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May 20, 2020
Dorm Decor

Everyone has a favorite color. Out of every color we could possibly deem our favorite, blue is the most popular favorite color for people all around the world. Whether or not this statistic applies to you, there’s no denying that blue is one of the best colors to incorporate into your decor.

Whether you’re looking for something that will blend in seamlessly with the rest of your decor or something that will stand out among the rest, there’s a blue for that. Versatile even among colors that are difficult to find complements for, the color blue is about to be your new best friend!

Here are 5 ways to add a splash of blue to your dorm room decor:

A fluffy, vibrant blue rug will add both a popping accent and a hint of coziness to any dorm room.


1. Lay out a blue rug beside your bed

As a cool-toned color, blue is typically associated with the cold. This year, why not turn this association on its head and add a touch of blue that’s designed to help keep you warm? Let’s face it: dorm rooms don’t exactly have the best insulation. During the colder months, it’s easy for the frigid air to seep through the walls and settle into the air around you. When it’s especially cold, it can sometimes even settle into the floor itself.

The last thing you want when you roll out of bed in the morning is for your bare feet to land on something cold. A soft, cushy blue area rug is the perfect way to add an extra layer of insulation to your dorm room, as well as a soft and warm place for you to land when your feet hit the ground in the morning. Spread it out next to your bed, and it could even serve as a comfy place for some of your friends to sit when you all want to hang out together but can’t find a place that will fit you all.

A blue hanging door mirror would be both a convenient and fashionable addition to your dorm room.


2. Hang some blue from the inside of your door

Blue might be a favorite color for a lot of people, but it isn’t everyone’s favorite, so if you find yourself reading this and thinking I don’t know if I like blue enough to make it a predominant recurring theme in my dorm room decor, don’t worry. The blues that you incorporate into your dorm room decor don’t have to be front and center. Add pops of blue in the form of little nick nacks or by incorporating it into more obscure places.

If you’re the kind of person who thinks the color blue is good and fine, for instance, but maybe you don’t want to stare at it every second that you’re in your dorm room, a blue hanging door mirror is the perfect option for you. Especially if you live on a floor that typically operates on an “open door policy,” the hanging door mirror is a great blue addition for people who don’t love the color because as long as your door is open or you’re facing away from it, you won’t have to look at the mirror.

We happen to think that this mirror is quite stylish, regardless of your color preferences - and even better than its style is its functionality. This hanging door mirror is both a bright blue addition to any room and a convenient way for you to check your reflection on your way out the door if you’re in a hurry. Packaged with some easy hanging hooks, you can attach this blue mirror to the back of your door quite easily, and it will be perfectly placed for you to give yourself a quick once-over before you leave your dorm room.

If you’d like to really set your dorm room apart from the rest of the ones on your floor, create an accent wall for yourself with some peel and stick wallpaper.


3. Add a blue temporary accent wall to your dorm room

Dorm rooms are, unfortunately, quite bland. Usually only equipped with standard furniture - a bed, a desk and desk chair, a dresser, and either a closet or a wardrobe - it’s up to you to personalize your dorm room with whatever decor you think will best jazz the place up and reflect who you are as a person. The hardest dorm room “preset” so to speak to overcome is the bland, usually white, walls. 

You can fairly easily transform your dorm room from the uniformity of some barracks to something that is entirely your own with a little rearranging and a whole lot of redecorating. If you’re someone who prefers to keep your dorm room decor more minimalistic, but you’re still trying to think of ways to make it yours, though, you may need to think a bit more outside the box. A blue accent wall might be the perfect way for you to incorporate some blue into your dorm room decor while still keeping the rest of your decor fairly simple.

This peel and stick wallpaper is super easy to apply to any wall you’d like to make your accent wall for the year. All you’ll need to do is move any furniture close to that wall away so you’ll be able to cover the whole thing, make sure the wall itself is clear of any dust, peel of the backing of the peel and stick wallpaper, and apply the adhesive side to the wall. Coming in a roll that measures 18 feet long and 21.5 inches wide, you can cut strips that fill whatever the measurements of your wall are and apply them one-by-one.


4. Keep a blue accent pillow on your bed

Dorm room bedding is tricky - mostly because you’re probably going to be stuck with whichever bedding you choose for as many years as you continue living in a campus dorm, if not more. That being said, because of the very specific size of dorm room beds (twin sized, but extra long), the chances of your sheets fitting any beds you have in the future correctly are probably slimmer than you’d like. If you want to make sure that you can keep some of the decor that you bring along with you to college, you might want to look into incorporating more accent pieces.

Perhaps you’ll pick out a bed set that’s entirely blue, and you’ll want to use that as the blue decor you add to your room. If you’re at all unsure of how long you’ll want to keep any blue bedding, however, you might want to stick to more neutral tones or colors that you’re more fond of. That doesn’t mean you have to forego blue decor in your bedding completely, though. This year, add a blue accent pillow to your bedding that you’ll be able to carry with you through college and for years beyond.

This particular pillow kind of has it all, as far as accents go. Not only is it round - which is fairly unusual for accent pillows, but it’s fluffy, soft, and a beautiful shade of blue that will pair well with almost any color scheme. Having one of these babies around might even encourage you to make your bed every day! You can keep this pillow on your bed throughout the day and throw it off when you’re ready for bed, or you can choose to keep it with you all night long and pretend you’ve got one of your pets from home with you.

Store your most precious belonging or maybe just your sheets in one of these blue storage trunks.


5. Keep your belongings secure in a fashionable blue storage trunk

There are many ways living in a dorm room can be convenient for you: it’s usually close to your classes and food, most of your friends are nearby, and you have so many more opportunities to join campus clubs. One of the downsides, however, is that dorm rooms are incredibly small. You may need to get creative when it comes to finding extra storage where you can keep all of the belongings you bring along with you. 

DIY Dorm Room Makeover

A fashionable option that will allow you to both keep your belongings nearby and secure and add a pop of blue to your dorm room decor is get yourself a blue storage trunk to keep in your room. Store it under your lofted bed  if it’s a tight squeeze to keep it out in the open in your room, or prop it upright in the corner as a nice decoration that just so happens to store an extra set of sheets for the next time you get around to washing the ones currently on your bed. 

One of these trunks is the perfect option for you, whether you want your blue accents to be out in the open or tucked away so that it only peeks out a little bit. Equipped with a set of wheels and a lock, you can easily transport some of your belongings to and from your dorm room with this trunk whether your school is located in a city or a rural area - and you can be absolutely sure that they’ll be secure in your dorm room even if you have several people you don’t know very well traipsing in and out of your room over the course of the school year.

No matter how you’d like to incorporate some blue into your dorm room decor this year, there are options out there for everyone. From subtle storage to decorative pillows that will add some spunk to any room, the opportunities are fashionable as they come. If you add some blue to your dorm room decor, you definitely won’t be disappointed.



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