Here at OCM, we LOVE a good tailgate! It’s one of our favorite kinds of parties for quite a few reasons, but mostly because it’s so completely mobile. With only a car, a few supplies, and your imagination, your tailgate can go from just another parking lot get-together to an inspiring on-the-go pep rally for your friends and family. However, staying on top of the organization is easier said than done. If you want to make your party the best it can be while still keeping it neat and tidy, here are few must-know car organization tips for your tailgate.

Plan Food First

Before you can pack your car, you have to make one important decision: what are you going to eat? A picnic lunch of deli sandwiches is going to have different requirements than hot dogs and hamburgers grilled fresh. And friends with food allergies are going to need their meals kept separate from the rest. Therefore, your best organization tip is to know what you’re going to be making well ahead of schedule so you can plan the rest.

Layer Up

When packing and organizing your car the day of, stop over at Goodwill or your grandmother’s house for some old blankets and towels. Food and drinks get messy, and the worst thing that can happen is going over a bump in the parking lot and splashing fruit punch all over your backseat. A couple of towels under your coolers and plates is an absolute must-have.

Box and Bag Reusable

Sure, plastic baggies are fine and good, but remember that those parking lot garbage cans fill up super quickly, and no one wants to litter. Instead, pack your food and supplies with the idea that you will need to bring everything back. Purchase some cheap, durable plastic containers that you can use later on. Pack like-items together, such as bread and buns or fruit and veggies. The only thing that will need to be packed separately is raw meat, which should remain in its packaging and kept on ice as long as possible.

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Cool It Smartly

Your cooler is a huge part of your tailgate car space, so you need to be sure it is packed properly. To do so, pack the coldest items first (such as your meats and drinks), then add a layer of ice on top. Next is your dips and salads. Add another layer of ice. Top off with fruits and veggies that can be out of the cold for longest.

Make a Tailgating Box

Like a first aid kit, a tailgating box is your best friend. It should keep your clean cooking/grilling supplies, sauces and spices, napkins and plasticware, and more together in one space. A great idea is to use an old tool box, a larger sized arts and crafts organizer, or a plastic storage tub with organizers inside.

Bring a Tub for Waste

If you plan on not using disposables, your dirty dishes and servingware is going to prove to be a problem. With a plastic storage tub, you can make an instant wash station right in the car. Using the water from your cooler, poor into the tub, add a bit of soap, and your dishes can be washed and dried before game time! It’s the perfect idea for those who need to have everything in its right place before the fun begins!

Mar 24, 2016
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