accomplishment, the stress that many grads experience in the face of having to become a “real adult” now can often overshadow any pride they might feel for what they have accomplished.

Now to express your love for UMD with… cake! image courtesy of Pinterest.

That’s where you come in. If you’re wondering what you can do to help your favorite University of Maryland graduate remember all of the hard work they put into earning their degree, look no further.

Here are the 5 best gifts to give your University of Maryland grad:

Sometimes the best gift is to let someone pick out their own gift. Help take a chunk of change out of the total of your grad's new professional wear.


1. Treat a grad to some new professional wear

Stepping into the job market fresh out of college can seem exhausting, frustrating, and downright impossible at times. If your favorite University of Maryland graduate is feeling overwhelmed about trying to find a job now that they’ve graduated, the best way to help is to do what you can to eliminate some of their stress. While you probably can’t guarantee them a job, there are other ways you can support them - and one of the most appreciated and most effective ways is through financial support in whatever way you can offer it.

After four years of living off of a dining plan and ramen, college graduates don’t usually have a lot of money to their names. They might have some savings from part-time jobs they worked while going to school, but most of that is probably being tucked away to help them get started on paying back any student loans. If you have the means, then, we recommend doing what you can to help out your University of Maryland grad in the form of gift cards! 

Gift cards are a great way to give your college grad a leg up financially as they move into the next phase of their life. Whether they have exams they’ll have to pay for in order to be admitted to a graduate degree program or they just desperately need some professional wear for some upcoming interviews, there are gift cards out there that you can give to help them out. If your grad is looking for some professional wear, Gap is a great place to find professional attire. Send your favorite University of Maryland grad a Gap gift card, and they will be eternally grateful.

While your favorite grad definitely won’t pass for a seven-year-old anymore, there’s no harm in bringing back the same jokes that made them giggle when they were seven years old.


2. Remind your grad of their youth with a Spongebob-themed tassel topper

As lovely as some grads would find it to be able to go back in time and be a kid again after they’ve graduated and are being forced to take on adult life, there is no way for them to actually do so. The simple life of a seven-year-old is long gone by now, but that doesn’t mean your University of Maryland graduate has to completely let go of everything they used to enjoy as a child. If your favorite grad still loves the same cartoons, well, there’s no reason they shouldn’t.

One of the most iconic cartoons that almost every kid grew up with is Spongebob. If your grad was (and still is) a fan, use this time of celebration to help them keep on laughing through the tough times with a Spongebob-themed tassel topper. After all, one of the best gifts you can give to a college grad who’s struggling to adjust to adult life is the gift of laughter - and there is quite a bit of laughter to be found in Spongebob cartoons (and probably even more watching back as an adult).

This tassel topper features the iconic flowers and bubbles that were omnipresent and the transition screens of each Spongebob episode, as well as a reference to the running joke of “x amount of time later.” You’ll get a chuckle out of your favorite University of Maryland grad when they see the reference, and they’ll be filled with the sweet nostalgia of that familiar transition screen. Who knows? It might even give them the push they’ve been waiting for to revisit all of their childhood memories before they have to make their full transition into the adult world.

Give your grad a place to keep their diploma safe - and show it off!


3. Help your grad take pride in their accomplishments with a diploma frame

In the face of all of the stress that comes along with having to find a job after graduation, it can be easy for your favorite graduate to forget about all of the hard work they’ve put into earning their degree. There’s a certain tunnel vision that comes about under the pressure of some stressors, and the stress of trying to find a job is one of those stressors. While your University of Maryland graduate certainly shouldn’t give up on the battle of getting hired, it might not be a bad idea to remind them that they still have something to celebrate.

Celebration might be the last thing on their mind, but in the case of a college degree, there is definitely a reason for them to celebrate - even if the job market is tough. You don’t have to throw them a full-blown party to remind them of all they’ve accomplished. Something as simple as gifting a graduate with a diploma frame might be enough to kickstart them into considering all of the hard work they’ve put into their degree over the years.

With a nice frame inscripted with the University of Maryland’s seal and their name, they can proudly hang up their diploma wherever they’d like - on a wall at home, in their office at the new job they’ll eventually get, or even propped up on a bookshelf. While the job search can be stressful, a frame for their diploma is a great way to remind your grad of just how hardworking they are, that they are qualified to enter the workforce, and that it’s okay to celebrate a piece of paper. After all, that piece of paper is symbolic of so much more than a couple of letters they can add after their name.

Make your grad giggle with a well-placed Mean Girls meme to send them off into their future.


4. Give your grad the gift of memes for their graduation

As far as cult classic films go, Mean Girls is on the newer side, but that doesn’t make it any less entertaining - especially when it comes to the memes. Among some fan favorites are “Get in loser,” “Is x a carb?” and “on Wednesdays we wear pink.” You can find someone quoting one of these lines (or any line, really)  or turning it into a meme on almost any day of the week. When we say this movie is a cult classic, we mean it. It’s probably one of the most frequently quoted movies released in the 21st century.

By far, however, one of the funniest - and thereby most quoted - moments of the film is when everyone realizes that one of the people attending their class-wide counseling session doesn’t attend their school - resulting in “She doesn’t even go here!” If your University of Maryland grad is a Mean Girls fan, this tassel topper is the perfect gift for them. They’ll be rolling with laughter when they realize what message they’ll be able to place on top of their graduation cap.

While this particular tassel topper looks like something straight out of the Burn Book, you can be rest assured that your favorite grad will take no offense to it. After all, is it really a burn if the reason your grad doesn’t attend the University of Maryland anymore is because they’ve officially received their degree? We think not! Give your grad the gift of laughter with this tassel topper that looks just as good as it sounds. The hot pink background and bold magazine clipping letters are sure to make your grad’s cap stand out among the rest.

School spirit has never looked so good! Your grad can be a proud alumnus with a chrome license plate frame.


5. Give your grad the gift of school spirit with a license plate frame

Leaving behind your college years is difficult because of more than just the uncomfortableness of leaving behind the life you’ve settled into over the past several years spent studying. College years are packed with so many memories: making new friends, going on adventures with them, supporting your school’s sports teams no matter how good they actually are (or aren’t), and overall just becoming an active member of your college campus’s community. Leaving is bittersweet for most people, and your University of Maryland grad is probably no different.

To celebrate their graduation this year, then, give them a gift that will let them hold onto their college memories for years to come. A chrome license plate frame with the University of Maryland’s name and mascot printed on a molded insert, your favorite college grad will be able to carry the pride they have for the University of Maryland with them for every car they have for as long as they want.

Your graduate can put this up to frame their rear license plate or they can use it on the front of their car to frame a University of Maryland plate to really show where their school spirit is. Even if your favorite grad doesn’t have a car because they live in the city and it’s easier to take public transportation, a University of Maryland license plate frame is still a great gift for your grad to use as a decorative piece in their home.

Graduating from college is a huge accomplishment, and it deserves to be celebrated with whatever gifts you can give. Whether you have the means to help out your favorite University of Maryland graduate financially or just with something that will make them smile, they are sure to appreciate it.

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